Half Marriage 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saab Ji’s master plan to trap Arjun

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The Episode starts with Chandani coming home. Servants wish her happy valentine’s day on Rishi’s behalf. Chandani says my foot. Sampath comes to meet Meenakshi and says Saab ji don’t hope this from you. Meenakshi asks what happened? Sampath tells you are 40 percent partner of Saab ji’s business and tells about the fraud of 17.5 crores. Accountant tells that it was of 17.25 crores fraud. Meenakshi is shocked. Sampath says he came to give her notice orally and warns her politely. He says marriage will happen and side by side, legal formalities will also happen. Rishi comes and tells her that Chandani will call him as today is Valentine’s day. Meenakshi slaps him.

Suryaprakash asks Saab ji what he planned. Saab ji says he sat down all night and thought of a plan. He says he has put

17 crores fraud on Meenakshi’s head to make her quiet. Chandani comes there and tells that Arjun Sharma made Simmi say the truth and recorded her confession. Saab ji is shocked.

Janki gives her jewellery to Mama ji and asks him to give it to Sulochana and her family. She says I know that you loves Arjun more than your own son. Mama ji tells that my daughter is not staying on my money and says jija ji is my partner. Janki says he can’t earn even a penny. Mama ji says he works for my business and got this idea first. Janki asks him to give everything to him and says we shall go to kashi and live on charity. She asks him to give Sulochana’s share to her. Mama ji says he is not Raja Dasharath to send Arjun to vanvas and tells that if she threatens him again then he will take sanyas. She gets shocked and says she will apologize to her. He asks her to be good with his sister. Damad ji comes and while talking he steals some of the jewellery. He says Papa ji shouldn’t have called you kaikeye. Janki says when he said, she will become kaikeye and will send Arjun and his family to vanvas.

Munna tries to flirt with the girls and gets beaten. Arjun asks why didn’t he learn from his mistakes. Munna asks him to give recording to him so that he can make Simmi say I love you. Arjun says no. Munna asks if he loves her.

Saab ji asks Chandani to call Arjun to City Garden. Chandani asks what I will tell him. Saab ji says he will come there and asks her to trust him. Janki wishes happy valentines day to Mama ji and says it is love confession day today. Mama ji says today you gave me knowledge. Janki asks him to hug her. Mama ji says what kids will say, they are young now. Janki says you didn’t call me beautiful. Arjun comes and clicks their pictures. He gets Chandani’s phone call and goes to attend it. Chandani says hi Arjun, how are you? Arjun asks why your voice is sweet today and asks if she wants to trap him in 15 crores scam. Chandani asks can you come and meet me in City garden. Arjun refuses to come. Chandani says you have proofs against me, what can I do. She says please. Arjun says ok, I will come.

Servant asks Chandani if she is going to celebrate valentine’s day with Rishi and tells that she is looking good. Chandani refuses. Reva tells Arjun that she is going to classes. Sulochana asks Arjun to bring bahu for her. Arjun says he can’t hold anyone’s hand and bring her home. He asks them not to talk about his marriage. Sulochana asks him to drop Reva to college. Chandani asks Saab ji if he will come on time. Saab ji says he will and asks her to trust him. Surya Prakash asks he didn’t understand what he is trying to do. Saab ji says he will teach him Rajnineeta’s paath today.

Arjun and Chandani are forced to marry by the protestors of Valentines day. Saab ji tells that he is against the western culture and gives approval to all the marriages happened today and bless the couples. Chandani hears him and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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