Half Marriage 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani shows CD proof against Reva

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The Episode starts with Sulochana telling that Reva was at home. Chandani says when ring ceremony happened, Reva was not in hall. Sulochana says she was in room as she don’t want to attend it. Chandani says she went to my house and asks her servant to give CD. She asks Arjun to see it clearly. They see Reva going to meet Saab ji. Arjun asks did you go there. Chandani asks her not to miss climax and see it. Reva tells Arjun that she went to Saab ji to tell him to free you of this forced marriage, but he didn’t listen to me. Chandani asks them to see. They see Reva going inside house when Saab ji asked her to drink water. Chandani says my father is so good and can’t see anyone crying. He consoled Reva. She tells her that if she haven’t felt her purse weight heavier when she came back and

says her father gave her 1 lakh rs. Arjun says he trusts his sister. Sulochana says her daughter will not take money from anyone.

Janki asks her to show the purse. Arjun brings the purse and sees money in her bag. Reva says she haven’t taken money. Chandani says truth is infront of everyone. She tells Arjun that his IQ is poor and says you would have brought some other purse. She blames Arjun and tells Reva that she would have asked her to give money. She asks her to keep the money. She tells that she wants to show the mirror to Arjun and that’s why did this.

Saab ji tells his secretary that he had to do this. Secretary says Chandani will not believe them. Saab ji smirks and recalls Reva coming to him, A fb is shown, Saab ji asks how to refuse to accept the marriage which happened infront of fire God. Reva asks why he is doing this and says she will go to media. Saab ji says your reputation will be ruined and says atleast Chandani and Arjun got married, but you haven’t. He asks her to come inside and drink water. Reva goes inside. Saab ji gives her water and says I am not trying to scare you. I don’t want your parents to feel ashamed and says whatever he did was to safeguard his daughter. Secretary Sampath keeps the money in her bag. Fb ends.

Saab ji tells Sampath that he thought to use camera and do sting operation. He tells that 1 lakh was his back up insurance so that his daughter don’t return home. Reva tells Sulochana that she didn’t take any money and cries. Munna tells Arjun that Reva is in extreme shock. Arjun says this is happening because of Chandani and goes. Chandani thinks about her marriage, Saab ji’s emotional blackmail etc.

Arjun comes to room and asks her to pick her bags and leave from his house. He drags her out of room. Chandani asks him to leave her. Janki and others intervene. Arjun asks them not to interfere as says matter is between husband and wife. He brings her out of house and asks her to leave. Chandani says what do you think that I will keep quiet and asks him not to take out his anger on her. He picks a rod kept on road and looks angrily. Chandani gets scared. He tells that his younger sister never had the chocolate which is his. He says your father made my sister cry and swears to burn Sanskar sena. Chandani says your sister have taken money from my father. She realizes her dress is stuck with the door. She sees a fast speedy car coming there and calls Arjun. Arjun turns.

Someone informs that Chandani came. Chandani comes home. Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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