Hale dil tuhjko Sunata : 8


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata: 8

Hi guys this is angel back with another boring chapter

Ayesha wakes up and gets shocked to see her surrounding
Ayesha: mama hav we Reached already
Ragini takes Ayesha in her lap and pecks her cheeks
Ragini: hmm nw get up my princess slept for a very long time r u tired
Ayesha: yes mamma but nw I want to play with everyone
Ayesha goes to laksh
Laksh takes Ayesha in his lap
Ayesha: dad r u not going to introduce me to my family members
Laksh nods and introduces everyone

Ayesha plays with ap and sujata an pari and ragini

“Jiji luk we hav got a cute angel in our house” Sujata says

Ap nods and smiles

“But ragini promise that u won’t go away with the kids again” pari says

Everyone hears this

Aarav interupts

“Mamma promise na”

Ragini luks at aarav and Ayesha

” pp promise”
The family gets happy
Swara gets up
” umm I’ll go and arrange for the dinner”

“Yes that’s the least u can do” sujata says whilst giving the evils to swara
Ragini notices this

“Swara wait I’ll also join u” ragini says and gets up
Swara nods

Both swaragini head to the kitchen

Swara and ragini r both cooking wen
Ragini questions swara
“Umm swara y does chachi ji behave like that with u” ragini asks questionally

Swara has tears in her eyes

” I can’t become a moth again I hav already suffered from a miscarriage which led me to this” swara is sad and cries
Ragini hugs her and consoles her

Sanlak watch all of this from the door

Dining table
Dp is sitting down and eating with the rest of the family
Dp suddenly starts coughing
Laksh: calm down mr maheshwari eat like a human otherwise u will choke and die and I dnt want u to get my house dirty
Ragini gets shocked
Ragini luks at laksh he luks at her then luks away
Ap is feeding Ayesha whilst Sujata is feeding aarav
Just then a voice is heard

“Ladoo” the voice says
Ragini turns around and gets happy she runs and hugs that person
“Dadi ma” ragini says whilst having tears in her eyes

Swara also goes upto dadi and hugs her

“Dadi ma where is ma and papa”

Just then sumi and Shekhar arrive
Ragini hugs them

Sumi: ragini just becuz I’m not ur re mother it doesn’t mean that u won’t share anything with me
Ragini: no ma I’m sorry
They both hug again
Ragini introduces aarav and Ayesha to Shekhar sumi and dadi

Gf stay in mm for a little while

Gf decide to leave
Dadi: laddo y dnt u also come with us and bring aarav and Ayesha

Sujata whispers to ap
“Na jiji that’s not fair after so many yrs we got our grandchildren back and luk at her she wants to take them away from us” sujata Says whilst making faces

“Sujata chup raho” ap says calmly

“Dadi ma actually the kids want to stay here and even I’m not feeling well either so I will come after a few days” ragini says calmly

“Teek hai laddo as u wish” dadi says sadly
Gf leave

Raglak room
Laksh is playing with aarav and Ayesha and tickling them ragini enters she gets emotional seeing the room she also sees her pictures everywhere around the room with her and laksh
Ragini’s pov
Does laksh really love me? And if he does then wat was that with him and the phone call and that revenge?and wat about nw wen laksh has accepted me along with the Aarav and Ayesha?
Ragini’s pov ends
Ragini goes upto them
Ragini: come Aarav Ayesha let’s go u need to sleep and it’s getting late
Aarav: but mamma we r all gonna sleep here with papa right
Ragini: no beta we r gonna sleep In a seperate room and this is papas room right let’s go to another room
Laksh: this room is still urs and will always remain urs so u can sleep here if not for me then for the kids
Ragini nods
Aarav and Ayesha: yaay!!!!!!!!
They hug laksh ragini smiles
Laksh and Aarav play video games and ragini and Ayesha sit down on the bed and watch them play
Ragini smiles seeing them play and get happy
Aarav: watch out papa I’m gonna beat u
Laksh: let’s see champ
Aarav tries hard to win but can’t then laksh deliberately loses and ragini see that she smiles seeing their bonding
Aarav wins
Aarav: yaay I won I told u papa I’m gonna beat u I used to always play with sharad uncle
Laksh: hmm well done champ u won
Ayesha is sitting in ragini’s lap and she carresses her hair
Ayesha falls asleep in her lap and she places her on the bed and sleeps next to Ayesha whilst laksh sleeps next to aarav
The bed Is shown with aarav and Ayesha in the middle and raglak on either sides

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING

From ur one and only angel

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    why r u feeling that v r feeling bore for ur ff, not at all that really it was awesome & but the thing is u taken time for ur update that’s it other than everyone bonding was super..

    1. _Angel_

      Thank u soo much rasha it’s becuz of ur support I’m able to write an ff plz keep supporting me like this
      Take care
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