Half Marriage 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saab Ji gets Chandani marry Arjun forcibly

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The Episode starts with Chandani coming to meet Arjun in the park. Arjun comes there. Chandani says so you have come. Arjun says you said please please and says my heart is not faulty like me. Chandani gets upset and thinks when her father will come. He asks why did she call him. Some protestors come there and says they will not let the couple celebrate valentine’s day. The protesting people bring the couple in the park to the shelter. A girl asks them to leave them. The man tells that today Saab ji ordered to get the guy and the girl married on spotting them together. Arjun says they will not do as they say. Chandani says she is Saab ji’s daughter. Goon says he is Saab ji’s son. Chandani says she will call Saab ji. They snatch phone from her hand and says you will get married first. The goons

bring Reva there and says she was caught in the college with a guy. Reva tells Arjun that she is innocent. Arjun says I know. Goons says they will get Reva and the guy married. Arjun says I will marry and asks them to let Reva go.

Chandani asks Arjun if he is mad and says why I will marry you. She says she will not agree to this forced marriage. Reporter tells that Saab ji’s team is getting couples married on finding together. He says even Saab ji’s daughter is getting married here. Chandani and Arjun are made to sit in the mandap. Other marriage is also happening there. They exchange garlands. Reva looks on shocked. Arjun makes her wear mangalsutra.

Chandani cries and looks at the mangalsutra. He then fills her maang with sindoor. Chandani says we will not be married with fake sindoor and drama. Saab Ji’s men asks the couples to stand for rounds. Reva cries. All couples get married. Arjun asks them to free his sister. Goon laughs and says we will let her go, but you both are married. Arjun says I don’t accept this marriage. Pandit ji says you are bounded for 7 births. Arjun says we don’t accept this marriage. Chandani says this marriage haven’t happened with our wish and they don’t accept this marriage. Saab ji comes there. Chandani says my Papa have come. They go separate ways and their ghatbandhan gets burnt. Reporter asks Saab ji if he will bless his daughter as she got married along with other couples. Saab ji smiles.

Saab ji says your all questions will be answered by me. He says he accepts all marriages happened here, including his own daughter’s wedding. He says he don’t differentiate between his daughter and others’ daughters and says he is against the foreign customs. He tells that his daughter is married now and looks happy. Chandani is shocked and teary eyes.

Arjun tells Chandani about his values and raises questions on her upbringing. Chandani gets angry on him and holds his collar. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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