Half girlfriend (Episode 3)

St stephen’s college
Basketball court
Suhani was playing with basketball with yuvraj .

Suhani – i don’t know but i m feeling dizzy
Yuvraj – wait let me check
Yuvraj – ohh my god you r suffering from high fever
Suhani – thats ok . Lets play again
Yuvraj – are u mad ?? U will not play now and u will rest in my room .
Suhani – ok as you Say prince
Yuvraj – prince ??
Suhani – yes ur name means prince so i will call you prince
Yuvraj – ok then i don’t mind

They go to yuvraj ‘ s hostel room

Suhani – you keep your room quite neat
Yuvraj – yes i keep everything clean
Yuvraj – now you sleep here
Suhani – i want a blanket
Yuvraj – ok i will give you first you sleep
Suhani – fine

Suhani is sleeping and yuvraj put blanket over her .

Yuvraj pov..
When i saw her on first day . She is really very beautiful. She is very simple . I don’t know why but i like her since the day i saw her .

End of pov..

Yuvraj goes near suhani and kisses her forehead and eyes .
Suhani wakes up and says what r u doing ??
Yuvraj – nothing
Suhani – i know what you did
Yuvraj – ok sorry
Suhani – i will accept your sorry if you will do one thing for me
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – you have to attend my birthday party
Yuvraj – ohh sure why not
Suhani – my address is 100, aurangzeb road
Yuvraj – ok

Precap – not decided..

Thanks for your support friends . It means a lot me …
Sorry guys i will not update tommorow and sorry for grammatical mistakes…


  1. Aqsxxh

    |Registered Member

    Awwwwh Yuv is in love already!
    This is too cute Yaar!
    Love it!
    That kiss- wow!
    Can’t wait for next episode! <3

  2. sri

    awww yuvi started falling for suhani but i think suhani also have some feeling for him.really superb i have no words to describe abt this epii.

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