Hale dil tuhjko Sunata (raglak) 3


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:3

Lakshs cabin
Laksh is swinging on the chair feeling restless and then stops the chair he then luks up and sees a pictures of dp on a dart board he then picks up the darts and throws it at DPs face it lands in the middle of DPs head
Laksh thinks to himself” u always taunt me but do u think that I’m not gonna do anything we’ll ur wrong after all I’m ur son and Ragini I will find u wherever ur hiding” laksh angrily throws another dart

Sujata is sitting down resting on he sofa wen swara comes” mom do u want me to give u a massage”
Sujata opens her eyes and luks at swara an smiles and also sarcastically adds” yes yes why not infact whist doing the massage why dnt u strangle me”
Swara gets shocked” mom wt r u saying” Sujata gets up” na ur not letting my son get married again well if u can’t give him that happiness at least let smone else” swara runs of crying to her room
Singhania mansion
Ragini comes back from office and sees that the kids r not home
Ragini wonders around luking for them” dad dad” raj comes out with his newspaper ” yes beta where u calling me”
Ragini worriedly ask raj” dad where r the kids” raj smiles” beta they r gone to the park with ur mom dw they will be back”
Ragini goes to freshen up

In the evening
Everyone In the Singhania mansion is doing dinner wen kunal and Aaravs masti starts
Aarav”mamma don’t u think monster should get married”
Amruta smiles whilst raj coughs
Kunal get angry seeing raj cough and questions him”wat happened dad did anything get stuck in ur throat” and eyes him
Ragini an all starts laughing luking at ragini laugh so openly kunal and raj smile

All r doing dinner wen sujata luks around and starts the convo” Bhaisa I dnt see laksh where is he jiji”
Dp glares at sujata and so does rp
” shut up sujata can u see him here”
Says rp angrily
Dp: I dnt wanna ruin my diner by remembering him
Just then a voice is heard from behind”not so soon mr maheshwari” dp luks at the person and chokes
The person is laksh
Laksh: oh no wat happened mr maheshwari r u dying
Dp glares at laksh
Ap: laksh wat r u saying be quite
Dp glares at laksh first then at ap” did u see that ap ur son want me to die so that he can celebrate and take over the business and property” dp Says firmly
Ap: no ji
Dp: enough ap
Laksh: mr maheshwari this fight is between us don’t bring my mom Into it
Dp glares at ap again then leaves
Sujata luks at laksh” wah laksh chora only u can give a tough competition to bhaisa”
Laksh smiles and says”
That I knw”

Ragini and the kids r sleeping wen a shadow comes in ragini’s room late at night ragini gets up and gets scared she luks at the kids sleeping she thinks to scream but she thinks that the shadow might come out and attack her so decides to keep quite she gets nervous and holds aarav and Ayeshas hand tightly the shadow is revealed and ragini gets shocked
To be continued

Any guessss
Who is this shadow
Why does laksh and dp hate each other
And why is ragini shocked
Could the shadow be laksh

This question is for everyone including the silent readers so plz comment and answer the question IS THIS FF BORING
From ur one and only angel

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey angel , nice to see ur epi.it’s fab yrrrrrrrrrr, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Superb episode

  3. Megha123

    Awsm part BTW I think that the shadow is of sharad

  4. Akshata

    nice update

  5. plzz raglak face next part soon waiting for it eagerly

  6. Nice..: but now laksh is rude ..: make q awesome faceoff b/ w raglak.:.

  7. Interesting dr.. Who’s that shadow is he kunal’s frnd

  8. Superb episode

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