Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:5


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:5

Mm party
Dp is talking to some guest the guest he is talking to try to control his laugh as hard as he can due to dp falling
Dp notices this and gets embarrassed

Dp: excuse me I hav to meet some other guest

After leaving the guest let’s out a laugh dp hears him and decides to Ignore him

Laksh and the kids luk at dp
And laksh let’s out an victorious smile

“Oh luk isn’t tht Durga prasad maheshwari the 1 who fell”

Dp hears everything and decides to ignore it

Sujata is busy eating whilst ap is worried

Sujata: jiji at least eat smthing

Ap: nahi Sujata after wat has happened to ji today nothing will go down my throat

Sujata in her head: as if bhaisa died but if he did then where would I get my entertainment from

Laksh and the kids go upto dp

Laksh: oh how u feeling after nearly losing ur
Before he says the next word he convers the kids ears

Dp glares at laksh
Laksh lets go of the kids ears

Laksh: anyways meet my new friends aarav and Ayesha

Dp just nods his head and walks off

The kids giggle

All r talking and dp is talking to raj and Amruta along with ap
Wen a cake arrives

Sanksaar: wats this cake for and who is it for

Laksh interupts”hav u all forgotten it’s adarsh bhai’s bday today”
All get shocked as to how they can forget
Pari gets upset aswell whereas adarsh consoles her and asks her not to worry

All come forward and Adarsh is standing next to dp and is about to cut the cake wen the cake explodes and the whole cake lands on DPs face and covers his face glasses and messes his clothes
All get shocked
The guest laksh and the kids giggle
And laksh couldn’t control after seeing dp and bursts out laughing followed by Aarav then parth(parish’so son) and then Ayesha
Dp glares at laksh an understands that this was all laksh plan

Ap comes forward “ji”

Dp: bas Annapurna not a word more I hav never been insulted soo much in my life as I hav been today in one night that’s all cuz of ur son

Dp goes upstairs and gets changed

Laksh and kunal talk

Kunal: I hope the kids r not bothering u

Laksh: no no not at all infact they r soo sweet I could even live the rest of my life with them happily
Kunal smiles

Kunal: hmm for that u will need my sisters permission cuz she cannot stay a minute away from her kids but dnt knw wat ragini must be doing and how she must be feeling I mean the kids r here and she is alone their

Laksh gets shocked listening to the name ragini

Laksh stammers “r r ra ragini”

Kunal: yes that’s my sisters name and she’s my cute little teddy bears mother

Laksh thinks: no it doesn’t mean that she is the same kidnapper ragini who kidnapped my child there r so many ppl with the same name

Dp comes back down

The waiter comes with juice and dp takes the glass and closers his eyes whilst drinking it and drinks a little bit but then stops cuz he realises smthing moving on his lip
Dp gets scared and drops the glass on the floor and the glass breaks

Dp gets shocked seeing cockroaches and ants in the juice
Dp screams
All turn around and r shocked to see the floor

Dp runs and hides behind ap

The guest start talking

Lady: luk wat they found in the juice say if it’s in our juice aswell

Lady 2: yes yes ur right

They drop the juice on the floor other ppl see them and do the same

Dp gets angry

Dp: wat the hell is this why r u ruining my khoon pasena

Laksh interupts: correction dad u mean dadajis khoon and pasena u just chilled and got all this I mean took over all this after his death

Dp: nahi even I contributed too and anyways y r they ruining my house my floor my furniture and my Carpet

Ap: ji calm down
Ap luks at DPs head and gets shocked

Ap: ji
Ap moves back
Dp gets confused

The lady walks upto dp
Lady: is this wat u call ur hospitality mr Durga prasad maheshwari
The lady then luks up at DPs head and then moves back

Dp thinks: why did she move back even Annapurna moved back aswell is everything ok

Dp then feels smthing on his head and screams

Laksh: dad

Dp: laksh do smthing there’s smthing on my head

Laksh smirks
Laksh: so finally dad u need my help

The guest r asked to leave by rp and adarsh and they all leave except Singhanias

Laksh luks at Ayesha and she nods

Laksh then decides to help dp but his way

Laksh:ok I’ll help u

Laksh gets a net and traps dp in it

Dp shouts: how is This gonna help

Laksh: chill dad dw just wait and watch

Laksh then gets an tennis racket and hits dp on the head with it


Laksh: dad dw the cockroach properly would hav died dad u should thank me I saved ur life

Dp touched his head

DPs pov
How dare that laksh how dare he hit me the last time I ever got hit was from my own babuji nd that was cuz I had 2 chocolate instead of 1
Dps pov ends

Laksh smirks

The Singhanias get ready to leave and so do the kids the kids run to parth and hug him
They then run to ap and hug her and then back to kunal
Laksh gets emotional wen he sees the kids leaving

Laksh: kunal

Kunal turns around

Kunal: yes mr maheshwari

Laksh: kunal plz dnt be formal just call me laksh

Kunal: sorry but I hav a grude against that name

Laksh: a grude but why

Kunal: sorry it’s a bit personal but u were saying

Laksh: yh I was wandering If u could leave the kids here for the night I promise I will take gud care of them

Kunal smiles
Kunal: I knw u will but if i leave them here then my sister will kill me

Raj: yes he’s right ragini can’t stay away from the kids and she sleeps with them aswell

The family get shocked hearing the name ragini

Amruta: hmm even the kids r no less they can’t sleep without ragini either do u remember raj wen ragini was in hospital and both of these naughty monkeys were with us they didn’t sleep till late night all they were asking for is their mamma

Amruta smiles

Ayesha: sorry uncle I can’t sleep without mamma
Aarav: yes uncle we r very sorry even I can’t sleep without mamma but dw we will come during the day ok

Dp has an ice pack on his head and stands their angrily

Laksh smiles and says ok

To be continued

Thank u for reading and silent readers if possible plz comment and I hav a gud news for u all I’m ending this ff in a couple of chapters meaning I’ll only go upto 10-15 that’s it


Credit to: Angel

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  1. nice plzz face between lakshya and ragini with kids plzz update regularly next part soon don’t take too much time

    1. Thanx nikky I’ll try uploading regularly and about the face off ur gonna hav to keep reading and wait for that momment

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  2. its so nice. its a lot of fun. thanks.

    1. Thanx masthi yep lots of fun wait for more fun ahead in the next episodes

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  3. Megha123

    Aww…My cute.? lil teddy’s r really sweet loved their bonding with ragu as well as laksh

    1. Thanx megha123 yep the teddy bears r cute and hopefully u will see raglaks bonding with their kids together

      Till then
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  4. Akshata

    awesome updates, laksh is still the same, didnt realised his mistake and thinks ragini kidnapped her own children. but raglak’s children are so cute and episode is funny.

    1. Thanx akshata the children r cute cuz they r raglaks children lol but yh laksh still hasn’t changed for him to change ur gonna hav to keep reading

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  5. Very nice but laksh is too much..

    1. Thanx rasha laksh is toooo much
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    1. Thanx

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  6. Varsha

    it was really supr dear, wnt raglakaaravayesha together soon

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  12. Ruhani

    Laksh’s pranks on dp were so funny.. N the kids they are so sweet and cute

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