Half Marriage 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Janki conspires against Arjun and Chandani

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The Episode starts with Mannu and Chandini talking. Mannu plays head and tail game with her, and says my coin is suggesting you to have friendship with everyone. He says Arjun is hard like walnut and says he will handle. Arjun hears them. Reva talks to her friend and tells that she don’t have college fees. Chandani comes and offers money. She says you don’t need to tell anyone, it will be our top secret. Sulochana says we don’t want your help and asks if she will get the pic clicked. Chandani says she just wants to help Reva. Arjun’s father comes there. Sulochana complains to him about Chandani. Mama ji shouts at Sulochana asking her to stop it. Arjun blames Chandani. Mama ji asks them not to forget that they are married and says after marriage, two people and family get connected. Arjun

says we are not connected by heart, but forced to stay together.

Chandani feels bad. Mama ji asks Chandani if she wants to be in the marriage or not. He asks them to think and let him know by tomorrow. The elders will go to Saheb ji and convince him for divorce. Janki says just now you said about marriage and now divorce. Shakti asks Janki to forget about LCD Tv etc. Janki says Chandani will stay here until Saheb ji wants. She goes to Chandani and tells that even she came from rich family and got adjusted here. Chandani says you all are very nice and even Arjun is ok. She says she will go in the morning. Janki says what Saheb ji will say. Chandani says he will scold her, but she will convince him. Janki tells Shakti that they shall separate Arjun and Chandani.

Mannu shows the pic to Arjun and says you both are looking good. Arjun says he don’t want to see. Janki asks Chandani to go and sleep. Arjun is irked. Janki shouts and calls everyone. Chandani falls down from the bed as it is cut by Janki and Shakti. Janki asks Sulochana to bring first aid box. Shakti takes out wood cutter from his almari. Chandani tells Arjun that everyone came to know what you did. Arjun tells that he is innocent and tells that Chandani herself have done this. Chandani says I am trying to talk to you since morning. Sulochana says my son can’t do this. Janki asks where was Arjun since 2 hours. Janki says Mannu says he was with me. Chandani says she will call police.

Arjun asks her to call Police. Janki gets scared and apologizes to Chandani on Arjun’s behalf. Arjun says when I haven’t done anything wrong then why to get afraid. Janki cuts her hand and asks her not to call Police. Chandani agrees. Mama ji tells that he will drop Chandani to Saheb ji’s house in the morning and asks Reva to take care of Chandani. Reva applies ointment on her hand and asks why did you do this? Chandani says I haven’t done that. Reva says Arjun can’t do this. Chandani says he is taking revenge on me and is angry with me. Reva tells that Arjun and Sulochana have bitter tongues, but good at heart. She goes. Arjun comes there and sees her injured back. He asks shall I take you to hospital. Chandani turns towards him and says I am going in the morning and can’t believe that you can do this with me. Arjun says but you believed me.

Arjun files police complaint against Saheb ji. Chandani is shocked and challenges Arjun to throw her out of house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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