Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:4


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:4

Singhanias mansion
Ragini’s room
Ragini sees the shadow and gets afraid the shadow is then revealed to be sharad
Sharad smiles at ragini whilst she just gives sharad an I will kill u luk
Sharad luks at ragini questionally ” why r u giving me that luk”
Ragini is about to shout wen se sees the kids sleeping so she keeps her tone low “ur asking me why im giving u that luk wat do u Call this comming to someone’s house someone’s bedroom at this time” sharad let’s out a little laugh” I call this adventure sneaking out of ur house at night and sneaking into someone else’s house is some kind of adventure and is a very intestine one I think u should try it aswell”
Ragini gives him a disgusted luk
Just then the kids wake up and get happy seeing sharad

“Yay uncle” Ayesha says in excitement
Ragini gives an angry luk to sharad
Sharad: woah kids calm down

Ragini gives an annoyed luk to sharad

Meanwhile the whole of Singhania family arrive and see sharad their and get surprised

Kunal: sharad ur here at this time wat a surprise

Sharad: well yes actually I was missing the kids so I thought I should come and see them

Kunal: at this time

Ragini interupts

Ragini: yes at this time kunal plz tell him

Raj and Amruta both smile

They both leave along with kunal

Sharad after meeting the kids an putting them back to sleep goes ragini breathes a sigh of relief

Morning mm
Everyone is doing preperations
Laksh comes down and sees the preperations

Laksh: hmmm move those flowers that side

Sanskaar also comes and stands next to laksh

Sanskaar: lucky this party is very important for us
(The preperations r for a Party that’s gonna be held in mm in the evening)

Laksh: yes bhai the singhanias should also knw that they r doing business with the maheshwaris

Singhania mansion
Kunal is getting ready for the party in mm
Ragini comes inside his room

Ragini: kunal

Kunal: ragini wat happened how cums ur not ready

Ragini: I won’t be able to come with u

Kunal: why ragini u do knw tht we r doing business with them

Ragini: yes bhai I knw but I’m not feeling well

Kunal holds ragini’s shoulders

Kunal: ok if ur not well then it’s ok but we r taking our teddy bears

Ragini: we meaning who else is going

Kunal: me mom dad teddy bears and sharad

Ragini: but they will annoy u guys there and be naughty especially aarav

Kunal: Idc all I knw is that I’m taking them do I not hav any right on them

Ragini. Of course u do kunal and plz never ever say that again u r my brother and yes u can take ur teddy bears

Mm evening
All the guest r enjoying the party and dp is comming down the stairs with a lot of pride and his head held high and so is laksh but he is walking with style
Laksh comes up with an idea and whilst walking he drips dp up
Dp falls and comes rolling down from the stairs to the floor
Some of the guest start laughing and so does laksh
Rp and sanskaar rush to help dp
Dp gets embarrassed and feels a rip on his clothes and feels if he gets up then his dignity will be lost
To save any further embarrassment dp faints
All rush to his aid including sujata and ap swara pari and adarsh
Laksh just stands their and watches the whole entire scene

Sujata: ji luk carefully and check bhaisas pulse has bhaisa died
Ap gets shocked

Ap: sujata

Rp: Sujata chup kar

Sujata: na na jiji I was just saying that if bhaisa has died then let’s call all of the relatives and quickly send bhaisa up

Laksh interupts

Laksh: chachi for that ur gonna hav to wait cuz he has some fat skin that won’t let him go soo easily

Dp Is listening to the conversation cuz he hasn’t fainted but he just acting
Rp and sanskaar take dp to his room and they leave
Dp quickly gets up and remembers his insult and then quickly get changed and comes out if his room

Meanwhile the singhanias arrive
Kunal comes and greets laksh and and so does sharad
Laksh sees the kids

Laksh: whose children r they

Kunal smiles and says”my sisters”

Laksh: they r soo cute

Swara sees the kids and gets emotional
Sujata comes near her

Sujata: dnt try to jinx those kids like u jinxed my chora’s happiness

Swara gets upset but sanskaar comes to we rescue

Sanskaar: mom if u say anything like that again then I will leave the house with swara

Sujata: sanskaar

Swara: enough mom come swara lete go
Sanksaar drags swara

Laksh introduces himself to the kids

Laksh: hi I’m laksh and u guys r

Aarav: hi I’m aarav and this Is my twin sister Ayesha

Laksh: wow twins that soo cool anyways Ayesha u r soo cute and aarav u luk like a prank master like me so u guys wanna be friends
He forwards his hand
Aarav and Ayesha luk at each other and then nod

Aarav: uncle even u like doing pranks too

Laksh: of course and I do most of them on my dad

Aarav: why

Laksh: becuz he always annoys me

Ayesha: but it’s not gud to trouble others

Laksh and aarav: uff stop it
Both realise and Laugh and give each other high five
Dp is walking down the stairs but this time much carefully and slowly
Laksh sees dp and signals the kids
The kids then understand

Aarav: dw uncle we will teach him a gud lesson but on one condition

Laksh: wats the condition

Aarav: u can’t tell our mamma

Laksh: is tht it ok fine I won’t but where is ur mamma

Ayesha: she’s not feeling well so she’s at home and aarav let’s not trouble uncles dad it’s not nice

Aarav: Ayesha

Laksh: aww my cute baby dw even he annoys me too it’s some sort of revenge plz baby for me plz

Ayesha luks at laksh
Lakhs makes an innocent face

Laksh: plz princess

Ayesha gets happy
Ayesha: wow princess m I ur princess

Laksh smiles
Laksh: of course ur my beautiful princess

Aarav sulks

Aarav: then wat m I

Laksh: m let me think uhh u can be my handsome prince
Ap smiles seeing lakshs and the kids binding
Laksh: so mission destroy hitler meaning my dad
Aarav: yes
And they both join their hands together whilst Ayesha just hugs laksh

To be continued
Wat will laksh and Aarav do to dp
Will DPs life be in danger
Wat will happen wen laksh finds out that they r his kids
Will laksh except the kids along with ragini or not
To knw more keep reading hale dil tuhjko Sunata

Thank u for reading and silent readers if possible plz comment and I hav a gud news for u all I’m ending this ff in a couple of chapters meaning I’ll only go upto 10-15 that’s it


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