Half Marriage 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani’s bidaai from Saab Ji’s house

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The Episode starts with Chandani telling Simmi that she is new bride. Simmy laughs. Chandani asks Bhuvan kaka to keep her bags in car. Bhuvan kaka gets emotional and brings her mother’s bridal dress. Chandani gets emotional too and recalls her conversation with her mum. She says she can’t wear it for fake marriage as she will be back in 2 months. Bhuvan kaka says marriage is not a joke and tells that Chandani has taken rounds around the fire. He asks her to wear the bridal dress. Simmy asks her to relax and takes her. Bhuvan kaka asks if your mum have been alive then if she lets you go like this. Janki apologizes to Sulochana and gifts them clothes as gifts. Arjun is doubtful. Janki asks Sulochana to forgive her. Sulochana gets touched and apologizes to her. Arjun thinks there is something wrong.

Saab ji thinks don’t know how my daughter will stay in that poor man’s house. Servant says I will keep an eye on him. SuryaPrakash says if she suffers there then also it is ok, as she is just a mohra so that we can strengthen our political roots. Saab ji says don’t know when you will leave your ego and tells that Chandani agreed seeing his fake tears and he has done so many things to convince her. Chandani comes there wearing bridal dress and says papa…bhaiyya. Saab ji and Surya prakash are shocked. Janki thinks house is decorated and everything is happening as planned. She thinks Sulochana’s family will be golden laying hen for her and smiles.

Chandani asks won’t you bid me adieu. Saab ji praises her. Chandani says Bhuvan kaka made her wear these clothes. Saab ji asks her to come. Chandani throws the rice over her head. Bhuvan kaka thanks her for wearing the dress. Chandani asks him to welcome her when she returns home after 2 months and asks them to take care. She hugs her brother and father. Saab ji gets tensed. Chandani asks will you come and drop me. Arjun tells Munna that Janki’s behavior is strange, and says Chandani haven’t call him today and he is feeling something is wrong. Munna takes him to do puja. Janki asks Sulochana and her husband to sit for puja. Pandit is about to begin reciting the mantras. Janki says mahurat haven’t come till now. Her daughter asks if she is waiting for someone. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantra. Chandani comes there with band baaja. Everyone come out in balcony and see her. Chandani gets down the car and folds her hand. Janki gets happy. Arjun is shocked and angry. Chandani looks at him and smiles.

Chandani calls pati dev to Arjun and asks him to welcome her. Arjun asks what is this drama.Saab ji comes there and asks if you think this is nautanki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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