Half Marriage 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani gets troubled meeting Raj

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The Episode starts with Raj asking Chandani if she remembered anything and says sorry for clicking selfie with her. Saheb ji says it is okay. Raj says politician are selfish. Saheb ji says Chandani wants to be known for her good work and is not selfish. He asks did you like the land. Raj says no. Saheb ji says it is a good land. Surinder asks Janki not to make Manohar do the household work. She says she can’t do all the work alone and taunts him. She says house is running because of Anuj’s salary. Rakhi comes and tells Janki that she don’t want to go, but Janki asks her to go to her Mama’s house, says he will handle all her expenses. Rakhi greets Sulochana and Manohar. Janki gives money to Shakti and asks him to drop her. She says she was hopeful that Arjun will do something, but


Raj says his time got wasted. Chandani asks him to tell what kind of land he wants. Raj asks her to drink tea. Bobby takes him. Siddharth asks Chandani what happened? Chandani says she don’t senses good with him. Raj comes back to Chandani and says you are youngest minister, I have done search on you, you have seen many ups and down, biopic can be made on your marriage and asks where is your husband. Chandani recalls killing him. Siddharth says he is no more, died 2 years back. Raj asks how did he died? Siddharth says it was an accident. Raj says my dad says that such souls wanders. Siddharth says that guy was not suitable for chandani. Raj asks did you know him. Siddharth says no, I heard about him. Raj asks from whom?

Maya asks Raj to have food and says he forgets due to work pressure. Saheb ji says there is a dhaba nearby. Bobby jumps and kicks on sand, it falls on Chandani’s saree. Raj makes Booby sit in car, says sorry to Chandani and says this stain will go, but some stains will not go. Chandani looks on tensed. Manohar brings flour bag and asks Sulochana to have food. Janki asks Surinder to eat food and says she will serve food to Manohar after eating. She gives Mama ji’s leftover food to Manohar and Sulochana. Manohar asks her to have it. They miss Arjun and cry.

At Dhaba, Raj feeds food to Bobby. Maya asks waiter to bring boiled vegetables and sprouts for Raj, she says he don’t eat oily food. Siddharth asks if he is unwell. Raj says he had food poisoning and tells that the cook used to look at him as it he will kill him. Chandani looks at him . Bobby goes to wash hands.

Chandani is shocked seeing puppet show. She tells Saheb ji that he is Arjun. Saheb ji asks why she is worrying and says you had not killed him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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