Half girlfriend (Episode 13)


Yuvraj runs to suhani ‘s flat.
Yuvraj goes and checks that it is locked .
He goes to landlord and takes keys from him.
He opens flat.
He starts finding clue for getting suhani back.
He found a dairy and starts reading it .

My 15th birthday dairy . I m so happy . Today i saw a dream of a boy i think he is my prince but i couldn’t see his face i just felt him around me.
Ok dairy now byeeeeeee.

Today my friend yuvraj forced me for a relationship . Dairy you know i don’t want to be in relationship but then also i don’t know what can i do ??

Dairy i m engaged to sambhav now . I know he is like my bro but then also and he had promised me that he will give me what i want from my life.

Today i was late from my Music class and sambhav slaped me i too slaped him back but dairy now i m crying . I m just twenty i have dreams and i want to complete them .

Today i saw sambhav ‘s phone ringing i checked his phone and i was shocked it was a msg from neha that she loves him to and she is missing him and his body . I m totally shocked .

I leaved usa and i have applied for divorce . Mom and dad are saying me to sacrific but i will not sacrific.


After 7 years i met yuvraj again. He is totaly changed now. He is not that angry yuvraj . He is a caring and loving yuvraj . I m falling for him.

I kissed yuvraj yes i m blushing i love him .


No if i love yuvraj then also he will not accept me so i m leaving him tommorow and as i said him he will not try to find me .

Yuvraj is crying and says i wont let you go suhani no i will not …

Precap – yuvraj goes to new york.

Thank you for support friends i wont more support.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Oh wow- Yuvraaj’s concern in this is perfect! I love it!
    I absolutely love it x

  2. oh now yuvi goes in search of suhani.ur writing ff in a different way with unexpected twists.but i hope finally our yuvani met.

  3. yuvraj love and concernfor suhani is really amazing .day by day ur adding different twists i like it very .plz update nxt epi soon .

  4. superb ya continue like tis

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