Half Marriage 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun saves Chandani’s life

Half Marriage 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandani seeing fast speedy car coming towards her and shouts Arjun. Arjun removes her ghunghat and falls with her to the safety side. The car hits to the wall. Arjun falls on Chandani. People gather there and asks about them. Arjun and Chandani ask each other if they are fine. He gets her ghunghat and gives to her. Chandani asks him to listen and says thanks for saving her life. Arjun asks why you are surprised, and says I would have saved your father if he was here, and says I have my mum’s sanskar and not sanskar sena’s sanskar. He tells that his sanskar stopped him else he would have…..

He returns home. Janki asks where did you leave Chandani and says what we will tell to Saab ji. Arjun says she will return home anyhow. Mama ji asks Arjun why is he doing

this. Chandani returns home. Arjun asks where is Reva, you all left her alone. Janki sees bruises on Chandani’s hand and asks if Arjun is behind it. Chandani says he saved me. Arjun tells Reva that they will kick Chandani out like the pest control people do. He says today he has saved her. Janki says he has saved you as you are gold laying eggs for him. Chandani tells Arjun that now she got another name gold laying egg. Damad ji talks to Janki.

Janki says she has to check on Arjun and Chandani. She says Saab ji left her here on her responsibility. Chandani says she was in that situation and was about to have accident because of him. She says you have saved me as I am gold laying eggs and you would have suffer losses with my death. Arjun asks her to go out of his room. Chandani and Arjun sit on the bed. She says fan is slow. Janki says Reva got 1 lakh rs, but we got nothing. Chandani says she will go and make arrangements for herself. Arjun asks her to close the door while going.

Janki and her damad fall just as Chandani opens the door. Arjun asks what she was doing. Janki and Damad lies. Chandani goes with them. She asks Janki if there is AC room in her house. Janki says no, but they have room which has window and open and fresh air. She asks Damad to do something.

Servant comes and asks Sulochana to come as Chandani….Janki asks her family to wake up. Milk man, neighbors see Chandani sleeping outside the house, on the bed with mosquito net. Chandani wakes up and smiles. Her Servants’ is at her service and gives her rose petal water. She splashes on her face. She says good morning Kanpur walon. Everyone looks on.

Chandani tells that she feels suffocated in small room. Arjun’s father asks her to take their room. Chandani asks Arjun why did he fire her servants. Arjun holds her and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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