Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:6


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:6

After the Singhanias leave all luk at the mess on the floor

Dp: nw laksh will clean this mess

Laksh gets shocked
Laksh then thinks of an idea

Laksh: chachi who created a scene in the party

Sujata thinks then answers”bhaisa”

Laksh: who made an issue out of the juice

Sujata: of course everyone nws bhaisa created a scene who else

Dp glares at sujata

Laksh: chachi tell me one last thing who and think carefully about this question who started beef with the guest

Sujata: chora I dnt need to think about this question everyone saw it was bhaisa

Laksh: so how many times was bhaisa mentioned in the answers 3 times right.

Sujata: oh I knw nw I understand wait wait this means that bhaisa will hav to clean this mess

Laksh smirks
Laksh: exactly chachi u r soo intelligent if only ur bhaisa had the same intelligence

Dp glares at laksh

Ap: laksh chup raho he’s ur dad

Laksh: that’s the only regret ma did u not hav any other options that u chose him

Dp: laksh

Laksh: excuse me I knw my name u dnt need to repeat it for me

Laksh heads upstairs whilst dp nods his head In disagreement

The kids run to ragini and tell her everything about the party an ther new friend

Ragini: wow wat was ur new friends name

Aarav: his name was la

Aarav gets interupted by Amruta

Amruta: aarav Ayesha it’s quite late so come let’s go to sleep and today u will be sleeping with nani and nanu ur mama needs rest so let her sleep

Aarav and Ayesha go to raj and Amrutas room

Amruta: ragini

Ragini: yes mom

Amruta: beta I forgt to tell u that ur dad and kunal r inviting their new business partners for dinner tommorow

Ragini: ok mom

Amruta: gud ni8 ragini

Ragini: gud ni8 mom and the kids r u sure u knw how they r

Amruta: hmm m sure dw and u get better soon
Amruta leaves

Laksh is with parth and so is sanskaar
Laksh:I got a msg from kunal
Sanskaar:wat did he say
Laksh: he has invited us for dinner
Sanskaar: ok so me u and swara wi go
Laksh: even I was thinking the same

Dp hears their convo

Dps pov
Here I am covering my face after such a big insult an luk at this Nalayak who is roaming around and having dinner parties instead of laksh if I had a daughter then I wouldn’t hav been so embarrassed and so ashamed I dnt knw wat sins I hav done to get such a useless child
DPs pov ends

Swasan’s room
Swara is folding clothes and sanksaar hugs her from the back

Swara: sanskaar weren’t the kids cute

Sanskaar: yep very cute

Swara gets teary eyes

Swara: sanskaar I’m sorry

Sanskaar: stop blaming URSELF u never knw it might be me

Swara: no sanskaar

Sanskaar: why not ok fine let’s end this topic u always do this bring this topic

Swara: ok fine sorry

Sanskaar: we hav to go to sm for a dinner party

Swara: ok I’m happy we will be able to meet the kids

Sanskaar: same

Evening sm
Sanlak along with swara enter
They see tht the family is quite worried and kunal is pacing here and there with the phone on speaker

And a girl crying whose back is facing them

Amruta: calm down beta she will be here somewhere

The lady is crying vigorously

Laksh luks closely to see the lady
The lady turns her face and she is revealed to be ragini

Laksh gets double shocked

He drops the flowers on the floor swasan r also equally shocked

Ragini doesn’t see swasanlak

Ragini crying: kunal plz do smthing plz find my Ayesha my daughter

After hearing the word ‘daughter’ laksh feels like he’s gonna hav an heart attack cuz Ayesha the little girl who he met yesterday who he shared a great bonding is actually his daughter

Kunal: ragini dnt worry the police r trying their best to find her

Ragini shouts: no kunal they r not I dnt believe that thy r trying their best cuz If they were then they would hav found her by nw

Ragini sees aarav and goes upto him

Ragini:aarav plz tell me where ur sister is

Nw laksh will definetly get a heart attack he had twins

Ragini continues: aarav u and Ayesha r twins rite which means that u can feel each other’s presence plz aarav try and help us find ur sister plz

Ragini cries and Amruta consoles her and also cries

Swasan luk at laksh an he is angry as hell

Laksh shouts: RAGINI !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ragini turns around and gets shocked seeing laksh

Ragini: laksh

Kunal: mr maheshwari I’m sorry but we r gonna hav to cancel this dinner actually my niece Ayesha is missing

Laksh: ragini how could u be soo irresponsible u couldn’t even take care of one child

Kunal: mr maheshwari plz my sisters child is missing and u r busy in taunting her

Laksh:she’s also my daughter 2 infact aarav and Ayesha r both my kids they hav my blood

Kunal and the rest of the singhania family along with sharad r shocked

Kunal: ragini wat is he saying

Ragini doesn’t answer she luks at swara and weeps more

Kunal shouts: ragini I’m asking u smthing

Ragini stammers: y y yes he he’s right

Kunal goes and graps lakshs collar

Kunal: how dare u after ruining my sisters life u r here again to repeat the same thing

Sanskaar frees laksh from kunal

Swara is standing their numb

Then suddenly swara runs and hugs ragini

Swara: ragini where were u do u knw how much we missed u

Ragini sobs: swara my Ayesha I dnt knw where she is gone she is missing

Laksh walks upto ragini

Laksh: how dare u keep my children away from me and nw u hav lost my child

Ragini: no mr laksh maheshwari correction not ur children but my children

Laksh; after kidnapping my children u r arguing with me

Swara: guys instead of arguing u should think of a way to get Ayesha back

Just then they get a call on the landline

Ragini rushes to pick it up

Ragin: hello Ayesha

Laksh quickly puts it on speaker

Voice: hmm not Ayesha but u well wisher

Ragini: hello who is this and where is Ayesha

Voice: dw Ayesha is perfectly fine well I knw ur biggest secret

Ragini: wat secret do u knw

Voice: that both of these children r lakshs

Laksh: whoever u r if anything happens to my daughter then watch wat I do to u

Voice: calm down mr laksh maheshwari and nothing will happen to ur daughter only if u give me the tender

Laksh: oh I could hav guessed mr Mehta right

Mehta: yes laksh it’s me nw if u want ur daughter back then give me the tender

Laksh thinks then agrees

Laksh: wen r u gonna give me my daughter back

Mehta: as soon as u give me the

Laksh: I’ll give u the tender nw just give me back my daughter

Sanskaar: laksh calm down

Mehta: ur wish has been fulfilled

Just then thy hear a knock at the door
Ragini rushes to open in it and gets shocked to see a scared Ayesha

Ragini: Ayesha

Laksh sees Ayesha and hugs her

Ayesha gets happy seeing laksh

Ayesha : uncle

Aarav also runs and hugs Ayesha

Laksh luks at ragini and then the kids

Laksh: aarav Ayesha I hav to tell u both smthing

Ragini luks at laksh shocked

To be continued

Thank u for reading and silent readers if possible plz comment and I hav a gud news for u all I’m ending this ff in a couple of chapters meaning I’ll only go upto 10-15 that’s it till then u will hav to bear me


Credit to: Angel

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