Half girlfriend (Episode 5)

St stephen’s college
Yuvraj and suhani are sitting in lawn .
Suhani – i m feeling sleepy
Yuvraj – then what can i do for you ??
Suhani – let me sleep in your lap
Yuvraj – ok sleep
Suhani sleeps in yuvraj lap .

Yuvraj pov…
Really i should tell her that i love her …
End of pov…

Suddenly it starts raining
Yuvraj its raining suhani
Suhani looking at yuvraj
Suhani – so ??
Yuvraj – wait ( he puts his jacket on suhani and him )

Yuvraj pov…
We are inch apart . I can feel her breath . I want to be with her . I want to Live with her .
End of pov…

Yuvraj comes near to suhani
Suhani – what are u doing ??
Yuvraj – shhhh!!( Yuvraj comes near her )
Suhani runs away from their .

Next day
St stephen’s college
Yuvraj was looking for suhani .
He saw bhavana . He goes to bhavana .
Yuvraj – hii bhavana
Bhavana – hii yuvraj
Yuvraj – actually i m looking for suhani .
Bhavana – she didn’t came college today
Yuvraj – why ??
Bhavana – i don’t know
Yuvraj – ok bye . I will catch u later.
Bhavana – ok bye .

Yuvraj calls suhani .
Suhani receives his call.
Suhani – hii yuvraj
Yuvraj – where are you ??
Suhani – i m suffering from fever and cough so i didn’t came college today
Yuvraj – ok bye . Take care
Suhani – wait . Tum mujhe dekhne nahi aaoge .
Yuvraj – ok i m coming .
Suhani – ok bye prince .

At shrivastav mansion .
Yuvraj enters suhani ‘ s room
He saw suhani in here night suit.

Yuvraj pov ..
Ahh !!! Really whatever she wear i love her ….
End of pov..

Suhani – hii prince
Yuvraj – hii suhani. How are you ??
Suhani – you can see how i m
Yuvraj – ohh yaa i know

Yuvraj comes to suhani and hugs her tight
Suhani – what r u doing ??
Yuvraj – i love u suhani
Suhani – what ?? ( Making yuvraj away )
Yuvraj – why suhani ??
Suhani – bcoz u r my friend and i don’t love u
Yuvraj – if i m your friend then u allow your each friend to come close to you ?? You allow your friend to kiss you ??
Suhani – noo but i don’t love u
Yuvraj – ok then plz Say that it is more than friendship . Its a relation of gf – bf
Suhani – no its not that

Yuvraj – than what is it ??
Suhani – ok i m your half girlfriend
Yuvraj – what ?
Suhani – yes we are in half relationship. You kissed me you came close to me right but i didn’t fell in love with you . But its like relationship so i m your half girlfriend .
Yuvraj – ok ( in a sad voice ) ok bye suhani . I have to go .
Suhani – why ?? Plz sit for a while my half boyfriend
Yuvraj – no suhani . I have to go
Suhani – ok bye yuvraj

Yuvraj in his hostel room with his friends shayad and krishna
Sharad – yaar suhani ki best friend toh asasni se pyaar mein pad gayi . Yeh bhi pad jayegi
Krishana – haa sharad sahi kah raha hain yuvraj
Yuvraj – tumhe kaise pata did you fell in love
Krishna – yes tumhari half girlfriend ki best friend se pyaar karte hain hum
Sharad – hum bhi

Yuvraj – sharad kya tum bhavana se pyaar karte ho ?? Krishna tum soumya se ??
Sharad and krishna ( together ) – yes
Yuvraj – good
Sharad – mere pass ek idea hai tumhari half girlfriend ko full girlfriend bananae ka
Yuvraj – kya ??
Sharad – tum ek baat ussein force karo aur kaho ki woh tumhare saath relationship mein rahein varna woh chaali jayein . I m sure woh mann jayegi
Yuvraj – ok mein try karta hun
Sharad and krishna ( together) – ok done

Precap – after six months …


  1. Aqsxxh

    |Registered Member

    They are all inlove! I can’t wait for the leap now! Please update soon (cann you also include the English translate next to the hindi please?)

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