Half Marriage 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandani is in surprise seeing Arjun’s mum blessing her

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The Episode starts with Arjun taking the flowers from Chandani’s hand. He presses the flowers and black ink smears on her face. Chandani smiles. He breaks her mirror. Chandani says it was sent by Simmi and says she brought some other gift for him. She shows the newspaper in which news is published for his theft and says you will be discussed in all Kanpur. Chandani collides with Arjun’s mum and Reva. She apologizes. Constable calls her name. Arjun’s mum and Reva realizes that she is the girl for whom Arjun had taken money. Arjun’s mum thanks Chandani for doing which even I couldn’t do. She says kids are clever now a days, but Arjun believes on people easily and helps them. She says you have taught him a good thing, now he will forget values and ethics, and blesses her. Chandani is in shock

and realizes his goodness and his mum’s words.

Arjun comes to meet them in lock up. Revva wishes him happy birthday. His mum hugs him and cries. Arjun asks why you are crying. Reva says what to do then. Arjun says I haven’t done anything wrong. Reva says I couldn’t sleep all night. Arjun says you told me a story in my childhood. A fb is shown, his mum tells him a story) Arjun says true always wins and have not forgotten that story. Mum says I didn’t know that you will remember that. Reva asks her to feed him kheer. Lawyer tells Mama ji that Arjun can’t get bail. Mama ji gives him money. He says if we are united then nobody can harm Arjun. Saab ji’s people come there and throws tomatoes on Mama ji and Arjun’s father. Mami says I told them not to have enmity with Saab ji. She asks where is Damad ji. Damad ji is searching 15 lakhs rs. Mami says why a rich girl ask money from him. Her son tells that the girl took the money and he is landed in jail.

Chandani is sleeping in her room and she wakes up as rose petals fall on her. She wonders who has done this. Arjun comes there shocking her. He says Maa said that whoever places thorn on your way, you places roses on her way and it will be the best gift for her. He says if she can’t get up and throws rose petals on her. Chandani says no…and wakes up. It turns out to be her dream. Servant sees her going out and wonders where?

Boss calls Simmi and says he is at her door step. Simmi asks where are you? Are you drunk? He says yes and asks her to come out. Simmi says she is coming. She comes out and asks why is this drama. Boss asks her to say I love you once. Simmi asks how dare you? Are you mad to think I will tell you I love you. Boss says he has ruined honest Arjun Sharma’s life for her and asks her to say I love you once. Simmi slaps him and says she is not mad to tell him I love you. Chandani comes to meet Arjun. Arjun says I know you will come. Chandani says she came to talk about his betterment and asks him to accept infront of media that he has told lie for her father and brother. Arjun looks on.

Arjun tells her that his father and brother are fraud and you are asking a guy to lie who had helped a girl killing his ethics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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