Hale dil tuhjko Sunata (raglak) 2

Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:2
Thank u sooo much for ur love and support guys I dnt expect that much love it’s more than I expected but yh if u hav any suggestions plz say in the comment box dw I will try to add ur suggestions

Singhania mansion
Ragini gets ready an comes downstairs she sees aarav and Ayesha playing
Ragini smiles and think” if it wasn’t for u both then I would hav died by now or god nws where I wud hav been u guys r the brightness in my life and the ray of light and of course the angles that changed my life completely my life revolves around u”. Ragini comes to the kids
Ragini: so wat r my teddy bears planning to do
Aarav: mamma we wanna go out today
Ayesha: yes mamma let’s go somewhere
Ragini: ok but where do u wanna go
Ayesha: mama let’s go to do some shopping
Just then kunal comes”wat r my cute little teddy bears planning huh”
Ayesha: nothing monster
Aarav starts laughing and and so does ragini whilst kunal fumes

Kunal: Ayesha u 2 I thought u were my cute teddy the innocent one
Aarav whilst laughing says” monster I think ur forgetting she’s my sister and she’ll listen to me and support me”
Kunal: even my sister will support me
Ragini smiles and aarav holds ragini’s hand and pulls it towards him
Aarav: she’s my mamma not ur sister
Kunal gets hurt wen aarav says to kunal that ragini is not his sister and ragini also senses kunal being upset
Ragini: but my cute little teddy bear before being ur mamma I’m ur monsters sister
Kunal smiles seeing ragini just then Amruta and raj come
Amruta: well wats going on here
Aarav: see nani mamma is taking monsters side
Raj takes aarav in his lap and says” well that’s becuz ur mamma and kunal I mean ur monster hav a special bond which means that they can’t hear anything against each other”
Amruta: let’s all do breakfast
Ragini: yh mom u guys go I will serve u all
Ragini goes to the kitchen to bring the bf

All r sitting down to eat breakfasts wen laksh comes dp luks at laksh then luks away
Laksh walks to table sits down and reads his file
Laksh: bhai these singhanias Luk quite strong I mean they will be gud for our company also they hav a quite good background
Sanskaar: hmm even I studied their company they r one of the most reputed company’s umm I think kunal Singhania that’s it yh him he took over his dad’s company and made it reach the greates heights

Laksh: hmm his siter has joined him recently I mean probably 3 yrs ago just then dp interupts
Dp: still the same hasn’t changed a single bit he’s more concerned about the sister so he can flirt with her that’s wat he has being doin since the start
Laksh: well they say that children hav half of their parents genes so obviously where do u think I got this talent from
Dp: whilst eating no talking and if the ladies r not allowed to talk about the kitchen and the house then who gives u the permission to talk about business just then laksh Interferes” that also implies to u also u said right no talking and luk at u taking” dp glares at laksh
Dp: laksh how dare u talk to ur dad like that
Laksh: oh wow calm down I’m right here
Dp: laksh
Laksh: I knw my name u dnt need to repeat it for me and I’m not suffering from any memory loss
Dp: today u r talking to me like that tommorow ur children will talk to u like tht
Laksh: mr maheshwari u proved one thing that even u used to talk to ur dad like that
Dp gets angry
Dp: thank god ragini ran away from here with ur child otherwise living with u would hav been like living In hell
Laksh gets angry
Laksh: I think I’m done I’m leaving
Sujata: laksh at least eat something
Laksh: no chachi u can feed ur bhaisa
Laksh leaves
Ap has tears in her eyes

Everyone is doing bf just then they hear a voice from behind”doing breakfasts and that too without me”
The kids see that person and get happy whilst ragini gets irritated
Kids: yaaaay
Kunal: sharad
The person is revealed to be sharad (sharad from suhani si ek ladki)who is working with the singhanias he works with ragini but she doesn’t like him they hav a lot of nok jhok
Ragini: aarav Ayesha both of u eat u need to go to skwl
Amruta: today nani will drop aarav and Ayesha to skwl
Sharad: that u will hav to aunty cuz ragini has a meeting today
Ragini: wat
kunal interupts”sharad ur soo organised”
Sharad: that I am Unlike ur sister she forgot about the meeting
Ragini: I didn’t foget it just slipped out of my mind
Sharad: did u hear that aunty slipping out of ur mind is not forgetting anything and ragini if it did then u could hav saved it I mean catched it ohh how romantic
Ragini fumes

Ragini: come on kids u hav to go skwl I’ll drop u off and mom u take rest
Just then sharad quickly gets up from the chair and says”ragini I want to come with u aswell so u see I dnt hav anyone to go with and I’ll get time to play with the kids aswell”
Ragini”play with the kids how r u gonna I think ur gone mad and anyways come with kunal”
Sharad pretends to cry” see aunty I told u ragini hates me
Ragini interupts in a serious tone” sharad plz never use the word hate it is a very strong word” sharad luks at ragini who has tears in her eyes and kunal who luks like if he’s about to punch someone
Sharad: ok I won’t but let me come with u plz kids tell ur mom
Aarav: come on mom let superman come with us
Ragini: I just dnt understand why u call him superman
Aarav: offo mamma u ask too many questions
Sharad: nw let’s go the kids will be late
Ragini sharad and the kids leave
Amruta and raj look on and smile
Amruta: if it wasn’t for sharad and the kids I dnt knw wat would hav happened to ragini
Raj: hmm sharad is a nice guy and he also works in our office
Kunal angrily says”well he’s better than that laksh he Should pray he never sees me otherwise i won’t spare him” kunal also leaves angrily
Maheshwari office
Lakshs cabin
Laksh is busy in sending an email to ms Singhania not knowing that she’s actually ragini
Laksh thinks”shall I send it to her or not maybe not I’ll send it to the main person kunal yh that will be right”
To mr Singhania
I would like to do business with u and would also want to conduct a meeting to go through the proceedings so wen u hav time plz get back to me from mr lak he then stops and removes lak and writes mr maheshwari
(Sorry guys dnt knw how to write an business email lol not into business)
Laksh smiles seeing the email and ragini getts irritated with sharad

Thank u soo much for ur support and I hope u liked today’s epi hopefully will post the other one soon and yh plz tell me how u want laksh to meet his kids cuz I wanna knw ur opinions aswell
From ur one and only angel ? keep reading and keep enjoying also guys keep smiling and stay blessed love u all ??

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