Hale dil tuhjko Sunata (raglak) 1

Hale dil tuhjko Sunata: 1
Hi guys angel here thank u soo much for ur comments and becuz of ur love I Am presenting u with my ff so enjoy
Singhania mansion
A women is shown sleeping with two children beside her one is a boy and the other is a girl
They both wake up
Boy: Ayesha let’s go
Ayesha: ha aarav let’s go but wat about mamma
Aarav: mama is still sleeping
Both Ayesha and aarav sneak out and go to another room which is near their room
Downstairs 2 ppl sitting down the man is reading the newspaper whilst the lady is sorting out different food items from the tray
Man: Amruta how cums there is silence in this house today
Amruta: raj dw soon u will hear the house turn lively
The woman sleeping wakes up and looks around and doesn’t see the kids she quickly rushes out of her bed and and her room and goes downstairs shouting
Woman: mom mom dad
Amruta: ragini

The woman is revealed to be ragini
Ragini: mom
Amruta: ragini beta calm down wat happened
Ragini: mom vo kids
Amruta: ragini u knw where the kids go normally wen they wake up
Suddenly they hear some laughter
Ragini get relived just then aarav and Ayesha come down with kunal
Kunal: mom tell ur grandchildren they always come and disturb my sleep by playing some kind of prank
Amruta: kunal
Kunal: by the way kids tell me how do u get up so early
Aarav: that’s becuz we go to sleep early not like u who talks to girls or comes home late after ur date
Kunal gets embarrassed whilst ragini Amruta and raj laugh
Kunal: ragini did u hear that
Ragini: sorry kunal but I can’t say anything but tbh wat they r saying is true
Kunal: ragini u also
Raj: well I’m gonna take my daughters side and he side hugs ragini
Kunal: fine dad but I knw my sweet little angel Ayesha will support me right
Ayesha: ice cream
Kunal: done
Kunal sticks his tongue out to aarav
Aarav fumes and they all laugh

Ap is shown praying
Ap: after our DIL has left this house out house has become dull just then she hears a sound
Ap turns around and sees a boy running and a lady running Behind him
Ap: pari
The lady is revealed to be pari running behind her son parth
Pari: mummy ji see ur grandson
Ap gets sad just then she feels a hand on her shoulder it’s dp
Dp: Annapurna
Ap: we hav another grandchild ji but we r not so fortune to see it
A couple of days after raglaks consummation everything was beginning to be ok between both raglak and the family members ragini even started talking to the family members nicely wen one day ragini was working in the kitchen with ap sujata and pari she faints ap shouts ragini
Ap: ragini open ur eyes…….laksh laksh
Laksh and the rest of the family members come to the kitchen and see ragini unconscious
Laksh picks ragini up and takes her to the room
Adarsh calls the doctor
Doctor Comes after a little while and checks ragini
Doc: congrats she’s expecting
All the family members get happy
Doc: she will be conscious after a little while
All go out leaving raglak alone
Ragini is still unconscious and laksh starts talking to her
Laksh: ragini u knw wat I hated u before and I decided to seek revenge from u but during this revenge I dnt knw how I fell in love with u
Laksh gets a call and it’s his friend Omi
Laksh goes aside to attend his call
Omi: oye lucky u comming there’s a blast today
Laksh: no yaar Omi I can’t
Just then ragini wakes up but laksh doesn’t see her
Laksh puts the phone on speaker and opens the cupboard and starts luking for something
Omi: oh so u hav to carry on to pretend that u love that ragini
Laksh: Omi yaar
Omi: anyways I hav to admit that wat a trap u set for ragini I can’t believe she didn’t realise tht ur taking revenge from her
Laksh: hmm
Omi: after all ur lucky the great lucky who is a big flirt and can do anything
Laksh: hmm I admit I hated ragini
Ragini is shocked listening to lakshs confession and runs out the room she goes downstairs
Laksh luks back and doesn’t see ragini he get shocked an quickly ends the call laksh goes downstairs and sees ragini
Laksh: ragini
Ragini raises her hand
Ragini: enough stop right there
All the family members come out and swara also comes to mm
Swara: ragini wat happened
Ragini: swara I’m sorry I’m very sorry I knw I hurt u a lot a I got punished for it aswell ragini narrates everything to the fm
All get angry on laksh dp is about to slap laksh but doesn’t and luks at ragini and stops ragini runs out the house all try to follow her but she stops
Ragini: if u try to follow me I will kill myself
Laksh: ragini plz I’m sorry
Ragini: no laksh
Laksh: plz at least forgive me for our child
Ragini: no laksh this is my child only
And she goes after that the family members start to maintain distance from laksh and swasan also get married
FB ends
Parth: dadi can we go out
Ap: where do u wanna go
Parth: park

Sujata: jiji this chora is demanding a bit too much and now a days he is gone too mischievous
Ap: let it be Sujata anyways with children the house becomes lively anyways
Swara also comes down
Sujata luks at her
Sujata: ha jiji I wish I had such luck as u or my son agreed to get married again
Swara has tears in her eyes cuz she knws that she can’t conceive
Ap: sujata
Sujata: jiji I’m not saying anything wrong my son has wasted his life over this chori
Sanskaar also comes their
Sanskaar: mom
Sujata: sanskaar u never knw wen god will call me before I go I wann see my grandchild my child’s child
Sanskaar: mom enough stop being so melodramatic
Ap: ha sujata even parth is ur grandson
A voice: and my child is also ur grandchild
All turn back and see laksh who is wearing formals and he comes downstairs
Ap: wen we don’t regard u as our son then how is ur child our grandchild
Laksh: mom plz anyways just came to inform u guys that my search is still not over I’m still searching for ragini and if I find her then I will bing my child back and if she wants she can come back and if she doesn’t then She is gonna hav to get used to living without her child
Ap: laksh how can u stoop so low
Laksh: wow mom I stooped so low wat about ur great DIL she kept me away from my child for 6 yrs
Sujata: na laksh chora mathematically ur child is probably 5 yrs old so it’s 5 yrs not 6
Laksh: chachi plz stop ur calculations if u used that 6 yrs ago then maybe my child would hav been here right nw
Sanksaar: laksh
Laksh: sorry bhai anyways we hav a nw company that wants to do a business deal with us
Sanskaar: who
Laksh: singhanias

Thank u soo much for ur support and I hope u liked today’s epi hopefully will post the other one soon and yh plz tell me how u want laksh to meet his kids cuz I wanna knw ur opinions aswell
From ur one and only angel ? keep reading and keep enjoying

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  1. Superb dr.. Loved the kids bonding with kunal they r so cute… Poor laksh had to suffer a lot.. Hope he meets her soon

    1. Thank u soo much Ruhani and yh laksh had to suffer a lot poor guy ??
      Yh plz give me suggestions on how laksh should meet the kids and ragini and yh take care keep smiling love u guys ?

    2. Thanks ???… Sorry guys I wasn’t able to comment so I asked ???…

    1. Thank u soo much sindura keep reading

  2. Yashasvi

    hey angel i didn’t liked it at all………………..it’s most bakwaas ff i have ever read………………..!!!!!!!!!!!do end it soon…..

    now change these words

    i didn’t like it – i loved it!!!!!!!!!!
    bakwaas – jhakaas
    do end it – do cont. soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv u angel n ur ff is also angelic……..

    1. Thank u soooooooooo much yashasvi dear lol for a second u scared me but wen I read the entire comment I understood
      Thank u ever sooo much haha luv the reverse psychology and yh luv uuuu 2 keep smiling and stay blessed

  3. nice awesome and plzz don’t stop writing plzz update regularly waiting for next part

    1. Thank u soooo much nikky and yh I will try but plz keep reading and commenting keep smiling and stay blessed

  4. so nice.

    1. Thanx masthi keep reading keep smiling and stay blessed

  5. Wow I like it…waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks ragini I’m glad u liked it an yh I will try to upload ASAP until then keep smiling and stay blessed

  6. Akshata

    superb….. if possible then update regularly. put some sense in laksh’s head. he only wants his child then what abt ragini?

    1. Thank u sooo much akshata and yh for laksh to hav sense ur gonna hav to wait lol cuz it’s not that easy for him
      And yh he has changed a bit in these 6 yrs so yh he only cares about his kids but dw he will care for ragini soon

    2. And keep smiling stay blessed

    1. Thanks meena keep reading keep smiling and stay blessed

  7. Megha123

    Awsm loved it

    1. Thanks Megha123 keep reading keep smiling and stay blessed

  8. Awesome, loved it. Upload the next episode soon.

    1. Thank u soooo much Halima and yh I will try to upload ASAP till then keep smiling and stay blessed

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