Half Marriage 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saab ji sheds fake tears to fool Chandani

Half Marriage 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saab ji declaring that his daughter is married. Bhuvan kaka watches the news and says he has ruined her life. Surya Prakash scolds him and asks him to go. Saab ji sees Chandani angry and asks Surya prakash to handle her calmly. Goon who got Chandani married apologizes to Saab ji. Saab ji says you did a good work and also appreciates the guy who was with Reva at that time and helped his men. Chandani is heart broken and sits on the bench. She recalls Saab ji giving approval to all marriages and also to her marriage. She looks at sindoor in her maang and tries to take off the mangalsutra. Arjun and Reva comes there. Arjun asks why she is crying after doing a big drama. He says you said that you wanted to talk to me, and your father’s men brought my sister and blackmailed

me to marry you. Even your father approved your marriage. Chandani says you got married to me because of your sister and asks him not to doubt her father. Arjun says he got married to her for his sister else he wouldn’t have married who emotionally blackmailed him and made him steal the money. He raises question on her upbringing.

Chandani holds his collar angrily. Arjun asks her to leave his collar. People gather there. Chandani’s mangalsutra gets broken and falls down. Reva says they are husband and wife. People goes. Chandani says she don’t regard him as her husband. Arjun scolds her and takes her from there.

Everyone sees Chandani and Arjun getting married in a temple forcefully by Saab ji’s men. Manoj says who would have married him. Mama ji says we don’t know why he was forced to marry her. Chandani comes home and thinks how can you do this Papa. She looks at her mother’s pic and cries.

Arjun and Reva comes home. Damad ji says where is she? Janki asks for the bride. Arjun says he was helpless. Reva tells that Saab ji’s men forced him to marry her blackmailing him. Sulochana says you went to college. Reva says we were trapped. Janki says he got married to Saab ji’s daughter. Arjun says he don’t accept this marriage. His father says marriage is a sacred relation. Arjun says he don’t regard that girl as his wife and goes.

Bhuvan Kaka and other Servants talk about Chandani and think how she can stay with a poor man. Bhuvan Kaka says we hope Saab ji don’t make her go. Surya prakash asks them to learn to lock their mouths. Saab ji comes to Chandani and acts to cry. He tells that if your mother would have been alive today then she would have be sad today. He asks her to beat him and says he shall be punished as his princess daughter got married to a commoner. He says he didn’t send his sanskar sena to go there. Chandani asks why did you approve of marriage.

Saab ji tells that he was helpless to accept the marriage infront of media, but he don’t approve the marriage in reality and will help her come out of marriage.

Precap: Chandani comes to Arjun and asks him to come. Later Simmi asks her to use media to deal with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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