Half Marriage 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and his family mourn for Reva’s death

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The Episode starts with Arjun calling Chandani. Chandani tells him about Reva’s accident and asks him to come to circuit house. Arjun is shocked and drops his phone. He runs. Sulochana picks the phone and hears about accident. She tells Manohar. They leave to go there. Arjun comes there with Mannu and sees people there. Chandani runs to Arjun. Arjun asks where is Gudiya. Chandani cries. Surya Prakash is sitting beside Reva’s dead body and gets up. Arjun recalls Reva’s words. Arjun holds Surya Prakash’s collar and asks where is my Gudiya. Surya Prakash is in shock. Arjun gets her broken bangles. Suddenly rain starts. Arjun sees Reva lying on road dead and is shocked. Chandani cries. The moment freezes for them. He runs to her and shouts Reva. Sulochana and Manohar come there and are shocked

to see Reva’s dead body. Sulochana is about to fall down, but Chandini holds her. Ambulance comes and she is taken from there.

They come home. Chandani asks Sulochana to say something. Sulochana thinks about Reva. Doctor checks her and says she shall cry. Arjun folds his hand and asks Janki to pacify her. Janki asks Sulochana to say something and punish her as Reva died because of her bad sight. Chandani says our Gudiya is gone for forever and asks her to say something. Sulochana is sitting like a stone. Arjun gets Mannu’s call and he tells that they are bringing Reva’s body.

They bring Reva’s body. Chandani tells Arjun that Sulochana is not in her room. Arjun asks her not to leave her alone. They see Sulochana sitting outside the house and try to wash stain from Reva’s bridal dress. Sulochana reminisces about her childhood incident. She asks Chandani to make tea for Reva. Arjun says what you are saying and says Gudiya will never return now. He takes her forcibly inside and asks her to see, says if Reva can marry in this condition. He says she is dead, picks her hand and drops it. He says our Gudiya is dead and gone. He throws the bridal dress. Sulochana slaps him repeatedly for lying to her. She asks her to get up and cries. Arjun hugs her. Relatives come and put flowers on her. Saheb ji comes there with Surya prakash. Surya prakash sits at her side and recalls confessing love to her. Arjun gets angry seeing him.

Arjun tells Surya prakash that he will get him punished for Reva’s death and says whoever supports him, I will not leave that person too. Chandani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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