Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:12


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata: 12

On the way to the picnic spot mf and gf stop on the way to hav a break they stop at a dhaba

“Maa Ayesha is sleeping so shall we leave her here or take her” ragini says

“I think we should leave her she is sleeping and she might get disturbed” ap says

“Ha ragini dw even I’m staying in the coach aswell actually I dnt feel well so I want to stay here” swara says

“Ok come on aarav let’s go” ragini says and heads out with aarav and the rest of the fam also head out leaving swara and Ayesha in the coach

The family all sit and enjoy whilst talking to each other

“Mamma Can we go to the park near this dhaba” aarav says

“No baby luk we hav to go soon” ragini says

“Plz chachi we want to play” parth says cutely

“But u can play there also right just wait for some more time then u will be able to play” laksh says

Aarav sulks and laksh takes him in his embrace
And ragini smiles at them

Meanwhile in the coach

Swara has headphones and she is listening to music and Ayesha is still sleeping

Suddenly the engine of the coach bursts(sorry guys not a mechanic so dnt knw much) and the coach catches fire the bottom of the coach catches fire first swara is unaware of all this

On the other side sanskaar is feeling restless and so is ragini

Sanksaar decides to call swara but she doesn’t answer sanskaar gets more worried

“Sanskaar can u call swara plz I need to check on Ayesha” ragini says

“Ha ragini I just called she didn’t answer” sanskaar says being worried

“Sanskaar I think we should go and check” ragini says
Sanskaar nods and they both leave

Ragsan reach to the coach and r shocked to see the coach on fire and swara and Ayesha in it
Sanskaar tries calling out to swara but she doesn’t hear him

Ragini screams and the whole of maheshwari and Gadodia family hear and they rush

Laksh gets shocked and so does the rest of the family to see the coach burning

Sanlak tap the window and try opening the door but the door is jammed so thy can’t open it

Swara smells smthing burning and gets up and is shocked to see whole family outside crying and the coach on fire Ayesha also wakes up

“Badi ma wat happened where is mamma and everyone” Ayesha says whilst rubbing her eyes

“Ayesha” swara says tensely

Swara runs and hugs Ayesha

Ragini breaks down on the floor crying

“Ayesha smone plz save Ayesha” ragini says being devastated

Shekhar rushes to ragini and consoles her

“Ragini u hav to be strong if u fall weak like this then how will u console aarav who is quite frightened” Shekhar says an hugs ragini

Aarav is with sumi and she hugs him an caresses his hair

Sanlak along with adarsh go and get buckets of water and splash them on the coach but only some of the fire extinguishes not all
Raglak r tensed and shocked

“Swara we r gonna break this glass window with this u give us Ayesha first and then we will help u come out Ok” laksh says

Swara nods being scared and hugs Ayesha who is also scared and is crying

“Mamma plz mamma help I want to go to u plz mamma” Ayesha says and cries

Ragini hears Ayesha and gets up and goes to the window

“Ayesha nothing will happen to u dw u trust mamma and papa na so dnt worry we won’t let anything happen to u” ragini says whilst Ayesha cries

“Ji do smthing” ap says and cries on DPs shoulder

“Wat shall I do Annapurna let ur beloved son do wat he wants Anways he won’t take my help” dp says arrogantly

Sanlak break the window swara lifts Ayesha and give her to Sanlak through the window
“Careful” all the family members scream

Laksh manages to hold Ayesha and gets her out of the coach

Ragini rushes to Ayesha and takes her from laksh

“My baby Ayesha” ragini says and cries

“Swara nw u also give ur Hand we will help u come out” laksh says
Swara takes her hand out and sanskaar grabs her and takes her out of the coach

All get a sigh of relief

Ayesha is in ragini lap and ragini carresses her hair aarav too walks up there and hugs Ayesha the family members r surrounding them and get happy seeing their bond
Aarav wipes Ayesha tears and says

“Dw Ayesha nothing will happen to u mamma papa r there na so stop worrying” aarav Says

“Swara r u ok r u hurt anywere” pari asks

“No bhabhi I’m fine” swara says
Sanskaar hugs swara

“Na jiji this Picnic has already caused so much disaster I think we should cancel this” sujata says

“Ha sujata u r right I think we should let’s go back home” ap says

Aarav and parth get disappointed and sad

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING
An how did u like this shock….sorry guys I knw u wanted positive but I will give u that but a bit later that will take some time hope u understand

And should they go on a picnic or not or should they go back home

From ur one and only angel

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