Half Marriage 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun is freed from the Police station

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The Episode starts with Chandani asks Arjun to accept his mistake. Arjun says you are asking me to do sin and tells that your brother and father are criminals and says you are asking a guy to lie who helped her breaking his ethics. He says he will bear punishment, but will not take back his words. Chandani asks him to suffer then. Arjun says I can see your defeat on your face. Boss comes to meet Arjun. Arjun says Sir. Boss asks him not to call sir and tells that everything was planned. He did this for a girl. He says he was mad in love with Simmi and did all that helping Chandani. He says he will give his statement to Police and free him. Chandani comes home and sees Rishi and his mum. His mum asks how are you and says she came to clear their misunderstandings, asks them to sit and talk.

Rishi says it is 9:32 and asks her to get ready. Chandani feigns head ache and says she needs to take rest. He gives her 15 mins time. Chandani says she wants to sleep. He gives her an hour time to sleep. Chandani thinks how to make him go and calls Simmi. Simmi picks his call and asks what happened. Chandani asks her to give some idea and think. Simmi gets an idea and tells Chandani. Chandani smiles.

Saab ji asks Suryaprakash to have bigger dreams and says you needs to handle more big position. Constable calls him and says Ajay Singh came to Police station and will be taking Chandani’s name. Surya Prakash promises that Chandani’s name will not come anywhere in media. Chandani returns to Rishi and asks him to bring a dress for her, and says she will go with him wearing a particular dress. Rishi says ok and goes. Chandani thinks he can’t return till evening. Ajay Singh gives interview to Media that he was influenced by a woman Simmi to do such thing and was about to name Chandani, when Surya Prakash comes there and shows him revolver. Ajay takes the blame on himself and Simmi and don’t take Chandani’s name. Simmi calls Chandani and tells that Police came to her house as Ajay gave statement. Police comes inside and arrest her. Mami tells Damad ji that Arjun’s mum is happy even though her son is coming from jail and says she was happy that flour was saved. Damad ji tells that Simmi and Ajay have done fraud. Chandani asks Saab ji to do something as Simmi is arrested because of her. Arjun comes home. His mum does his tilak and says let her take off evil eye. Arjun says until her eyes are on him, he can’t divert from truthful path.

Chandani cries. Surya Prakash says you are crying being my sister. Saab ji shouts at him and says Simmi is like my daughter and nothing will happen to her. I will handle the matter and asks her not to talk to anyone about this. Chandani asks him to promise. He promises her and takes her to room. Next day Rishi comes to Chandani while she is in the jogger’s park and says he got the dress finally after searching for 12 hours. Chandani asks him to give dress to Bhuvan kaka and says she will wear it at night. She runs. Rishi says Chandani. Arjun keeps eye on her and comes to her. He says I thought you will come and meet me. He says he can see her defeat in her eyes.

He says you brought gift for me in jail and that’s why I brought return gift for you. Chandani reads the newspaper in which his news is published. He says you would have been in jail but because of your Papa’s name, first you betray me and now Simmi. He says won’t you want to go and meet your friend. Here you are jogging and making your health and your friend is in jail. Chandani asks if he came to threaten her. Arjun says he will fight with truth and asks her to see. Icecream Stall comes again.

Arjun comes to meet Simmi and says he needs an answer. What wrong I did with you. Why did you ruin my respect. Simmi looks on. Arjun comes to Chandani and says you walk a lot and burns calories. Chandani asks him to stop his drama. Arjun holds his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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