Half girlfriend (Episode 4)


Episode starts with yuvraj entering shrivastav mansion.
Yuvraj saw suhani .

Yuvraj pov..
Ahh !! Really she is the one whom i want to spend my life . She is looking so pretty in her Red one piece . I m falling in love …
End of pov…

Suhani comes to yuvraj
Yuvraj – hii suhani. Happy birthday
Suhani – thanks yuvraj
Yuvraj – take this gift
Suhani – what is it ??
Yuvraj – open it
Suhani – wow !! A heart pendant …i loved it thanks
Yuvraj – welcome
Suhani – ok come meet my friends and family

Yuvraj followes suhani

Suhani – see this is sambhav bhaiya

Sambhav – ( turns ) suhani !!!???how many times i have said you don’t call me bhaiya i m not your bhaiya we are friends ok
Suhani – ok sambhav
Yuvraj smiles seeing suhani calling sambhav
bhaiya ??
Suhani – sambhav meet my friend yuvraj
Yuvraj – hii sambhav
Sambhav – hii yuvraj
Sambhav – you remember suhani when we were kids i always lift you up on your birthday
Suhani – yes sambhav but that time we were kids now we cant
Sambhav – no today i will lift u up
Sambhav lifts suhani up .

Yuvraj pov…
I want to make this sambhav asambhav in my suhani ‘ s life . Wait my suhani …!!! I m really falling in love …!!!

End of pov…

Sambhav puts suhani down
Suhani – sambhav please don’t do it again
Sambhav – ok sorry suhani

Suhani comes to yuvraj
Suhani – will you try my fav pasta
Yuvraj – yes why not
Suhani – ( eating pasta ) so what is your dream ??
Yuvraj – my dream is to make my mother school best school in allahabad
Suhani – good
Yuvraj – What is your dream ??
Suhani – my dream is to sing song in a bar
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – yes we want to new york and i saw a women who was singing in a bar happily i too want to sing
Yuvraj – really very different dream . Ok now i will leave .
Suhani – ok
Yuvraj – tum mujhe force nahi karogi rukne ke liye ??
Suhani – no bcoz tommorow we both have college and if i will force u too be here tommorow u will be late at college . I don’t want that you come late to college bcoz of me .
Yuvraj – ok ok i understood
Suhani – ok bye
Yuvraj – ok bye

Precap – suhani is sleeping in lap of yuvraj …

Thank you guys for your support .

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  1. superb!!!!!!!!!!!!this epi very nice i like it verymuch.

  2. Avanikamdar

    Thank you sri

  3. how nice it was.i like this verymuch especially pre cap.

  4. Aqsxxh

    Oooooo really nice Avani! Keep writing x

  5. Avanikamdar

    Thanks Dii !!!

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