Half Marriage 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun comes to stay in Surinder’s house

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The Episode starts with Sulochana waiting for Manohar to give him tea. Manohar comes there tired. Janki says we have to fire Baiji as we couldn’t afford his salary. Manohar faints and falls down. Saheb ji says Chandani that he is Raj Shekhawat and not Arjun, and asks him to marry Sid. Chandani says she is married to Arjun and nobody can take his place. Saheb ji says he will not let the money go his opposition leader. Chandani thinks she is not wrong and will expose Raj. She calls Sampath.

Doctor checks Manohar and asks Surinder to get his tests done which will be of 12 K to 15 K. Surinder asks him to get Manohar test done. Anuj pays his 500 Rs. fees. Chandani asks Sampath to hire a spy to enquire about Raj, and who has not worked with her before. Sampath says ok.

Anuj says

from where will I get the money for tests. Shakti says I would have given if my business started. Janki takes a decision. In the morning, Janki comes to Sulochana and Manohar and says you both are going? Manohar asks where? Janki says I don’t know. She says she can’t take care of them anymore and asks them to go and find shelter somewhere else. She says now we can’t do much and asks them to leave. Sulochana says if Arjun returns where he will find us. Janki says he will come as ghost and will find you where ever you are. They push both of them out and see Arjun coming there and holding them.

Janki, Anuj and Shakti are shocked to see him. Sulochana calls him Arjun. Arjun says yes Maa, your son is back. Sulochana says I have identified you, you are my Arjun. He kisses on her palm. She asks why didn’t you come with me and cries. She hugs him and cries. Arjun says I got late, but will never go now. Manohar and Sulochana hugs him. Janki asks Manohar who is he? Manohar says he is Raj Shekhawat. Janki tells Anuj and Shakti that they shall accept the money coming. She brings aarti. Arjun says Maa will do aarti like always…Sulochana does aarti. Raj asks Anuj and Shakti to bring his stuff inside.

Sampath asks a man to follow Raj shekhawat and gives him news. Man asks Sampath if he heard Saheb ji’s name and tells that he scared his daughter and applied blood on the mirror and then got it wiped. Chandani comes infront of him and asks who asked you to do. He says he don’t know. Sampath takes him. Chandani thinks Arjun must be doing this to scare her.

Precap: Chandani asks Sampath to keep an eye on Maya and Raj. Sampath says what you will if he is Arjun and not Raj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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