Half Marriage 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sulochana asks Arjun to fulfill her mannat

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The Episode starts with Baiji giving parcel to Reva and says it is for you. Reva finds the mobile in the box with a message from Suryaprakash. Arjun comes there and asks her to do his work. Suryaprakash is about to slip off from bed, but just then Reva comes and holds him. She helps him stand and says I can’t take this gift from you. Surya Prakash says you are not taking it as it is costly and talks about friendship. Reva says we became friends when you helped me first. Bhuvan kaka comes to Chandani and tells that Reva came and gave this for you. Chandani asks why didn’t you tell me. Bhuvan kaka says you was bathing at that time. Chandani opens the parcel and sees anklet and a letter from Arjun. Arjun writes her letter in a poetic manner which makes Chandani happy and she wears the anklet.


calls Chandani and asks Arjun to talk, says promise is not to talk face to face, but can talk on phone. Chandani says hello. Arjun disconnects the call. He comes to kitchen and sneezes, reminisces Chandani and asks him to make tea, says only Chandani can make salty tea. Sulochana is shocked and upset. Manohar tells her that Arjun is lost in Chandani’s thoughts. Sulochana says she is not wrong. Manohar says Arjun has accepted your decision silently and this change is not good for him. Reva asks Arjun why he is silent. Arjun says Maa is stubborn, but not egoistic and hopes she will agree. He says when you go to meet your bhabhi, tell her that Baiju can’t make special tea like her. Reva smiles.

She comes to Chandani and says Arjun always thinks about her all the time. Chandani asks her about everyone at home. Reva says Sulochana is still angry and asks her to return home. Chandani says she will return just as Maa calls her. She asks how is Arjun? Reva says Arjun told that Baiju can’t make special tea like her. Chandani asks if he is got cold and gives her shawl which she brought for Arjun, and asks him to give to him.

Surya prakash sees her and is about to get up. Reva asks him to sit and introduces him to his party workers of sanskar sena. Reva recalls goon asking Arjun to marry Chandani. Surya Prakash says I am feeling ashamed for my doings and says he has understood seeing Chandani’s changed behavior after staying with sanskari family. He asks her to have tea. Reva refuses and asks him to get back soon. He thanks her.

Sulochana comes to temple and prays to God to get Arjun mukti from Chandani. Chandani is also here and hopes Sulochana accepts her, and thinks she loves him so much that she can’t imagine her life without him. Sulochana sees her. Chandani touches her feet. Pandit ji asks what do you want? Sulochana says she wants a solution to change her son and to get him mukti from someone clutches. Chandani feels hurt.

Arjun is in his room, when Reva comes there and tells that Bhabhi sent this for you. Arjun opens the box and finds shawl. He wears it and smiles. Reva says you got better wearing this. Sulochana says today I went to temple to pray for your happiness. Arjun says do you think I am unhappy. She tells that Pandit ji asked him to keep the akhand joot in the inhouse temple. Arjun says he will sit in temple and look eye at the lamp. He asks Reva to call Mannu for his company.

Mannu comes there and tells Arjun that he is looking as devdas. He tells that he will send his pic. Arjun asks him not to trouble her. Mannu calls Chandani and says your husband is taking care of diya all night. Chandani says it must be for mannat to separate us and says Sulochana came to temple today.

Chandani also lights diya to fulfill her mannat. Arjun’s hand gets burnt as he tries to set off fire and save Shawl sent by Chandani. Sulochana is shocked to see his love and comes to Chandani. Reva informs her about Arjun. Chandani asks Reva if she wants to marry Surya prakash. Reva says nobody will agree. Chandani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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