Half Marriage 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun returns as Raj Shekhawat

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The Episode starts with Raj’s entry is shown. His assistant says your meeting is with honorable Minister and that’s why I am going to dinner to invite her. Raj asks did you know what to say. She smiles and reminds him to call his Papa and other commitments. He says he never forgets his commitments.

Chandani asks Saheb ji when will Sampath come? Saheb ji says he is in Delhi and asks shall I keep someone for help. Chandani says no and asks him to call Sampath soon. Peon comes and gives her Maya Oberoi visiting card. Saheb ji says she is an assistant of a big businessman Raj Shekhawat. He wants to build a big factory here. Maya comes there and says I had a talk with…Saheb ji says you talked to me. Siddharth asks what Raj would like to do. Maya says Raj don’t want share his plans with

strangers. Saheb ji asks where is Raj? Maya says he don’t visit anyone, you have to visit him and calls them for dinner. Chandani refuses to go. Saheb ji says he gave us donation for our party and says he will go and meet him. Maya says he wants to only the minister. Chandani agrees to go and meet him. Maya smiles. Siddharth says someone shall go with you. Chandani says she will decide.

Chandani comes with Siddharth to Raj’s home. Maya says we have called only you and not your relative. Chandani says siddharth is not her relative, but he is her business partner. A girl comes there and calls her aunty. Maya says she is Raj’s sister. Raj talks to someone and says he don’t take time to expose people. He finishes talk and keeps phone on sofa. Chandani is shocked to see his face. Maya says she is here. Raj comes to her and says welcome Ms. Kanojia. Chandani is shocked and recalls shooting him. Raj says please to meet you. Chandani says same here. Raj asks why her face is shocked as if she saw ghost. He sits on sofa and asks if they would like to have tea/ginger tea. Chandani says no.

Raj calls her Chandani and asks Maya to show the proposal. Maya explains the proposal and says it will bring revolution. Chandani says she has to leave as she has a meeting and asks him to discuss with Saheb ji. She goes with Siddharth. Avni thinks she is a strange woman and says we can go to dinner. Raj says he do dinner with his sister Bobby only. Siddharth asks Chandani why did she get up. Chandani asks him to come and says she will tell him.

They come home. Saheb ji asks about her meeting with Raj Shekhawat. He asks if he misbehaved with you. Chandani says he is not Raj, but Arjun Sharma. She says her mind and heart can never betray her. Saheb ji asks her to give him sometime and says I will get his birth kundali. He says nobody can betray him. He calls someone and asks to get Raj Shekhawat’s kundali. Chandani comes to her balcony. Siddharth asks Chandani if raj is his lookalike and asks her to tell what happened. Chandani says she don’t want to talk to anyone. Saheb ji’s man calls and tells him that he is Raj Shekhawat and his sister is Bobby who is mentally unstable. Raj looks at the visiting card and looks on sad. Saheb ji comes to Chandani and says I got his janam kundali. She tells that Raj is handling his father’s business since 5 years and where were Arjun then.

Raj tells that he has returned to settle scores with Chandani. Later during a puppet show, Chandani sees female puppet shooting male puppet and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Summer

    Hmmm, Interesting! Could this be the same Arjun who is now known as Raj but was saved by a stranger? This stranger happens to be a wealthy man passing by in his posh car and Arjun happens to get a free ride to the hospital and his live is saved? Arjun feel indebted to this man and since then treated him as his own Father? Maybe this man only a daughter and no son and since saving Arjun, he has developed a bond with Arjun who he treats as a son of his own.
    I’m still pondering why the abrupt in Chandini? She was suppose to love Arjun why the sudden change in heart? Judging by the dialogue here ‘ her mind and heart can never betray her?’ this is the same Chandini who was suppose to have fallen for Arjun?
    Waiting patiently for plot to unravel and missing holes in the story to be filled

    Thank you H. Hasan for updates. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update H.Hasan

  3. Alister La Frenais

    Storyline very similar to a program called Thapki shown on colours. In Thapki, she returns in the guise of Vani Oberoi to exact revenge for her attempted murder. In Half Marriage Arjun has returned in the guise of Raj Shekhawat to exact revenge against Chandani for her attempt to kill him. Well talk about the well of ideas running dry, in this instance we have a drought in the ideas department.

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