Half Marriage 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saab Ji convinces Chandani to go to Arjun’s house

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The Episode starts with Media asking Chandani about her marriage. Chandani tries to avoid their questions, but reporters ask how is she feeling about this unique marriage. She thinks Simmy asking her to tell media that she don’t believe in this marriage. She tells that she is not Chandani Sharma (Arjun Sharma’s wife). Just then Surya Prakash comes and says no comments, he asks Chandani if she wants to put their father in trouble. Arjun tells Munna that he is fed up of hearing that he is Saab ji’s damad and Chandani’s husband. Munna says when she came here to divorce you, you didn’t agree. He asks what do you want. Arjun says he don’t want to be his damad. Munna asks him to call Chandani and call her. Chandani looks at her mum’s pic and is sitting quiet. Arjun calls her and says he

can’t sleep all night and that’s why call. He then says he called her to tell that he don’t like her and don’t want to have any relation with her. Chandani says I feel like you loves me from inside and reminds that he has stolen 15 lakhs for her. Arjun says he did that for sympathy and feeling bad as his name is getting connected with hers. He asks her to get ready to divorce and says he will talk to a lawyer. Chandani says ok and asks him to meet her tonight. Arjun says ok.

Chandani goes out to meet Arjun. Arjun also leaves from his house to meet her. Meenakshi’s men keep eye on her and calls her. She calls Media and tells her son that Saab ji will repent now.

Arjun and Chandani come to meet each other. He asks her to come to court at 10 am. Chandani says I will see your face for last time, don’t know if you will again fall for me. Arjun asks her to see her face in the mirror. Chandani says you are also not cool dude. They give tashan to each other. Media comes there and tells that Saab ji’s daughter and son in law are meeting secretly. Chandani and Arjun are about to run. Then they realized something and decides to face them. Surya Prakash attends high command’s call. He gives call to Saab ji. High command asks him to switch on TV. Chandani and Arjun tell Media that they want to be in the marriage and will divorce each other. High command asks Saab ji to stop this news telecast and says only party’s respect will be saved if you does your daughter’s bidaai.

Saab ji asks what I will get if I sacrifice my daughter. High command asks what does he wants. Saab ji says whatever party offers me. High command offers to make him stand for the CM elections. Saab ji gets happy and agrees. Chandani sees Arjun not able to start the scooter and offers to give him lift. He refuses and starts his scooter. Saab ji tells Surya prakash that he is going to be CM. Surya Prakash gets happy and touches his feet. Saab ji tells that Chandani have to go to her sasural. Surya Prakash says they did Chandani’s marriage for publicity stunt. Saab ji says they have to do her bidaai and make this marriage truthful and tells that he will convince her.

Chandani comes home and hears Kaka asking Servant to switch off all TVs’ as Saab ji don’t want to watch TV and is unwell. Chandani gets shocked. She runs to him and asks why is he crying. He pretends to be unwell and cries. Chandani asks what happened? He says he will leave everything and nothing is more than his daughter. Chandani asks what you will sacrifice? Saab ji says at one side is my political rule and at the other side is my daughter’s love and that’s why I have decided to sacrifice politics. Chandani asks what happened? Saab ji says you got married to that poor street guy Arjun Sharma because of Sanskar sena. Now High command asked me to approve your marriage fully or take retirement from politics. Chandani looks shocked. Saab ji says I have decided to call press conference and will announce my retirement. I will sacrifice politics. Chandani asks if there is any way. Saab ji says there is no way than to do your bidaai to your sasural. Chandani says she hates that man’s face. Saab ji says I know and that’s why I am not forcing you, do as you think is right. He emotionally blackmails her. Chandani cries. Saab ji asks her to agree and says in 3-4 months, media will be quiet and asks her to think till morning. Chandani asks him to rest and goes thinking. Saab ji smirks and throws his tears.

Chandani tells Simmy that she has to go to Arjun’s house tomorrow. Simmy says she has a way out and tells something. Saab ji looks at them. Saab ji played a game through Simmy which convinced chandani. Chandani comes to Arjun’s house as a bride and smiles looking at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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