Half girlfriend (Episode 6)

St stephen’s college
Yuvraj is waiting for suhani
Suhani comes to yuvraj
Suhani – hii yuvraj
Yuvraj – hii suhani and drags her to his room
Suhani – what r u doing ??
Yuvraj drags her to his room and closes the door
Suhani – what r u doing ??
Yuvraj – shhh!!
Suhani – just leave me
Yuvraj – if u want to be in a relationship then only or else leave
Suhani – ok then i will leave ( she got teary eyed )

Six months later

Yuvraj pov …
After my break up or half break up with suhani i m totally changed . People call me sss or saint of st stephen’s . Today its my birthday and i want that suhani wish me Happy birthday .
End of pov…

At cafe
Sharad and krishna songs Happy birthday yuvraj And yuvraj cute the cake .

Just then suhani enters the cafe with bhavana
and soumya . She notices yuvraj but doesn’t
wish yuvraj Happy birthday .

Yuvraj pov…
Everyday i follow suhani everywhere but she behaves that she didn’t noticed me . Today i will follow her and ask her what is her problem ??

After college
Yuvraj followes suhani
Yuvraj – what is your problem suhani ??
Suhani – just wait yuvraj . Can you plz come in my car ??
Yuvraj – ok

They both sit in her car
Driver looks at suhani
Suhani – driver bhaiya can you plz buy some samosas for me ??
Driver – ok i will just come
Driver goes .

Suhani – u were asking me what is my problem right ??
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – u dont know how much i was hurt when
u said it to me
Yuvraj – ok sorry for that
Suhani – ok i will forgive u but u have to take this
Yuvraj – what ??

Suhani opens her bag and gives him a card .
Yuvraj opens that card and he is shocked reading it .
It was written
Suhani Weds Sambhav
Yuvraj got teary eyed …
Yuvraj – suhani he is your brother right ??
Suhani – i know but woh mere papa ke best friend ka beta hain ( he is my dad best friend ‘ s son )
Yuvraj – but u both have age difference also and what about your studies ?? Toh are just 19 and he must be 25
Suhani – i know but he promised me that i can continue my study in usa and he will give all the happiness which i want in my life . Yuvraj plz u have to come .
Yuvraj – of course i will come

Driver comes with samosas .
Suhani gives it to yuvraj .
Suhani – plz yuvraj take it bcoz i love it and i will eat all and if anyone will know it in my family they will start scolding me .
Yuvraj – ok suhani i will take it .
Suhani – ok bye yuvraj see u at my wedding next week .
Yuvraj – ok bye suhani .

Suhani leaves from their .
Yuvraj throws samosas and wedding card in dust bin and cries a lot …

Precap – suhani and sambhav wedding…

Thank you guys for your support and dont worry after this u will like story again


  1. sri

    very shocking and mind blowing epi………….it is very interesting but plz dont seperate yuvani.i eagerly waiting for next epi.

  2. Aqsxxh


    |Registered Member

    What a shocking twist- it is amazing I didn’t expect that at all! It is really beautiful and thank you for accepting my request di it means a lot x

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