Half Marriage 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sulochana separates Arjun and Chandani

Half Marriage 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sulochana asking Arjun to swear on her that he will never talk to Chandani again. Chandani’s call ring. Arjun asks Sulochana what you are saying? Sulochana asks him to choose between Chandani and her. Chandani gets worried for him. Arjun don’t want to promise, but forced to swear. Mannu asks what do you do? Why did you swear on your mum. Arjun says chandani have done big sacrifice and left home. That’s why he has done respected her decision. Mannu says your mum’s heart will melt. Chandani calls him, but he don’t her calls. Chandani gets worried for him. She sends him voice message while crying and asks him to call her once. Arjun rejects her call. Surya Prakash comes there and asks her to call reva. Chandani calls Reva and asks why Arjun is not talking to her. Reva

tells her that Arjun fought with someone and got arrested. Manohar brought him on bail. Chandani says Arjun don’t fight with anyone. Reva tells her that Sulochana gave swear to Arjun not to see her face. Chandani is shocked and drops the phone. Reva asks if you are fine. Chandani takes the phone.

Reva says they will convince Sulochana and blames herself. Chandani says if we are destined to meet then we will meet. Reva asks her to come to temple tomorrow and says she will bring Arjun there. Chandani says she don’t want to break the promise and asks her not to bring him there. Reva says ok and asks her to come and meet her. Chandani says ok. Suryaprakash hears her. Reva asks Arjun why did you swear? Arjun says I was helpless and says he needs time to convince her. Reva asks if you will not see her face all life if she don’t agree. He goes out and hears Chandani’s voice message and gets emotional. He imagines Chandani coming there while the song aye mere humsafar plays…

Reva asks Arjun if he can come to Shiv’s temple with her. Arjun says he is leaving for work. Reva tells about her mannat for Chandani and him. Arjun agrees. Sulochana comes there and asks if you are going somewhere. Reva says we are going to temple. Sulochana says I will also come. Surya prakash plans something and says something we have to lose something to get something. Reva messages Chandani not to come to temple, but she is already in temple. Sulochana gets down from the auto. Chandani climbs the stairs. She prays to God Shiv ji and asks him to help her and says she will go infront of Sulochana when she accepts her. Pandit gives her Prasad flower. Sulochana comes and stands beside Chandani. Reva is shocked. Sulochana is about to fall down from the stairs, when Chandani holds her and rescues her. Reva comes to her and tells Chandani that she is Maa. She asks her to go. Chandani is about to go, when Sulochana stops her.

Chandani swears not to see Arjun witnessing Shiv ji that until Sulochana agree, she will not see his face. Arjun hears him. Later Surya Prakash comes to temple and waves Reva. A car hits Reva and she shouts in pain. Arjun calls Chandani and tells him that Reva is missing. Chandani gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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