Half girlfriend (Episode 12)


After 2 weeks .
Today its competition day for school.
Yuvraj – suhani i m nervous
Suhani – don’t worry . We will win.
Yuvraj – yes i have to be confident .
Suhani – ok i m going to change now .
Yuvraj – ok go

Suhani comes wearing saree .
Yuvraj is mesmerized by her .
Suhani – how i m looking ??
Yuvraj – beautiful
Suhani – thanks . Lets go now its our turn for performence .
Yuvraj – yes lets go .

Yuvraj and suhani comes with students at stage.
Judge – now we will try something new
Yuvraj – what ??
Judge – we want to see how are teachers here bcoz of teachers are best then only students are best .
Yuvraj – ok
Suhani – i will also sing with you
Yuvraj – ok suhani

Students go and they start singing .
Judge – wait you have to sing a sing which we Say .
Yuvraj and suhani – ok we will sing.
Judge Say them song in their ears .

Yuvraj and suhani starts singing
Tere chehre se
From your face,

Tere chehre se nazar nahi hatt ti
I cant take my eyes off your face

Nazzare hum kya dekhein …
How can i look at the scenery ( around us ) ?

Tujhe mill ke bhi
Even having met you

Tujhe mill ke bhi pyaas nahi ghat ti
Even having met you , my desire isn’t sated

Nazzare hum kya dekhein
How can i look at the scenery ?

Pighale badan teri tapti nigaahon se
My body is melted by your blazing glances

Sholon ki aanch aaye barfili rahoon se
As when the heat of flames approches snow laden roads.

Lage kadamo se
It seems as if by increments

Lage kadamo se aag lipat ti
By increments i ‘m wrapped in fire

Nazzare hum kya dekhein
How can i look at scenery ??

They stop singing and everyone claps for them .

Judge Say after an hour we will announce
winner .

Suhani and yuvraj goes .

Judge welcome next school.

Suhani – yuvraj i will just come
Yuvraj – ok suhani

After an hour judge announces the winner and says yuvraj and suhani are winners.
Yuvraj gets teary eyed and goes to pratima .
Yuvraj – mom our dream is completed .
Pratima – yes our dream is completed .
Yuvraj – now our school is best in allahabad
Pratima – yes .

Students come and congrats yuvraj .
Yuvraj thank them .
Yuvraj starts finding suhani .
But he doesn’t find her anywhere .

After reaching Home .
Yuvraj pov..
Where is suhani ?? She is not receiving my call too !!??
End of pov..

Yuvraj goes to his room and finds a letter from suhani and opens it .

Dear yuvraj ,
I m leaving this world and you . I m suffering from lung cancer and going to die. Plz dont try to find me . Bye yuvraj . I love you , i love you a lot yuvraj . Congratulations for winning competition your dream is completed now but my dream is incomplete . Bye yuvraj and i love you a lot.
Your ,
Suhani .

Yuvraj starts crying after reading letter .

He runs to her flat .

Precap – yuvraj finds out suhani ‘ s diary …

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  1. i am crying after reading this.pls say it was a dream.i cant see suhani like this.any way epi was gud.pls update nxt part asap.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Dont worry at last it will be a happy ending

  2. it is nice epi………

  3. Aqsxxh

    Wow- i didn’t expect that at all!
    This is amazing <3

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