Half girlfriend (Prologue)

Hii friends i m avani. I want to write an ff on YuvAni which will be based on half girlfriend . If you will like than i will continue it.

This is intro

Suhani shrivastav – a rich girl who is simple and loves to play basketball .

Yuvraj birla – a simple boy who loves to play basketball.

All others will be introduced later .

Episode no . 1

St stephen’s college at delhi.
Yuvraj is playing basketball in basketball court.

Just than he saw a girl who was wearing shorts and t – shirt ( back on the shirt it was S )

Yuvraj pov
This girl is beautiful but who is she ??
I want to know that who is this S ??

End of pov…

Suhani runs to yuvraj
Suhani – you played really well today
Yuvraj – thanks
Suhani – what is your name ??
Yuvraj – yuvraj birla
Suhani – nice name , my name is suhani shrivastav
Yuvraj – ok nice to meet u
Suhani – thanks . I will catch u later .bye
Yuvraj – bye

Sorry friends for grammatical mistakes .
I will try my best to avoid grammatical mistakes.

Suhani shrivastav – she is a rich girl but she is simple . She plays basketball.

Yuvraj birla – he is a nice person . He plays basketball.

Episode 1

St stephen’s college at delhi .

Yuvraj is playing basketball in basketball court.

One girl enters basketball court and starts playing basketball with yuvraj .

Yuvraj pov..
This girl is beautiful and she is playing basketball very nicely but who is this S ??
( He saw a chain in her neck in which pendant was of S )

End of pov ..

Yuvraj completed his game and was going out just than suhani came and stopped him.

Suhani – you played really well …
Yuvraj – yes i played at national level …
Suhani – i m suhani shrivastav
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj birla
Suhani – nice to meet you yuvraj
Yuvraj – thanks
Suhani – ok bye class ka time ho gaya hai
Yuvraj – ok bye

Precap – dont know

Sorry for gramatical mistakes i m very weak in grammer.

Yuvraj birla – he is a simple boy . He played basketball at national level

All other characters will be introduced later.

Episode no. 1

Episode starts with st. Stephen’s college , at basketball court all are shouting yuvraj , yuvraj and yuvraj enters the basketball court . He scores 3 and st. Stephen’s college wins bcoz of yuvraj.

Precap YuvAni meeting

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  1. Very nice start avani.i liked ur ff prologue+epi 1 so much. Its is very interesting and different also .plz continue and plz update nxt soon.

  2. Avanikamdar

    Sorry for my mistakes too

  3. Avanikamdar

    Sorry guys my ff is till sorry for grammatical mistakes only. All other is by mistake . I wiill try my best that i dont do it again.

  4. Amazing episode

  5. Its nice plz do continue

  6. Nithu

    Its k dear…cumig to epi..its gud…nice idea…by the way im a great fan of chetan bhagat stories…theway he puts up the story is amazing….nd the characters are persfect in their places

  7. its very nice.pls continue.all d best

  8. Avanikamdar

    Thank you friends it means a lot to me. ??

  9. Aqsxxh

    I really enjoyed the different ideas you are having- it is very cute and different! I can’t wait to read the next epi x

  10. Avanikamdar

    Thank you sis … It means a lot to meee !!!

  11. Shilpa-Saraj

    Great dude… Wonderfull.. No words. .. Do continue with it..

  12. Avanikamdar

    Thank you Shilpa di


    Wow dear, this start is amazing and im already so excited to see where it will go! Good luck with this ff

  14. Avanikamdar

    Thank you …

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