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Half girlfriend (Episode 2)


St. Stephen’s college

Yuvraj was finding his class room as he is new in this college .
Yuvraj saw suhani and he called her .
Suhani came to her .

Yuvraj – hii suhani
Suhani – hii yuvraj
Yuvraj – can you help me too find my class room
Suhani – yaa sure ( she goes to check notice board )
Suhani – yuvraj your class is here
Yuvraj – thanks suhani
Suhani – welcome yuvraj ( she goes to her class)

Yuvraj – she is a nice girl . I like her .

After college
Yuvraj saw suhani in lobby he called her .
Suhani – yes yuvraj what happend any problem ??
Yuvraj – no suhani i just want to ask you will you join me for coffee ??
Suhani – ok . Lets go

In cafe
Yuvraj and suhani sitted in a corner

Everyone stared at them
Some boyz said – we were trying to talk to this girl from a long time but she only likes this stupid . What we dont have which he have .

Yuvraj hears them and looks at them angrily .

Suhani – dont be angry they will speak
Yuvraj – i know but i hate them
Suhani – leave it . Say what you want to order .
Yuvraj – coffee and you ??
Suhani – same ( they order coffee)

Suhani – so Say me something about your family.
Yuvraj – ok. My mother runs a school in allahabad .
Suhani – ohh good. I m from delhi . My father is very rich but i love to be simple .
Yuvraj – good .

Just then bhavana and soumya enters .
They come to suhani .

Suhani – hii girls. Where were you ??
Bhavana – sorry for being late .
Soumya – ( pointing towards yuvraj ) who is he ??
Suhani – ohh he is my new friend . Yuvraj meet bhavana and soumya my friends.
Yuvraj – hii bhavana and soumya .

Precap – not decided…

  1. Aqsxxh

    This is really cute- Yuv’s anger never changes! I love it x
    Also love the quick update x

  2. Avanikamdar

    Thanks a lot

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Yey another wonderful epi.. Dude ur suerb.. Loved ur writing.. Hoping to see more and more of yuvani scenes through your ff love you.. 😘

  4. Avanikamdar

    Thank you Shilpa di . Love u too 😍😘. Thanks ci


    Wow so cute, yuvraj’s protective anger, adorable. This ff is going to be amazing x

  6. really ur ff is simply amazing .i like it so much.

  7. Avanikamdar

    Thank you friends

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