Half girlfriend (Episode 14)


Yuvraj pov..
Where i will find suhani now i don’t know where is she ??
End of pov..

Yuvraj goes to his room and reads that letter again and starts thinking .

Yuvraj pov…
Yes now i know where is suhani yes !!!???
He gets happy . Suhani wrote that my dream is completed but her dream is incomplete that means she is completing her dream .
End of pov..

Yuvraj recalls her dream.
Suhani – my dream is to sing in bar happily .
Yuvraj – but where is that bar ??
Suhani – in new york.

Yuvraj pov…
Yes suhani is in new york . I will go new york for her .
End of pov…

At visa office.
Man – why you wont visa ??
Yuvraj pov..
I want to tell them that i want to find my love there .
End of pov ..
Yuvraj – i wont to go for studies there
Man – ok we will give you .
Yuvraj – thanks

At new york

Yuvraj pov…
Yes i have entered new york for my love . I will find you suhani .
End of pov…

He takes a cab .
He gives driver address of his hotel .
He takes a newspaper from hotel and starts reading it .
He gets to know about a concert in new york where suh is performing .

Yuvraj pov…
I think suh means suhani . I will attend this concert.
End of pov…

He enters in that concert and hears sound of suhani .
Suhani is singing
We were both young when i first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I ‘m standing there on balcony in summer air .

See the lights , see the party , the ball gowns .
See you make your way from the crowd
And Say , hello
Little did i know ..

That you were romeo, you were throughing pebbles
And my dad said ‘ stay away from my juliet
And i was crying in the staircase
Begging you ‘ please, dont go ‘
And i said…

Romeo , take me some where we can be alone
I will be waiting all that left is to run .
You will be the prince and i will be the princess.
It ‘ ‘s a love story just Say yes .

Suhani stops singing and sees yuvraj standing there . They both starts crying .
Suhani goes to yuvraj and hugs him .
Suhani – sorry yuvraj i was scared that you will not accept me now as first i was of someone else.
Yuvraj – shhh !!( He kisses her forehead )
Suhani – i love u yuvraj
Yuvraj – i love you to suhani
Suhani – so mr. Yuvraj birla will you marry me ??
Yuvraj – it is my line but let it be with you . Yes
Suhani – thanks yuvraj . Now lets go to my flat
Yuvraj – ok

On the way to flat they were looking at each other.
They reach flat.
Suhani and yuvraj goes inside.
Yuvraj – i wont to get fresh
Suhani – go
Yuvraj – ok i will leave

After some time
Yuvraj ( from bathroom ) – suhani
Suhani – what yuvraj
Yuvraj – i forgeted my towel give me
Suhani – ok
Yuvraj pulls suhani inside .
Suhani – what r u doing ??
Yuvraj – shhh!!
He comes near her and they have an eyelock and they share a liplock.

Four and half year later .
At basketball court .
Yuvan and yuvani shouts – mom dad we are not able to hit the ball .
Suhani and yuvraj – beta u dont stop u will do it someday .

____________the end __________
Thank you very much guys for your support . I love u all and i will be back with a new ff .

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  1. Nithu

    Nice dear…evn you can write revolution 20 20 or one night at the call center….u write them very well

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks dii now i m going for jab we met

    2. Avanikamdar

      Now my concept will be jab we met

      1. Nithu

        Nice dear…my dad loves that movie but i dint see it atleast for once…no prob now ill read ua ff…

  2. wow it was very sweet.i like it very much.waithn fr ur next ff.

  3. i going to miss ur ff very much.this lastepi amzing yaar avni. ur have writen this ff wonderfully.Mostly climax i love it yuvani ‘s confession and yuvaan and yuvani playing basket ball .i will really miss it and waiting for ur next ff.ALL THE BEST FOR IT.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you a lot sri

  4. Beautiful di X
    Amazing Ff can’t wait for the next

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