Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:13


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata: 13

Hi guys angel here sorry for keeping u waiting actually my cousin recently got married and I was busy with that hope u guys didn’t miss me too much (lol I doubt if u actually missed me or Not)
So here’s the next chapter so enjoy

Aarav and parth r dissapointed that the family is deciding to go back home

“Well I think since we hav come this far then we should carry on” laksh says

“I agree with u laksh” dadi says

“But I dnt” ap says

Dp smirks

“Ha now that laksh will realise that he has no importance neither does his decisions nw watch laksh” dp thinks

“Hmm I think we should go back home even I’m tired aswell” dp adds

“Then u Can walk back home anyways it will help u loose that Weight of urs and the belly sticking out will go in” laksh says and smirks

The kids giggle and sujata tries to control her laugh but ends up bursting Into laughter
Rp nudges her

“Na na bhaisa is not fat at all infact he is the most skinniest person here” rp says

While laksh and the kids along with sujata burst out laughing
Dp gets angry

DPs pov
How dare that laksh insult me infront of everyone and infront of the small kids wat will they think about me I’m not fat it’s just he’s blind he can’t see or he’s either jealous that even in This age I hav maintained so much
DPs pov ends
Dp smiles to himself thinking about lakshs jealousy

“Dadi plz can we go on this picnic” Ayesha asks

Ap thinks

“Teek hai let’s go” ap says

Laksh winks at dp and smirks
Dp gets more angry

They all get back in the coach and reach a beautiful resort
They all go to the reception area and ask for their room keys

“So me ragini and the kids sanskaar an swara chachu and chachi adarsh bhaiyaa and pari bhabhi with parth mr maheshwari and mom and sumi ma and papa dadi and dada” laksh says

All nod

Raglak room
Laksh r ragini r alone in the room cuz aarav and Ayesha r with swara

“Btw this dress suits u and it’s my fav colour” laksh says

“Oh no then let me quickly go and change it” ragini says

“Wat the y” laksh says

“Becuz to understand u need a brain”ragini says pointing to her head

“How will I hav a brain wen it is all spent on u” laksh says and sits on the bed being frustrated

Aarav and Ayesha come

“Dad wat happened” aarav says

“Nothing dw” laksh says

They go downstairs to the hall and sit

Laksh is sitting far from others wen a Girl comes to him

“Hey handsome” the girl says

“Hey beautiful” laksh replies back and gets happy

“Can I hav ur number” the girl asks

“Yh sure btw it’s laksh maheshwari here” laksh says

“Oh yh an I’m Tia” Tia says

“Ur number” Tia adds

“Yh so it’s 07…………..” Laksh says the rest and smirks

“Ok I’ll call u in ten minitues” Tia says and winks at laksh

” nw this is gonna be fun” laksh says

Laksh also joins dp and the rest of the fam

……..10 minitues later………

A phone starts ringing and the ringtone is a religious song the phone is revealed to be DPs

Dp answers the Phone

“Hello” dp says firmly

“Hi baby” Tia says

Dp gets shocked and his hands start trembling

“Bhaisa who is it” rp says

“Bhaisa put it on loudspeaker” sujata

“Does he even knw how to” laksh says
Dp glares at laksh
Laksh snatches the phone off dp and puts it on LS

“Umm who is this” dp says being scared

“Oh come on mr maheshwari u forgot me already but not so fast just a couple a minitues ago we met and u said to call u” Tia says

Laksh smirks

“Wen did I say that stop lying I dnt even knw u” dp says

“Oh wow u forgot me already but I won’t let u forget me bye I hav to go I’ll ttyl” Tia says and hangs up

“Bhaisa chi wat is this” sujata says

“Unbelievable I can’t believe a Sarah huwa gulab jaman can get a rasguallah” laksh says

Dp glares at laksh

“I mean wat did she see in u that she didn’t see in me” laksh adds
Ragini glares at laksh

“Bhaisa app toh” rp says but gets interupted

“Bas I hav had enough” dp says

“Wat the hell u hav had enough of wat we r all telling the truth and mr maheshwari did u assume Bajiroa mastaani to be ur inspirition or Bajiroa to be ur role model that u r following him” laksh says

“Trust I’m sure ur inspired by tht film but mr maheshwari Bajiroa was more handsome then u that’s y we all understand his mastaani but u who’s ur mastaani” laksh adds

“Laksh y is ur needle stuck on Bajiroa mastaani” rp says

“Forget it chachu” laksh says

Ap goes to her room wiping her tears

Laksh feels sad for ap

Swara and ragini Folllow ap

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING
An how did u like this shock….sorry guys I knw u wanted positive but I will give u that but a bit later that will take some time hope u understand

From ur one and only angel

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