Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:7


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata

Hi guys it me angel here to bore you.

Sorry I was late I was caught up with smthing

Singhania mansion

The kids get excited to hear wat laksh has to say

Laksh luks at ragini and she nods no and he also nods no

Laksh:aarav Ayesha do u knw who ur dad is

Aarav: no uncle do u knw

Laksh is about to say wen sharad interupts

Sharad: kids let’s talk about papa later and think of a prank we can do on ur mamma like we always do

Aarav: no sharad uncle let uncle say it first

Laksh gets happy and luks ragini an gives her a smirk

Laksh: so do u knw why I call u my prince and princess

Aarav and Ayesha nod

Laksh luks at ragini and she’s has tears in her eyes and she luks down

Laksh: well it’s cuz m ur dad ur real dad

Aarav and Ayesha get shocked

They both run to ragini and pull her arm and question Ayesha questions her
“Mamma is uncle saying right is he out dad if he is then y dnt we live with him”
Ragini luks Ayesha and tries controlling her tears

Amruta and raj feel sorry for ragini

Amruta rushes to the kids

Amruta: aarav Ayesha come with me let’s leave ur mamma alone she is not well

Aarav: no nani

Aarav: mamma plz tell us laksh uncle is our friend aswell and u knw wat he has a big family

Ragini’s tears start falling out remembering mm and the family

Laksh: ha ragini tell our kids and kids ask ur badi ma meaning swara about this she will tell u

Ragini luks at laksh

Kunal gets angry and runs and Holds laksh’s collar

Laksh: oh so ur ragini’s so called brother meaning my sala

Raj takes kunal back

Raj: kunal calm down don’t act stupid and infront of the kids

Aarav: monster y r u hitting my dad

Kunal: aarav he’s not ur dad

Aarav: he is and me and Ayesha want him to live with us

Laksh: ok but I’m comming to collect both u and Ayesha tommorow

Both Ayesha and Aarav get happy
And ragini and rest of the Singh family get shocked
Ayeshas smile fades asway and she thinks of smthing

“Dad will mumma come with us aswell” Ayesha asks innocently

Laksh luks at ragini and then at Ayesha

“If ur mumma wants to tag along then she can that house is still hers”

Ragini looks at laksh with tears in her eyes

Ayesha pecks lakshs cheek

Swara hugs Ragini and aarya(aarav and Ayesha)

Raj and Amruta come forward to laksh

“Luk I dnt knw wats happened between u and ragini but all I knw is that ragini is my daughter I’m giving hers and my teddy bears responsibility” raj says firmly

“Dad how can u say that u knw that this guy has ruined my sisters life he betrayed her” kunal angrily says whilst giving laksh the evils

Laksh interupts kunal “well it’s always gud to hear both sides of the story before judging anyways tommorow I’m comming to take aarav and Ayesha away let’s go bhai and swara” laksh says and angrily heads out with swasan following him

Dp is siting down reading the newspaper and is about to take a sip of tea wen

“Instead of tea u should be eating sweets”

Dp puts the cup down and turns back and gets angry seeing laksh

“Yes I will hav sweets only wen u leave this house or wen u get some brain from smwhere”

“Mr maheshwari dnt waste ur energy and anger on this I hav some bad news for u” laksh says
Swasan also enter but go staright to there room
Sujata and ap and the rest of the family also come out

Dp gets shocked
“Nw wat manhoos news has he brought for me Nalayak didn’t even let me hav my tea properly”dp thinks

“Na laksh u tell us wat bad news hav u brought for bhaisa I’m dying to hear it” sujata says In excitement
Dp glares at sujata

Laksh: oh my sweet chachi the news that u all hav been waiting for
Sujata: key dnt tell me ur getting married

Rp: sujata chup reh
Laksh: no but I hav 2 children
Sujata gets shocked and faints on rp

Rp: sujata utt ur so heavy carrying ur weight I might even die although if u hav died then how many days later shall I get sanskaar a new mother and a new wife for me
Sujata gets up with a shrud
And hits rp on his arm
Sujata: ji chi how can u even say that nw I knw y u want me to die quickly
Rp: sujata I was just jk
Sujata: laksh how did this happen
Dp: chi see Annapurna ur son ruined my respect I can’t even face anyone nw
Laksh: that’s gud at least we will be able to be spared from seeing ur face
Dp gets angry
Adarsh: but laksh
Laksh: I knw ur probably thinking how y wen and all let me clear ur confusion well u guys remember ragini the one who was once ur DIL and who was I mean is the mother of my children
Sujata: children meaning 2
Laksh: yes she had twins
Ap gets happy but doesn’t show it since she’s upset with laksh
Pari: wow devar ji twins wat did she hav
Laksh: 1 boy and 1 girl
Sujata; boy jiji ur grandson and ur granddaughter
Rp: ha bhaisa neither did we hav a sister neither did we hav a daughter and luk we nw hav a grandaugter
Sujata: ha we will pamper her a lot where is she who is she
Laksh: do u knw the kids who came with Singhanias the twins aarav and Ayesha they r my children
Sujata and all get happy
Laksh adds on”I’m bringing them tommorow and ragini is also comming back becuz the kids want ragini to stay with them aswell so even shes gonna stay aswell with us aswell”

Ap sujata and pari get happy
Laksh: and I want a room for my kids that to decorated with toys an all

Laksh leaves

Dp: he’s ordering us as if we r his servants

Singhania mansion
The kids r shown sleeping as ragini is packing the bags whilst her tears r rolling down
Amruta enters her room
“Ragini” Amruta says worriedly
Ragini wipes her tears and Amruta sits next to ragini
Amruta: ragini can I ask u smthing
Ragini: of course mom
Amruta: I want u to give urs and lakshs relationship a second chance
Ragini gets shocked
Amruta puts her Hand on ragini’s shoulder
Amruta: me and ur dad both want this and if not for URSELF luk at these kids
Ragini luks at aarav and Ayesha sleeping
Ragini nods her head
Ragini: my heart said that he’s innocent but my mind was too adamant to believe this
Amruta: listen to ur heart
Ragini: I will try to give our relationship a chance
Amruta: I’m proud of u and remember that me and ur dad r always their for u
Ragini: mom but kunal
Amruta: dnt worry I will handle him…..now u take rest

Morning mm
Everyone is rushing around except dp
Dp is sitting on the sofa comfortably laksh comes down and sees this
Laksh: mr maheshwari u call everyone else Nalayak but luk at u I think this word suits u right nw
Ap: laksh ur forgetting he’s ur father
Laksh: that’s wat I regret
Sujata quickly comes
Sujata: laksh wat r u doin here wen r u gonna get the kids
The new heirs of this family and our greatest happiness
She luks at swara
Sujata: vaise I’m gonna regard them as my grandchildren and pamper ragini a lot
Swara gets upset
Sanksaar holds her shoulder
Sujata: actually i wanna come with u aswell since u will have 1 seat remaining and I can’t wait anymore to meet the kids
Laksh: ok let’s go

Singhania mansion
Ragini brings the luggage down and sees the kids playing with Amruta and raj
Amruta: ragini
Ragini: moms where’s kunal
Amruta: he couldn’t see u and the kids leave so he’s gone out
Ragini: did he not want to meet me before going
Just then laksh arrives with sujata
Sujata: ragini
Sujata goes and hugs her
The kids see sujata
Sujata hugs the kids and kisses them
Laksh: hi kids
He pecks both of them
Aarav: dad we r soo excited and we waited for u for so long
Laksh: Aww so cute but sorry actually it took me time anyways u guys ready to go
Aarav and Ayesha: ready
Ragini hugs Amruta and raj and the kids also hug Amruta and raj and they kiss them
Amruta an raj get teary aswell as ragini
Sujata takes ragini

Laksh is driving sujata is sitting in the front seat whilst ragini and the kids r at the back
Ayesha falls asleep whilst aarav is still awake
Sujata luks back and sees Ayesha asleep
Sujata: hi this chori went to sleep nw wen will she wake up and wen will the family members play with her
Ragini: chachi she will wake up soon it’s just That she’s a bit tired
Aarav: but choti dadi I’m Awake na
Sujata: ha stay awake dnt go to sleep like ur sister
Laksh: chachi Ayesha is probably tired and if she doesn’t sleep she will not play with anyone infact she will stay annoyed and start luking for excuses and use them to cry
Ragini gets impressed by lakshs knowledge
They reach mm
Laksh picks up Ayesha in his arms her head rests on his shoulder
Aarav comes out and holds ragini’s hand sujata also comes out
They enter mm
Ap sees them and gets happy the rest of the family too get happy
Laksh places Ayesha on the sofa
Pari: aare devar ji she has already slept
Ragini enters holding Aaravs hand she luks nervous
Ap turns around and sees ragini and hugs her
Ragini: maa
Ap: I was yearning to hear that from u
They break the hug
Aarav: dadi!!!!!!!!
Aarav hugs ap and she hugs him back
Aarav meets all the family members

They all sit down Parth comes down their
Laksh goes to parth
Laksh: u always wanted a sibling luk I’ve got 2 for u r u gonna play with them
Parth: yes of course and thank u chachu
Parth goes upto aarav
Parth: hi I’m parth do u wanna be friends
Aarav: hi I’m aarav and sure
….half an hour later…..
All r sitting down on the sofa waiting for Ayesha to wake up dp is reading the newspaper whilst rp has fallen asleep aarav is in swara’s lap playing with both swasan and laksh is on his phone ragini is sitting down talking to ap and pari adarsh is also playing with aarav

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and yes Toooooo BORING

From ur one and only angel

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