Half Marriage 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun records Simmi’s confession

Half Marriage 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun meeting Rishi in the park and asks since when he loves her. Rishi says he loves her since childhood. Arjun says you will be badly trapped and asks if she said I love you too you. Rishi says she didn’t tell me. Arjun says she told me I love you and then sent me to jail. He says if you fall in love valley then you will drown. He asks him to be careful. Rishi gets tensed and says mummy. Saab ji talks Surya prakash. Rishi’s mum Meenakshi come there and tells that they shall talk about alliance and the business. She asks if Chandani is a nation’s chair for whom my son shall yearn. Saab ji asks what you are saying? Chandani calls him low status neta and says if you want to strengthen your career then get your daughter married to Rishi soon else. Saab ji says there must

be some misunderstandings. Meenakshi says Arjun has cleared the misunderstanding and tells that she is going to meet her Bhai Saheb. Once she goes, Surya prakash tells that this woman have forgotten her value. Saab ji says we have to do something and says he is worried that he don’t have to get Chandani marry Rishi. Surya Prakash asks about Arjun. Saab ji says we have to break his bones and use him for good purpose.

Arjun comes to meet Simmi in jail and asks why did you ruin about me. Simmi says what do you think that you can walk freely after ruining a good person. Arjun asks if she don’t realize what kind of people they are. He says Chandani are enjoying out and you are in the lock up. Simmi says she did this for Chandani and will never take her name. She will not tell anybody that Chandani was involved with her to trap him. Arjun hears her and tells that he will bring this truth out. Simmi thinks what is he doing to do.

Arjun comes home. Janki Mami says what he can do by bringing the truth. Mama says he will make a name for himself. Janki says she wants him to earn money too. Arjun asks her not to worry and get wrinkles on her face. Janki says she is really beautiful. Mama asks Reva to have food. Reva says she is having. He asks about her exam preparation. Reva says she is thinking to take up the job. Mama asks Sulochana why she is hiding truth from her. Reva says they were not having fees to pay. Mama asks Arjun’s dad why did he hesitate to ask him money. He tells Reva that he will give her money and asks her to resume college. Janki coughs hearing this.

Chandani is again jogging in the park. Arjun comes there and says good morning. Chandani says you came again. Arjun says you have burnt so many calories, I thought to burn some of your blood. Chandani asks him not to meet her. Arjun says he has never bent down infront of anybody till now. Chandani asks him to show his talent in the TV show and says you can’t reach even my nostril. Arjun plays the recording. Chandani is shocked to hear the recording.

Arjun says this is enough proof to burn the place. Chandani asks what do you want? Arjun says once you told me I love you and that’s why I thought to bring gift for you on this valentine’s day and asks her not to destroy the recording as he has the original. He says whole Kanpur will hear his truth through Simmi’s voice and asks her to enjoy.

Saab ji asks Chandani to meet Arjun. Chandani calls him and asks to meet in city college. Saab ji is upto some plan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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