Hale dil tuhjko Sunata :9


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata: 9

Hi guys this angel here with a another boring chapter

And before u read there is a shock waiting for u so show me and tell me ur reactions through u comments

Everyone is having breakfast wen a lady in a sensual dress comes is
Lady: laksh sir
Laksh turns around

“Aliya” laksh says shockingly whilst luking at her

Everyone gets shocked especially ragini

“Sir today u hav a meeting so I thought to discuss the project before we go ahead with the meeting” Aliya says giving a mischievous smile to laksh
Ragini sees this and fumes

“Chi chi Annapurna luk at ur son after being married and having 2 kids luk at this” dp says nodding his head in disagreement

“Mom i can smell smthing burning well the attention m getting at this age mr maheshwari didn’t get wen he was my age” laksh says whilst smirking at dp

Aarav and Ayesha giggle along with sujata whilst ragini glares at them to stop and dp fumes

“Sir let’s go” Aliya says whilst holding lakshs arm
Ragini fumes luking at this

Swasan both luk at ragini and smile

Aliya takes laksh away
Ragini fumes even more

“Mamma wat happened y r u angry and who’s that lady with papa and why is she hogging papa to herself” aarav says whilst putting his hand on his waist

“Nothing u go and play” ragini says

Aliya and laksh r upstairs in lakshs room and luking at files
Laksh keeps luking at the door and wen Aliya gets close to him he goes far from her

Just then Ragini storms in
Laksh gets happy seeing ragini and decides to make her jealous
Laksh touches Aliyas hand

“Ur hands r soo gentle” laksh says whilst luking at ragini and then smiling at Aliya
Aliya blushes

“Ur eyes r just like shining crystals I could stare at them all day” laksh says giving a mischievous smile to ragini

Ragini fumes in anger

“And ur lips” before laksh could complete his sentence
Ragini interupts

” do u not hav any shame u r here alone in a guys bedroom who is married and is a father of 2 kids” ragini says to Aliya

Aliya gets up and gives the evils to ragini

“How dare u it’s not my fault that ur hubby is interested In me” Aliya says says angrily

“Interested…..huh my foot he’s just doing time pass with u cuz he’s bored that’s it and he has other reasons aswell” ragini says whilst luking at laksh and making her eyes small

Aliya gets angry and leaves

“Aliya…Aliya” laksh says and is about to go and stop her wen he turns and luks at ragini

” oh I can smell smthing burning”

Ragini fumes

“Burning ur face is burning luk clearly in the mirror” ragini says and leaves

Laksh laughs
“Wow so u still love me and this has now been proved” laksh says to himself

“Sanskaar think of smthing we hav to bring laksh and ragini close to each other” swara says whilst walking up and down the room

“Offo swara calm down we will and I hav an idea” sanskaar says whilst giving a devily smile

Sansksar goes outside an comes back with aarav and Ayesha

“Sanskaar y hav u brought the kids let them play” swara says

“Oh god swara calm down and let me tell u my plan” sanskaar says and puts Ayesha down

“Plan wat plan bade papa” aarav asks

“Hmm do u want ur mamma and papa to get back together”sanskaar says with a big grin on his face

Both aarav and Ayesha nod

“Perfect let me tell u my plan” sanskaar says and all of them perform a circle
(The plan is muted)

“R u sure I mean” swara says hesitantly

“Swara u trust me right” sanskaar says holding swara’s hand

Swara nods yes
Aarav Ayesha jump in happiness whilst swasan smile at them

Laksh is inside the washroom having an shower whilst sanskaar and swara sneak In and decorate raglaks room with flowers and candles They then leave and hi fi each other

Ragini is with aarav and Ayesha in the hall with the rest of the family
Swara is feeding aarav soup an she winks at him
Aarav puts his hand up and the soup falls on Aaravs top

“Oh no sorry aarav” swara says

“It’s ok swara dw I will go and make aarav change his clothes come aarav let’s go” ragini says and holds Aaravs hand and leaves for upstairs Aaravs whilst going turns back and winks at swasan

Raglak room
Laksh is still having a shower
Ragini comes inside the room and opens the wardrobe meanwhile aarav runs away and locks raglaks room from outside
Laksh come outside the washroom with just a towel wrapped around

“Aarav..aarav come back” ragini says and tries opening the door
Ragini turns around and sees laksh in a towel with wet hair

“Vo umm Aarav” ragini says
Laksh comes closer to ragini and sees her waist as she is wearing a saree(the one she wore after her second marriage with laksh)
Laksh tries opening the door but it doesn’t open
Laksh sees the decorations aswell

“The decorations” laksh ask ragini
Ragini also sees the decorations
“I dnt knw who did this”

Ragini again sees laksh in a towel

“Chi” ragini says and covers her eyes

“Wat the I put my clothes here where r they” laksh says whilst luking around

“Aarav is so naughty wait let him come here and I will sort him out”

Laksh starts laughing
“Y r u laughing” ragini asks laksh

“He’s so naughty god ragini wat did u eat wen u gave birth to him” laksh says whilst laughing

“Excuse me laksh he’s ur son so he’s gonna hav to be naughty” ragini says whilst making her eyes small

“Hmm I agree but Ayesha she’s not that naughty is she” laksh asks ragini

” nope Ayesha is cute like me” ragini says and smiles

“Cute and that to u” laksh says whilst trying to control his laugh

“Laksh” ragini says

” I missed this” laksh says

Ragini walks to the wardrobe and starts luking for lakshs clothes wen she finds some letters
She takes the letters out

“Wats this” ragini says

“About that umm” laksh says whilst trying to change the topic
Ragini opens one of the letters and reads it
Ragini wat can I say there’s never been a single day minute or second wen I haven’t missed u u knw wat I sometimes drink to help me get over this horrible pain that I hav of losing u actually i wouldn’t say lose becuz lost is smthing that isn’t with u and u r always with me in my heart I’m really very sorry ragini for wat I did with u but that day u only listened to half of the story not full yes I agree I did all this to take revenge but during this I fell in love with u and then I decided to end this revenge but it was too late u left me and went
Anyways I hope u and our love r both safe and always remember ur laksh loves u to the core
And I miss u ragini plz come back I’m nothing without u plz
Letter finishes
After reading the letter ragini has tears in her eyes
“Wat is this laksh” ragini asks laksh

“Ragini I” laksh says

“Is this true”ragini asks laksh
Laksh nods
Ragini starts crying
Laksh rushes to ragini and consoles her ragini hugs laksh

“Ragini plz dnt cry I can’t see u upset or hurt plz dnt cry” laksh says

“I’m sorry laksh I misunderstood u” ragini says whilst crying

“Shshhhhh I love u” laksh says
Thy break the hug

Ragini smiles”I love u 2″
Laksh moves toward the door and locks it
Hale dil tuhjko Sunata song starts playing

Hey kaash kaash yun hota
Har shaam saath tu hota
Chup-chaap dil na yun rota
Har shaam saath tu hota

Laksh comes close to ragini she puts her hands on his bare chest
Laksh comes even more closer to ragini and pecks her cheek

Guzara ho tere bin guzara ab mushqil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera hi nazara ab har din hai lagta
Ragini hugs laksh and he kisses her neck continuesly

Hale dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai chahta jaan

They both break the hug and share a eye lock which lasts for a couple of minitues they break the eyelock
And he then kisses her forehead

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke muskuraata haan
Woo oo ..
Lakshs kisses ragini’s lips which later turns into a passioante kiss

Tu meri raah ka sitaara
Tere bina hoon main awaara
Jab bhi tanhaai ne sataaya
Tujhko besaakhta pukaara

They break the kiss ragini runs from there to the window
Laksh comes from behind and unpins her stole

Chaahat hai meri la fanaa
Par meri jaan dil, main hoon rakhta haan
Ragini nods no and laksh moves even more forward
She turns around he puts his hand on her bare stomach and hugs her from the back

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol paata
Bakhuda tujhko hai chahta jaan
Laksh pulls ragini’s blouse strings
“Oops” laksh says an gives ragini a Naughty smile
“Laksh”ragini says and smiles and becomes shy
Laksh lifts ragini up and places her on the bed and they consummate while the song ends

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang lata
Yaad karke muskuraata haan

Swara is busy trying to put aarav and Ayesha to sleep
“Ok nw plz sleep Ayesha an aarav god how does ragini put U to sleep I feel for her” swara says

“Badi ma I want to go to mamma” Ayesha says

“Ha teek hai she will handle u” sanskaar says without realising

Swara hits sanskaar on the arm and he realises
“Oh no u both can’t go sorry I mean let’s do one thing both of u quickly go to sleep then bade papa will give u chocolates in the morning ok” sanskaar says

“Ok”aarav says

“Promise bade papa u won’t forget right” Ayesha says

Sanskaar gets fed up
“Promise meri maa now sleep” sanskaar says

Both aarav and Ayesha go to sleep and swasan luk at each other and laugh

“Good luck laksh hope u hav fun mere bhai and luk at me stuck with his kids” sanskaar says and huffs

Swara laughs and kisses aarav Ayesha and sanskaars forehead and goes to sleep

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING
An plz share ur views via ur comments and plz tell me if u liked this shock or not

From ur one and only angel

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey angel i know i haven’t commented since last few epi but was having exmas thats why hope u forgive me and this was the best shock………………….. i wish to get this type of shocks everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally my RAGLAK r together………………… awwww ayesha is shooooooooooooo cute just love her………………..
    awesome epi angel…………………

    1. _Angel_

      Hi yashasvi thanx for the comment and it’s ok I u dnt comment in the last episodes that’s totally cool dw

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