Half Marriage 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani forced to accept her marriage

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The Episode starts with Arjun talking to the lawyer. Sulochana is sitting sadly. Arjun asks what happened? He says you seems to be tensed. Sulochana says everyone is scared of Saab ji because of Chandani and your statement. Phone rings. Arjun says nobody will trouble us anymore as I will be divorcing Chandani tomorrow. Surya Prakash pretends to be upset and looks at his dead mum’s pic. He sheds fake tears to emotionally blackmail Chandani. He says you said that you need a mangalsutra in childhood. Chandani says maa said that Prince will come and make you wear mangalsutra, all Kanpur will watch her wedding. Surya Prakash says everyone had seen. Sulochana tells Arjun about the mangalsutra, and says your marriage was fake. Arjun says yes. Surya prakash says Maa left us in childhood and if anything

happens to Papa then we will be orphan. Chandani says nothing will happen to him. Surya prakash emotionally blackmails her. Chandani cries.

Arjun thinks Chandani…you can’t become Chandani Sharma, and asks her not to collide with him again. Chandani cries and talks to her dead mum’s pic. She says she is feeling lonely today, there is nobody who can show her right path and asks what to do. She asks her to tell what to say to Papa. Simmi comes there and plays the recording of SRK about love, marriage and death. Chandani hugs her. Simmi says your papa bailed me out. She says Surya prakash told me about your papa’s condition. She says she has an idea to get revenge from Arjun and to make her father happy. Saab ji signs Simmy. Simmy smirks. Chandani agrees to do as he said.

Sulochana does aarti of Arjun. His father says Arjun is going to take divorce. Mama says they will be famous. Janki asks why did he tell to media that they are getting divorced. She asks him not to bring any new trouble. Anuj says I will come with you. Mama nods no. Mama’s daughter asks him to bring cake. Arjun comes to Mannu. Mannu says I am coming. Arjun sees his attire and says he is going to divorce her and not to bring her. Munna asks him to call Chandani and asks her to reach court. Arjun calls Chandani. Chandani picks the call and says I was waiting for your call. Arjun asks her to reach court. Chandani asks him to reach her home and says they will go together. Arjun says he is not mad to come there. Chandani says if you wants divorce then come to my house, else keep waiting. Munna says you have to go.

Surya Prakash asks Servants to do as Chandani said. Servant says ok. Surya prakash smiles. They come to Saab ji’s house. Munna says our whole neighborhood can reside here. Servant opens the door and calls damad ji to Arjun. He takes him inside the house. Arjun says I am not damad ji and asks to call Chandani. Bhuvan kaka does his aarti. Servant says we shall welcome you. Arjun asks them to call Chandani. He tells Munna that dal is black. Munna says all dal is red and asks him to see Chandani coming there wearing bridal dress. Chandani comes and looks at him shyly. Arjun is shocked.

Arjun asks what is this joke? Chandani says now I am your wife and you are my husband. She tears the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Es serial ko b itna bkwas maat kro..thode din accha chla .ab eska b melodrama start ho gya hai..story line change kr dho.kyunki koi kisi se zbrdsti shadi ni kr skta..isiliye itni maat fainko..

  2. This serial is sickening to think that a father uses his child in his corrupt politics. The daughter is just as much a liar and cheat as her father and brother. The serial is full of greedy selfish people.

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