Half girlfriend (Episode 11)


Next day at yuvraj ‘s school.
Yuvraj and suhani enters the school.
Suhani enters classroom .
Students wish her good morning .
Suhani makes them sit .
Students – mam like yuvraj sir you will also teacher us Music ??
Suhani – yes
Students – mam plz sing for us .
Suhani – ok.

Suhani saw yuvraj entering class .
Students wish him.
Yuvraj makes them sit and looks at suhani .
Yuvraj – plz sing suhani
Suhani – ok yuvraj for you i will sing today
Yuvraj – ok i will hear you

Suhani starts singing
Na kuch poocha
You didn’t ask anything
Na kuch maanga
You didn’t ask for anything
Tune dil se diya jo Diya
Whatever you gave , you gave from your heart
Na kuch bola

You didn’t say anything
Na kuch bola
You didn’t weigh the pros and cons
Muskurake diya jo diya
Whatever you gave , you gave with a smile

Tu hi dhoop tu hi Chaana
You are the warmth , you are the shade
Tu hi apna paraya
You are my own and a stranger
Aur kuch na janoon main , bas itna hi janoon
I may not know much but this i do know

Tujhe main rab dikhta hai
I see god in you
Yaara main kya karoon
My love , what should i do ?
Sajde sar, jhukta hai
I bow my head before you
Yaara main kya karoon
My love, what should i do ?

Tujhe main rab dikhta hai
I see god in you
Yaara main kya karoon
My love, what should i do ??

Rab ne bana di jodi hayye…
God has joined the couple together …

She recalls her kiss with yuvraj and smiles at yuvraj …

Yuvraj – wow suhani you sing so beautiful
Suhani – thank you yuvraj
Suhani hugs yuvraj and says thanks yuvraj for everything you did for me …

Yuvraj – dont thank me suhani its my duty for my love
Suhani smiles
Yuvraj – sorry suhani i didn’t mean that
Suhani – i know yuvraj i understand you don’t worry
Yuvraj – thanks suhani

Suhani and yuvraj leaves from school to his Home .
At home .
Yuvraj – maa meet my friend suhani
Pratima – ohh hii beta
Suhani – hii aunty
Suhani takes blesseing of pratima.
Suhani – yuvraj i want to get fresh where is my room ??
Yuvraj – there ( pointing towards his room )
Suhani – ok i will be just back

Yuvraj comes to pratima
Pratima – she is perfect for you
Yuvraj – maa u started again
Pratima – beta you have to get married some day
Yuvraj – but she is a divorcey and i don’t know she loves me or not
Pratima – ok beta as you say .

Yuvraj goes to suhani .
Suhani – lets play basketball
Yuvraj – no suhani since 7 years i had not played basketball
Suhani – what ??
Yuvraj – yes after u left i didn’t played basketball bcoz whenever i go to basketball court i recall
you always
Suhani – ohh prince today we will play

At basketball court
Suhani starts playing basketball with yuvraj
Suhani was about to fall but yuvraj holds her by her waist . They have an eyelock.
Suhani – thanks prince
Yuvraj – its my pleasure

Suhani goes to her flat
Suhani calls yuvraj .
Yuvraj – hii suhani
Suhani – hii prince
Yuvraj – can we talk later as i m busy with school work
Suhani – oho sir bye .
Yuvraj – no wait suhani
Suhani – why ?
Yuvraj – you can help me in this work
Suhani – how ??
Yuvraj – i want to win best school award
Suhani – so what can i do ??
Yuvraj – so you can help students to sing better you can teach them .
Suhani – ok i will teach them bcoz i have holidays in my job
Yuvraj – ok see you tommorow
Suhani – ok bye yuvraj

Precap – not decided…

Thank you friends for your support but i want more support from you plz….

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  1. Aqsxxh

    This is super interesting!
    I can’t wait for the next epi! It is going to be such an amazing surprise!

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks diii…

  2. very lovely epi…specially that basketball playing part and yuvraj have left playing basketball after suhani marrige i love it i like that feeling love yuvraj had towards suhani.

  3. superb superb.i loved it to the core.keep continuing like this dear.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thanks Dii…

  4. its so nice u hav taken a diffrent side of the story gr8! continue fast

  5. Nithu

    You wrote nicely dear….as i have read the novel i no story so i also know precap…but dnt worry ill not reveal precap..cuz this is ya ff and ua nli the cast and crew for ua ff
    ..but its lovely…dear

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