Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:14 surprise!!!!


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:15 surprise

Hi guys this is angel back here to bore u with my ff

And yh there is a shock waiting for u ahead hope it is a nice shock

Ap is in her room and cries

“Maa” ragini says and rushes in
Swara also follows ragini

Both swaragini console ap

“I trust ji completely I knw he can never deceive me” ap says whilst sobbing

” badi maa we all knw bade papa loves u a lot” swara says

Ap nods


Dp is hell angry and laksh smirks

DPs pov
How is this possible how can that badtameez girl call me an talk to me like that chi chi wait this might be laksh plan to seperate me and Annapurna and then take her away from me but dnt worry laksh I won’t let tht happen if ur my son then im ur dad
DPs pov ends

Ap comes out
Dp walks upto ap and apologises to her

“Nahi ji u dnt need to apologise” ap says

Laksh gets shocked an rolls his eyes

Later in the evening

Laksh is in the balcony upstairs thinking about his plan and how it backfired wen all of a sudden Ayesha calls him and he turns back and walks ahead however due to the water on the floor laksh slips and falls over the balcony
And catches the railings but is hanging down

“Ahhhhh help help” laksh shouts for help.

“Papa!” Ayesha worriedly says as she runs there.

“Ayesha! Call for help!” A frightened Laksh says and gulps after glancing down.

DP walks past but stops as he hears Ayesha cry.

“Ayesha?” DP asks and walks there.

Laksh decides to be quiet as he thinks DP is going to use this against him and insult him.

“Papa…” Ayesha says and points at the balcony.

“What happened?” DP asks and walks forward.

He sees Lakshya dangling down and looks on.

“Laksh?” DP says.

“Why are you standing there? Help me! Or did you just come to watch? There isn’t any Drama going on. It’s about my life.” Laksh says and his voice changed at the last line due to his nervousness.

“If it was to me then I wouldn’t even bother helping you but it’s because if Ayesha.” DP says.

Laksh rolls his eyes while DP forwards his hand.

“Kya?” Laksh asks.

“Don’t tell me you’re helping… Arey, you’ll kill me along with you. Go get some help.” Laksh worriedly tells.

“Either give me your hand or die, muhje kya?!” DP says and takes his hand back.

“Nahi nahi!” Laksh shouts as DP looks at him.

DP forwards his hand again and Laksh places his hand on top of DPs. DP pulls Laksh with all his strength but instead Laksh ends up pulling DP down. DP flips over in slow motion with a shocked expression. Laksh also gives a shocked expression. Ayesha runs forward and sees DP flip and fall in slow motion. Laksh let’s go of his hand and DP grabs Lakshs leg.

“Aahhh!” Laksh screams louder.

“Oh…ahh.!” DP says sounding frightened.

Aarav and Parth are walking down near the swimming pool.

“Parth, I would’ve been swimming here only if I knew how to.” Aarav says and pouts.

“Even u dnt know how to swim?” Parth asks.

“What do u mean by even you?” Aarav asks.

“I don’t know how to either.” Parth says.

Just then Aarav and Parth hear sounds and shouting. They look up and are stunned to see Laksh and DP dangling.

DP is sweating and breathing heavily.

“Nahi nahi! Why don’t you act Mahan here as well!” Laksh says irritatedly yet worriedly.

“Mamma!” Aarav shouts.

Ragini and Swara come outside.

“What happened?” Ragini asks.

Parth points at DP and Laksh.
Swara and Ragini look up and are shocked.

DP looks down and sees the swimming pool underneath. He’s getting bad visions and thought. DP seems like he’s about to faint.

” Ragini, the cake is ready.” Sujata says while coming out.

“Choti Dadi!” Aarav says and points up.

“What?” Sujata says and looks up.

Sujata gasps loudly and brings her hands to cover her lips.

“Yaha ke hua?! Bhaisa! Jiji! Ji, look! Bhaisa.” Sujata screams loudly with a little bit if Drama.

Rp, Dadi, Shekhar, Sumi, Dadaji, AP, Parineeta and Adarsh come out.

“Hay! Bhaisa has a few minuets to live!” Sujata shouts.

“Sujata!” RP shouts.

“Why are you shouting at me Ji? Look!” Sujata says and points.

All look up and gasp.

“I haven’t even fell and she’s planning for my death?!” DP thinks angrily.

Sanskaar reaches there and moves Ayesha out of the way.

“Give me your hand.” Sanskaar says and forwards his hand.

Laksh holds his hand and Sanskaar pulls Laksh up but it seems to work less.

“You can’t pull me because Papa is holding my leg! That’s why I say eat less!” Laksh irritatedly says.

Sanskaar and DP look on as Laksh said Papa. DP was about to slip but he holds Lakshs leg tightly which makes Laksh pull Sanskaar down. Laksh let’s go.

The trio fall in slow motion and shout while falling down. All worriedly look on. The trio splash inside the water.

Laksh and Sanskaar stand as they fell in a shallow end.

“Nahi! Help!” DP shouts while trying to swim.

Sanskaar and Laksh look at him.

“All you need to do is stand.” Laksh says.

DP then faints, Sanskaar and Laksh worry and take him out if the water.

After a while, DP slowly opens his eyes and finds himself on a wood covered in a white cloth. He sees the fire approaching him and realises that they’re about to do his antim Sanskar and shockingly sits up.

“What are you all doing?!” DP angrily shouts.

All are surprised seeing DP sit up, Laksh couldn’t control and hugs DP. Ayesha, Aarav and Parth smile seeing DP sit up. The family get happy to find out that DP survived.

“Papa… Who does this type of joke?!” Laksh says and wipes his tears after breaking the hug.

“What joke?!” DP angrily and in an annoyed tone says.

“Bhaisa……ur alive this is no less than a miracle” sujata says with her drama

“Wen did I even die” dp angrily says and gets up

“Bhaisa……even in a joke dnt ever do that” rp says an hugs dp

” will anyone tell me wats happening” dp says being frustrated

Ap just stares at dp with love

“Bade papa I’ll tell u” sanskaar says and walks upto dp

After taking dp out of the water laksh presses hardly on DPs chest

“Laksh wat r u doing say if bade papa dies like that” sanskaar says and moves lakshs hands back

“Bhai it was papa who wanted to die who told him to hang to my legs…. He came to save me but he himself asked for my help” laksh says

Everyone r amused and happy as laksh called dp papa

“Laksh beta plz dp smthing make ur papa come to his conscious” ap cries

Ragini consoles ap

Laksh is happy to hear the word beta from ap’s mouth

“Maa did u forgive me” laksh asks ap in a pleading way

Ragini puts her hand on ap’s shoulder

“U r my son and will always remain my son how can a mother be angry at her son for long” ap says with tears in her eyes

” maa” laksh says and rushes and hugs ap

“Aare jiji wat about bhaisa” sujata shouts

Ap and laksh break their hug

And they notice dp still unconscious

“Wait wen laksh is here then hav no fear” laksh says proudly

The children clap

“Swara u Can at least take the kids upstairs” sujata says to swara tauntingly

Swara gets upset but manages to take the kids upstairs along with pari

Laksh checks DPs vains and luks up shocked

Sanskaar and all luk at laksh worryingly

“Wat happened laksh” ap asks and cries

“Lucky at least say smthing” sanskaar says an shakes laksh

“Pa…papa is no more” laksh says being shocked

All get shocked

“Ke” sujata says and gasps
All cry

FB ends
Dp luks on shocked

“Anyways let’s forget all this….although papa u made me cry a lot….u wasted so many tears of mine…. I could hav used them wen u actually” laksh says

“Laksh” everyone say

” guys I’m just joking and I’m sorry papa for everything” laksh says and scratches his eyebrow

Dp luks on and then melts

“Auhhh but I liked chachu and dadus knock jhok” path says

“Same here” aarav adds

“Dnt worry guys me and papa wil continue with our knock jhok” laksh says and winks at the kids

All laugh and nod in disagreement and dp smiles a bit

………….one year later……….
Raglak room
Laksh is sleeping wen he hears some sounds and wakes up
Just then ap enters his room

“Luks like my prince Ayaan has woken up” ap says happily

(Ayaan is raglaks son who is just 2 months old)

“Yes he woke up but woke me up aswell” laksh says and huffs and Luks at Ayaan who is next to him on the bed

“Laksh quickly get ready and come downstairs u need to go office early today ur papa was telling me that u hav a very important meeting” ap says and takes Ayaan

“Let’s go Ayaan hmmm let’s play with ur other dadi and ur 2 dadus who were waiting eagerly for u to wake up so that they can play with u” ap says to Ayaan while he smiles at her
Laksh also smiles and ap leaves the room with Ayaan in her hands

Laksh gets up and gets ready and goes downstairs where Ayesha aarav and parth are eating breakfasts and ragini is walking around

“Maa did u find it” ragini says whilst moving the pillows

“No ragini” ap replies back

“Ragini wat r u luking for” laksh asks whilst he sits

“Laksh hav u seen Ayaans dummy he’s crying” ragini says

Laksh nods no

Swara comes down and her face is glowing sanskaar also comes down

“Ragini here Ayaans dummy it was in my room” swara says

“Thanks swara if U dnt find it then he wouldn’t stop crying” ragini says and leaves

“Well I need to tell everyone smthing” swara says shyly

Ragini also comes back with Ayaan and the whole family is present their

Sujata comes down aswell

“Ab kya kehna hai” sujata says being frustrated

“Mom the one thing that u hav been waiting for and been taunting me since ages Is gonna cum” swara says and wipes her tears

“Wat is gonna cum and who is gonna cum swara” sujata asks

“Mom ur grandchild swara is expecting” sanskaar says in excitement

All the family get happy

Sujata hugs swara and swara gets happy

Ragini hugs swara and laksh hugs sanskaar

……….one year later……..

Swasan r blessed with twins 1 boy and 1 girl

Swara is holding one baby whilst sumi is holding the other baby

“Lucky tell me one thing” sanskaar asks laksh

“Yh bhai say” laksh replies

“Wats up with our genes I mean we both were blessed with twins first” sanskaar says excitedly

“Exactly bhai we made history we are the first maheshwaris to give this maheshwari family twin heirs” laksh say

“Huh dnt get too happy” dp says

“Papa plz dnt try to compete with us” laksh says to dp

Dp fumes

“Wow mamma the babies r too cute” Ayesha says

Ragini nods and smiles

She luks around and sees Ayaan

Ayaan crawls under the table and ragini pulls him out and carries him

“Naughty Ayaan u always crawl to different places and make mamma run after u” ragini says and kisses Ayaans cheek

Laksh takes Ayaan from ragini and carries him and gives a peck on his cheek

“Papa that not fair u love Ayaan more than us nw” aarav says and sulks
Ragini caresses his hair
“Of course not I love u three equally Infact I love u and Ayesha more cuz I missed ur childhood.. But dnt tell Ayaan that I love u guys more than him” laksh says and Smiles

” aare bacho quickly come here let’s take a el ki kehte hai wo the one were we can see ourself and take a pic” sujata says

“It’s called selfie choti dadi” aarav says

Aarav and the kids giggle
Sujata makes a face

“Ha ha vahi….. But dnt worry wen my grandson will grow up he will teach me everything” Sujata says

Sujata walks upto to swara and folds her hand

“Plz forgive me swara I hav said very bad things to u and done a lot of things” sujata says and cries

“No mom plz if u regard me as ur daughter then u won’t apologise to me and I hav forgiven u anyways” swara says

“Ab bus kar sujata cuz if u shed a single tear more then the whole house will get flooded” rp says

Everyone start laughing

And they sit down and take a selfie

“Hale dil tuhjko Sunata dil agar ye bol bata ba khuda tuhjko hi chata” laksh whispers to ragini

Whilst ragini smiles and blushes

The end

This was my surprise for u all ending my ff is a biggest freedom for u all ??

There finally finished this ff so here I go thank u sooo much for ur immense love and support I knw it’s a shock but I’m sure u guys r more happy than being shocked ??lol u probably thinking finally she ended it I mean it was boring right
So I had to end it so many ppl lost Interest and it was soo boring and it lost it’s charm
So plz comment and this time positive and negative so that if I write another ff then I can use ur comments to improve cuz no offence I need a lot of improvement ??

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  1. no it was not at all boring it was amazing come back again with a new ff

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx j. I am thinking to write another ff but we will see

  2. But i loved this ff and will surely missed it too . Anyways amazing ending.

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ashnoor and that means a lot that u will miss my ff

  3. Sreevijayan

    Did u end it? GOD..will miss this ff dear..

    Such a sweet ending…loved it…….

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx sree and yh ended the ff it was boring and everyone lost interest in it

  4. haha laksh and dp nok jhok loved it

    1. _Angel_

      Thanks Lisa

  5. Happy ending and loved it dear

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ammu

  6. Ragz_teju

    awesome.. I always loved it dear…

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ragz_teju this means a lot

  7. Shana98

    Awesome ?? loved it so much can’t wait for you to do another ff

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Shana and I’m not quite sure yet with another ff but we’ll see

  8. superb comeback with another ff

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx j and I’ll try to do another ff

  9. Mica

    waa.. ending.. hmm.. i just read the last part.. that too happy ending..:)
    keep writing Angel..ty

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx mica and I’ll try to keep writing but keep supporting

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    1. _Angel_

      Thanx hemalattha

  11. A.xx

    can’t believe it ended update soon.xx

    1. A.xx

      *with an new ff

      1. _Angel_

        Thanx A.xx and I hav thought of a new ff and wrote an intro but if u guys keep supporting then I will continue with it

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