Half Marriage 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Saheb ji Gets Arrested, Arjun decides to take Chandani home

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The Episode starts with goons coming to the place and beats Arjun. They drag him to Saheb ji. Saheb ji says soul gets hurt too, I had read that water, air or fire can’t touch soul. He smashes him under his feet and says he heard that soul came in night, but Arjun’s soul called me to meet in day time. Arjun gets up. Saheb ji says now I have to see if soul gets bullet or not. Mannu removes the mask. Saheb ji says so you have done this. Mannu says I can give my life for my friend. A car comes. Raj comes there. Saheb ji says I was doubtful that you are Arjun Sharma. Arjun confesses to be Arjun Sharma. Saheb ji says I tried to kill you 2 years back and says he will complete his work now. He says I have understood when you told that you want to meet me. He asks goon to hold him captive. Arjun asks Goons

not to touch him. Saheb ji says you must have understood that it is impossible to catch me. Arjun says you tried to kill me, and also tried to kill Chandani, nobody came to know about this. Saheb ji says it is good that he came to know. Chandani comes and says not only this, even circuit house truth. Saheb ji is shocked to see Sampath with Chandani.

Chandani calls him Saheb ji and says I don’t want to make Papa’s word dirty. She says what did you think that you will try to take Arjun’s life and I will leave you, even after learning all of your crimes, also circuit house crime. Saheb ji asks what do you know about it. Chandani asks did you recall my mum’s screams and says you want to hear my screams too to get people’s votes. Saheb ji says it is good that you came to know everything, now you have to go with two of them. Chandani says I used to call you Papa and can give my life, but not now as you don’t deserve my sympathy. Saheb ji says I need your life and not sympathy. Everyone is recorded in the camera.

Chandani asks Saheb ji to shoot her and take her life, says you don’t know anything other than this and says you had killed my mother. Saheb ji accepts to have killed her mother, tried to kill Arjun, and says I want to kill you also, but nobody ever doubted on me. Police and media comes there. Saheb ji says what are you doing, do you know who am I? Surya Prakash comes there and says I want to know this from you and that’s why have played this trap. Saheb ji says you are my blood and asks how can you do this. Surya Prakash says I feel ashamed to be your son, your blood. He says when Chandani told me truth, I decided to support her and says his relation with her is strong and says you will not understand this. Arjun says what do you think that you have trapped us, and says not this time. He says we have laid a trap and made you confess everything. It was all my planning. I knew that you will come her with goons and gun, now the game is over. Arjun asks media if they have recorded the proofs and says good bye Saheb ji.

Maya asks Sulochana to have soup. Sulochana have soup. Maya tells her that Arjun have kept her away from business. Sulochana asks shall I keep house responsibility, then I will not let you go. Maya says I want to stay here all life. Sulochana says I will talk to Arjun and your parents for your marriage. Just then they hear news about Saheb ji’s arrest. Reporter says Arjun Sharma is alive and Saheb ji had attacked him before. Everyone is happy to know the truth.

Saheb ji looks at Chandani angrily. Inspector takes Saheb ji in car. Reporter tells that Chandani was blamed for Arjun’s murder 2 years back. Arjun holds Chandani’s hand and tells that Chandani was innocent, as Saheb ji had hidden the truth. He says Chandani was innocent then and today also. He says we were together then and now itself. He says he will take his wife to his house. Maya thinks I won’t let you make Chandani as your life partner. Sulochana gets shocked and is about to faint.

Sulochana acts crazy and stops Chandani from entering the house. Maya thinks to bang door on Chandani’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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