Half Marriage 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani becomes Minister after killing Arjun

Half Marriage 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandini shooting Arjun and he falls in valley in shock. Sulochana dreams someone killing Arjun and she shouts his name.

After 2 years, Sulochana looks for Arjun. Janki says why didn’t you get mad fully, we will get relieved from you. Janki asks Surender to ask her to have medicine. Manohar brings vegetables and gives to Janki. Janki scolds him and asks him to give medicine to her. She says Rakhi is pregnant. Shakti and Rakhi comes home. Janki asks Sulochana to believe that Arjun is dead and says Doctor said that she has to agree to truth. She asks her to see his pic with garland and says he is dead.

Shakti says it is truth, but who will make her understand. He asks Manohar to get water for him. Janki says Anuj is working and feeding them. Manohar gives

water to Shakti. Shakti taunts him for bringing water without tray. Sulochana blames herself for sending Arjun to vanvas in anger. Janki says Ram went to Vanvas with Laxman, but you sent him with Chandani. She says Chandani messed up their life. Chandani wakes up, calls someone and says she is coming. She drinks tea.

Saheb ji is addressing to people. They say Sanskar sena zindabad. Chandani waves her hand and folds as their leader. She asks them to be silent and asks not to do her jai jaikar. She says because of it, politicians get arrogant. She gives speech that every child shall be educated etc. Sulochana comes there and silently curses her. chandani says we have to hug everyone forgetting their status. People cheers for her values and praises her. Reporter asks Chandani when she will marry Siddharth Singhania. Chandani says she is busy in people’s service right now. She comes to her Cabin and tells Saheb ji to tell media not to ask about her personal life.

Sulochana comes to temple and puts water on the Shivling and puts flowers. She folds her hands and asks what is this injustice, why you are punishing me. She says my two kids are snatched and the girl who has done this, is getting praised by people. She says you have snatched my daughter and son, I accepted it and that girl become Minister. She lights camphor diya on her hand and asks him to bring Arjun back. She forwards her pallu and asks him to bring her son back.
A man is seen walking out of airport. ‘R’ pendant is shown in his hand. His eyes is shown. Sulochana folds her hands as flower falls down in her pallu.

Maya Oberoi comes to Saheb ji and Chandani and asks them to go and meet Raj, he don’t come to anyone’s place. Chandani comes to meet Raj and is shocked to see Arjun as Raj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What?!!! Why? Any explanations will be welcome.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    This whole serial is coming off the rails. Let us look at the build up of this confusion. Chandani is supposed to be madly in love with Arjun. Hence what has transpired between them both leaving Arjun’s family home and their arrival at their present location. Why is Chandani behaving in this manner? Who is the shadow ring figure? where did Chandani obtain the revolver? There are too many loose ends which distorts the storyline, the writers have being smoking something other than their daily dose of tobacco. Here is a good piece of advice, show the viewing public the background to the change of Chandani’s personality, and also inform the public who was charged with Arjun’s murder.

  3. Ooshi

    In any of the serial which I follow heroine never killed her hero but in this one let’s see what’s next

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H.Hasan

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