Half Marriage 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun sees his distressed parents and swears revenge on Chandani

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The Episode starts with Arjun telling Sulochana that he is not Arjun. Manohar is surprised and happy to see him. Sulochana says he is our Arjun. Arjun calls him Uncle and says I am not Arjun. Manohar says my son died two years ago and apologizes to Arjun saying your face resembles my son’s face. Sulochana says he is Arjun. Manohar takes her forcibly. Sulochana sees Chandani and tells Arjun that Chandani is a witch and asks him what he is doing with her. Saheb ji says they are low status people. Arjun says I don’t care and tells that his Industries will start here, asks them to vacate all the neighborhood. Chandani and Saheb ji comes back home. She tells that why Raj liked Arjun’s house. Saheb ji says he is Raj else wouldn’t have pushed his mum. He asks her to do people betterment. Arjun looks at his hand angrily as he pushed his mum.

Maya tells Arjun that it is difficult to get entire place vacated. Arjun says I don’t care, I want to see if Ms. Kanojia that can do this. Maya asks if he knows her from before. Arjun says his focus is on land. He don’t tell her anything.

Sampath comes to Chandani and says she came to know about Raj who resembles Arjun. She says her heart says that she is Arjun and says she will never fail to recognize him. She says people think that I have moved on, but I am still on the same place. She says she still remembers the day when Arjun was shot and fell down in the valley. Sampath says it happened infront of me, how can raj be Arjun. Chandani says she will force him to accept that he is Arjun and says she entered neat politics as per Arjun’s wish and will not get Arjun ‘s basti vacated, it was his life. Arjun comes to Sulochana’s house and hears Manohar telling sulochana that he was not their Arjun. Janki and Anuj tell that she is mad and they have to bear the expenses. Arjun goes from there and takes out anger on the road, shouts. He thinks because of chandani, he has to push his mum and leave them in this condition. He swears to burn her in his revenge fire.

Janki and Anuj throw Sulochana and Manohar out of house. Arjun comes and holds them. He takes them to his house. Chandani asks Sampath to keep an eye on Arjun everytime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Summer

    Thanks H.Hasan for superb update! 🙂
    I wonder if Arjun will allow his emotions get the better of him and accidently reveal his true identity?

    1. KartikK

      Ya i also think that he will discose his identity soon as chandni has recognised wonder why she hit him?

      1. Summer

        Hi Kartik,
        After watching this episode, i found Chandini to be contradicting herself. If she went into politics to help the misfortune, then why the need to kill Arjun? Does not explain her motive. She talks about Arjun as her soul mate and only man she loved, if so, why kill him?
        However, one of the past episodes did screen Saheji feeling the pressure to keep his party alive and in power. He thought of using Chandini for his own gain but did feel Arjun was an obstacle whilst he was in a conversation with someone. I can only vaguely remember. Still, Chandini motives to kill Arjun is still a mystery?
        Besides if Arjun wanted to prosecute Chandini for his attempt murder, then i don’t think it will be too difficult. I’m thinking that there should be some photos on his/her phone when taking selfies.
        Anyway, lets keep watching and see what happens. 🙂

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