Half Marriage 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sulochana forces Chandani to leave the house

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The Episode starts with Surinder asking Sulochana what is she saying? Sulochana says she will not eat anything until Chandani stays in the house. Chandani asks her not to tell this. Surinder tells Manohar to let some time pass so that Sulochana gets calm down. Chandani cries and blames herself. Arjun pacifies her and asks her to trust him. He says I will talk to Maa.

Sulochana thinks about the happenings and is angry. Arjun comes to her and covers her with shawl. He asks her not to sit on ground and says you have pain in your knees, it will increase.
Sulochana says she will be there until Chandani stays there. Arjun tells Sulochana what Chandani would have done and says nobody talks to her nicely. He says Reva had asked her not to tell anyone, what she would have done. Sulochana says

Chandani provoked Reva and is responsible. Arjun says if Chandani is blamed then he is also responsible as he has also hidden the truth from her. Sulochana says her anger blasted like jwala mukhi because of Reva. She says Chandani is not suitable for you.

Reva asks Chandani about Sulochana and says she haven’t eaten anything. Chandani says Arjun went to convince her and asks her to eat. Reva regrets to write letter to her and for believing on Sameer. Chandani says we all do mistakes, but shall rectifies it at right time and gets learning. Arjun comes there and shows the place. Chandani and Reva see the plate with food. Surinder comes to Sulochana. Sulochana don’t speak to him. He goes. Arjun comes and gives her water and medicines. Sulochana keeps it in the kitchen.

At Dining table, Chandani asks Surinder, Manohar to have something. Surinder is about to eat, but stops and goes. Chandani sees Sulochana coughing while Arjun is trying to make her drink water. Chandani looks at the holy thread in her hand and recalls her kaka’s words. In the morning, she comes to Sulochana and gives her aarti. She says she went to Mata’s temple, and says she has decided to leave the house. She accepts that she has provoked Reva and takes all blame on herself. Arjun hears her and says Chandani. Chandani says it is between me and Maa, and says I should have talked to you and papa, but I didn’t do that. She says I accept my mistake and will leave the house and everyone as you wanted. Arjun asks what you are saying?

Chandani says I have a condition, I will go only if you open the door of Reva’s room and forgive her. Sulochana gets up immediately and goes to open the room. She brings Reva to hall. Janki says everyone left food because of you. Sulochana asks Chandani to fulfill her condition. Chandani says it is a request and asks her to break her fast with Mata’s Prasad. Sulochana eats it. Chandani smiles and asks Reva to give Prasad to everyone. She goes to her room. She packs her bag and recalls her moments with Arjun. Arjun comes to her and asks her to listen to him once. Chandani starts walking towards the door. Arjun walks behind her to stop her.

Chandani tells Sulochana that she will return when she calls her back. Sulochana says she will never call her. Chandani comes to Saheb ji’s house. Saheb ji thinks to use her comeback for his political advantage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. saheb g is disgusting and solouchna is a women who didn’t change her thoughts according to the truth
    both r bad

    1. Summer

      Hi Ooshi, Long time no see you hear, hope you are well! 🙂

      Yes, I feel bad for Chandi, but her character has grown and matured. As for the MIL, she is blinded by her grievance towards Chandini and since the accident in the kitchen, matters did not improve. At one point i did think Solouchna feelings towards Chandini would warm, especially when there was a tender moment when Chandini shared she lost her mother at such young age.

      I somehow think that Reva will be forced to marry Chandini brother due to scheming circumstances falling in place for Saheb…just a despicable character with no morals or principles!

      Janki’s son in law is just dreadful…lets hope they soon discover the truth about him.

  2. Sulochana will definitely Change her thoughts and bring back Chandni to the house….. let’s hope for it. The show is getting interested

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