Half Marriage 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani and Arjun accidently meets in Temple

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The Episode starts with Sulochana is about to see Chandani’s face. Reva stops her as the phone rings. Sulochana says she has to go home to give something to manohar and goes. Arjun collides with Chandani. Her dupatta falls on her face. They look at each other. Dil lageya plays…They turn their faces. Reva comes there. Arjun and Chandani ask if she called them. Arjun says this is wrong. Chandani says he is right, he has sworn on Maa. Reva asks don’t you want to meet her. Chandani says everything will be fine. She swears that she will not see Arjun’s face until Sulochana agrees and says she will do all the things which she wants and may be then also she will forgive me. Arjun says I will miss Chandani with my every breath and walks away. Reva says sorry and says I thought I am doing good. Chandani

says I have to tie this bell with him. Reva says when you both unite then fulfill your mannat. Surya prakash comes to the temple and sees Reva coming out. Reva sees him and waves her hand, she asks how is he? He pretends as if he can’t hear. Reva says I will come there. Sulochana calls Arjun and asks if Reva is with him. Arjun says no. A car hits Reva and she falls down, as surya prakash planned this.

Arjun gets to know about the major accident happening there and gets shocked. Reva takes Suryaprakash to hospital. Suryaprakash tells that he was crossing road when the accident happened? Reva recalls Surya Prakash saving her and getting hit by car. Chandani comes there and gets worried for him. Reva calls Arjun from Chandani’s phone. Arjun picks the call and says Reva is missing. Reva says she is fine and is coming home, she lost her phone somewhere. Janki asks Sulochana if her daughter escaped again. Reva comes home and tells that she was saved from accident and tells that she took someone to the hospital. Janki asks from whose phone you have called. Reva says from Chandani’s phone.

Janki instigates Sulochana. Sulochana asks her to tell truth. Reva tells that Suryaprakash saved her and is very much injured. Janki says name is heard somewhere. Shakti says Arjun’s brother in law. Janki asks why did you take him to hospital and says he has body guards always with him. Reva says there were not there. Arjun says we shall appreciate her for telling truth. Janki says truth is that Rakhi never eloped from home and married the guy whom we have chosen for her. Shakti also taunts them. Janki taunts and says we shall go to temple. Sulochana says Chandani called you. Arjun says he talked to just Reva and haven’t broken the promise.

Later Reva comes to Sulochana and says sorry. She tells that I have hidden something from you. I called Chandani there. Sulochana gets angry on her and says Janki is right. Reva asks her to hear her fully first. She says she didn’t tell Arjun that Chandani is coming there and also hadn’t told Chandani either. She says when they came to know about it, they scolded her and haven’t seen their faces. Chandani even sweared on her. Sulochana is upset and goes. Chandani and Arjun think about each other. Chandani holds her mangalsutra and looks on.

Sulochana says she is not doing any mistake. Arjun says Chandani is blamed wrongly. Sulochana asks Chandani to leave her son. Chandani gives shawl to Reva for Arjun. Arjun’s shawl catches fire and he sets it off with his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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