Hale dil tuhjko Sunata : 11


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:11

“So it’s decided we will go on a picnic but u hav to end this hunger strike first” laksh says

“Yaaay” the kids say excitedly

They all eat and head to their rooms

Swara Is packing the bags for her an sanskaar sanskaar is on his phone plying games

“Sanskaar at least hav a little bit of curtesy to come and help me” swara says being annoyed

“Swara I would hav but I’m busy” sanskaar says without even luking at swara

“Yh right playing games that’s so useful” swara says sarcastically

And carries on with folding clothes

Raglak room
Ragini is also packing bags and Aarav and Ayesha r both sitting in lakshs lap

“Mamma hav u put my favourite shirt” aarav says

“Yes” ragini says

“Mamma hav u put my pink dress” Ayesha asks

“Yes” ragini says

“Ragini hav u put my leather jacket”laksh says

“Yes” ragini says whilst being irritated

“Mamma wat happened”Ayesha asks

” u knw wat y dnt u guys pack” ragini says and folds her arms

“Y shall we pack we dnt even knw wat to pack and how to pack” laksh says

” well laksh u and ur kids can list items to pack I’m sure u can pack also” ragini says and turns around with her arms folded

“Papa I think mamma is annoyed” Ayesha whispers

“Hmm ur right” laksh says

“Papa I hav an idea” aarav says and smiles
He tells his idea to laksh and Ayesha

Ragini is still standing with her arms folded wen she feels two arms wrapped around her from the back and it is reaveled to be laksh
Ayesha hugs ragini from the front and aarav hugs Ayesha

“U r unique and the best we love u loads” all three(laksh Ayesha and aarav) say in union

Ragini smiles and kisses aarya

Laksh whispers to ragini
“Wat about my kiss”

Ragini nudges him

Downstairs all come down

All the suitcases come
Swaragini r wearing anarkalis
Swara is wearing a pink anarkali whilst ragini is wearing a blue anarkali

“The coach is here” sanskaar says

Everyone leave and take the luggage and put it in the coach

Dp sits next to ap whilst sujata sits next to rp
Swasan sit together but raglak sit separately laksh sits next to aarav and ragini sits next to Ayesha
Parish sit together and parth is with sujata and rp

The coach leaves

“Ragini send Ayesha to me” ap says

“No maa it’s ok she will end up going to sleep anyways” ragini says

“Dw mamma I won’t go to sleep I’ll enjoy the ride I’m not tired today and I slept a lot during the night aswell” Ayesha says innocently

” we will see baby but even u knw that wenever we travel anywere u always go to sleep cuz u get tired and at home u get tired and sleep doing the day right thats wat mamma was saying to dadi” ragini says

“Ok mamma” Ayesha says and hugs ragini

Gf also join the picnic cuz they went to baadi to pick them up

And they get in the coach aswell

Swara has her hands wrapped in sanskaars arms whilst raglak just luk at each other
Parish r talking to each other
And parth Is also asleep

Ayesha has fallen asleep
Whilst aarav is still awake

“Papa how long is their left till we reach there” aarav says

And breaks raglaks eyelock

“Champ u hav been asking me this question since half an hour dw we will reach there soon” laksh says

“Papa I want to go to mamma” aarav says

“Champ ur mamma already has Ayesha who is sleeping on the other seat where will u sit” laksh says

“Offo papa u sit with Ayesha and mamma will sit here” aarav says

“Ragini u and ur husband better swap places otherwise aarav will annoy him the whole way” ap says

Ragini gets sad hearing ap not saying laksh

Laksh also hears and then gets up and swaps places with ragini and sits next to Ayesha who is sleeping and caresses her hair

Ragini puts Aaravs head on her chest and caresses his hair

“Dw laksh I will bring u closer to maa again” ragini says to herself and in her head

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING
An do u guys want another shock in this picnic or not it can be positive shock or even a negative shock

From ur one and only angel

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