Hale dil tuhjko Sunata (raglak) intro

Hale dil tuhjko Sunata (raglak) intro

Hi guys I wanted to write this ff since a long time but I didn’t get a chance to so nw since I hav a chance I hope u enjoy the ff and plz do comment whether u like it or not this is just an introduction I might not continue if I dnt get enough comments so plz comment and enjoy

Character sketch
Laksh maheshwari- business tycoon and father of aarav and Ayesha is cool handsome and dashing
Ragini Gadodia- mother of aarav and Ayesha lives with aarav and Ayesha away from laksh and with another family
Aarav maheshwari/Gadodia- is 5yrs old and is naughty mischievous and cute loves his twin sister Ayesha a lot and his mother
Ayesha maheshwari/Gadodia- is 5yrs old and is cute mischievous and quite loves her twin brother a lot and her mother
Amruta singhania- a very lovely lady mother of kunal and treats ragini like her daughter loves Ayesha and aarav a lot
Raj singhania- father of kunal husband of Amruta treats ragini as his daughter also loves aarav and Ayesha to the core
Kunal singhania- business tycoon and son of Amruta and raj treats ragini as his sister and loves aarav and Ayesha and can do anything for them hates laksh for what he did to ragini
The rest of the ppl r the same like all the maheshwari family and in my ff swasan r married Gadodia family is present also and ragini is jankis daughter in this ff not sumi and like the show sumi is just her step mom but she always regards her as a mom for nw there r no negative characters will introduce any if needed

I want to start this from wen raglak consummated the first time but after the consummation laksh is talking to his friends and reveals his whole plan about his revenge for ragini but didn’t tell his friends about his feelings for ragini and ragini on the other hand happens to hear lakshs confession made to his friends and decides to leave him

So this is it I hope u like it if u want me to continue it then plz drop it in the comment box and plz share ur thoughts and opinions about it aswell and what else u would like to see
Thank u ?
From ur one and only angel ?

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  1. Sound good
    I hope you continue
    Good luck

  2. Yashasvi

    hey angel sounds really interesting…………….
    do cont. my best wishes r with u sissie………….
    luv u………………..

  3. nice continue waiting for story plzz update soon

  4. Good update 1st episode fastly

  5. Nice intro dr cntnu

  6. I already read it some where!! Indian forums I think , interesting concept

  7. Dafsi

    Even I felt reading the same thingy or something similar not to encourage you but just I told it anyways it sounds interesting keep going all the best 🙂 🙂

  8. Bang on continue. …..ma best wishes r with u dea

  9. Nice intro… continue it

  10. Superb dr.. Plz do continue

  11. Interesting dear

  12. Superb dear and plzzzzzz continue

  13. Megha123

    Really awsm

  14. interesting plot dear! pls continue

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