Hale dil tuhjko Sunata : 10


Hale dil tuhjko Sunata:10

Morning mm
Raglak room
Ragini is sleeping in the embrace of laksh and both r covered with a blanket
Sun rays falls on raglak
Ragini wakes up and has a big smile on her face she is about to go wen she gets pushed back down and that too by laksh who is also awake

“Laksh” ragini says whilst falling back with a jerk

“Laksh (imitating her) hmm I want my morning kiss” laksh says

“Acha morning kiss forget kiss think about kids omg how must hav swara handled them” ragini says being worried

“Kids let’s leave them for today and swara must hav handled them dw” laksh says being relaxed

“No laksh u also get up today we need to go and get the kids admission form for skwl since we hav moved here there skwl is far away so they might aswell move skwls to a closer one” Ragini says whilst covering her self with another blanket and getting up

Laksh is still in bed
Ragini goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a maroon sari(the one she wore after she got married to laksh the second time)

Ragini is drying her hair infront of the mirror
“Laksh plz get up we will be late and aarav and Ayesha will be comming in our room soon” ragini says

Just then thy hear a knock on the door

Ragini gasps
“Laksh I told u the kids r probably here quickly get up and go otherwise if they see u like this laksh plz go” ragini says whilst dragging laksh from the bed

Laksh covers himself and goes to the washroom and ragini goes and opens the door she finds aarav and Ayesha

Both of them run in

“Mamma I missed u last night do u knw bade papa got annoyed” Ayesha says

Meanwhile laksh also comes out wearing a black shirt with blue jeans and he wears his brown blazer

Aarav is jumping on the bed whilst Ayesha is sitting on the bed

“Aarav come down ur gonna fall and get hurt” ragini says whilst holding Aaravs hand

“Papa” Ayesha says cutely and runs and hugs laksh

Laksh picks up Ayesha and pecks her cheek

“Mamma did u miss us last night” aarav says whilst jumping

Ragini luks at laksh as he laughs

“Ha mamma did u miss us last night” Ayesha says

“Ha ragini tell the kids did u miss them yesterday night or not” laksh says and winks at ragini

Ragini glares at laksh

“Of course I missed my teddy bears last night and it was the first time I slept without u guys” ragini says whilst hugging aarav

“Now let’s go downstairs everyone is probably waiting for us” ragini adds

They all head downstairs
Where they see sanskaar holding his head an swara with a glass Of water and a paracetamol in her hand

“Bhai wat happened to u” laksh asks and sits next to him

Ayesha runs to sanskaar and sits on his lap

“Dnt ask laksh ur kids how does ragini handle them I dnt mind Ayesha she is an angel but aarav he such a devil!!!!” Sanskaar says

Aarav giggles

Ayesha kisses sanskaars forehead

“Bade papa nw how r u feeling” Ayesha asks

Sanskaar wraps his arms around Ayesha and pecks her cheek

“Nw I’m feeling much better” sanskaar says

“Laksh sanskaar u stay here with the kids and keep them distracted while we go make breakfast” ragini says

Both swara and ragini go to the kitchen and make breakfast

Sujata ap dp rp adarsh pari and parth come inside

“Maza agaya jiji it was so gud and my favourite part was the prasad” sujata says whilst comming in

“Anyone can tell luking at u that u love prasad and anything to eat” rp says an chuckles

“Ji stop insulting me jiji u tell him” sujata says whilst making a face

“Sujata” ap says

“Dadi!!!!!!” Aarav and Ayesha say and run and hug both ap and sujata and go off to play with parth outside

Swaragini both come from the kitchen

“Umm breakfast is ready” ragini says

Everyone sits for breakfast

Swaragini r serving

“Ahem Ahem wat happened ragini u seem to be glowing a lot today wat happened hope laksh wasn’t too naughty” swara whispers to ragini

Ragini nudges swara

“Papa let’s go for a family picnic” aarav says

“Ha chachu let’s go” parth adds on

“Hang on all of a sudden where did U guys get this picnic idea from” ragini says making her eyes small

“Nothing mamma it’s just that we r bored and we want to go out” aarav says

“Aww dw we will” laksh says

“Papa let’s go to some fairytale place” Ayesha says and luks at laksh making puppy eyes

“No way fairy tale is too girly let’s go somewhere else” aarav says

“Papa that’s not fair” Ayesha says and starts tearing
Laksh pulls Ayesha to his chest wnd caresses her hair

” boys dnt be rude and anyways Ayesha is my princess so no one will say anything to her” laksh says

“Mamma see papa is taking Ayeshas side” aarav moans

“Kids let’s leave that but at least eat and then we will decide” ap says

“NO” all the kids say

The family pretend to get scared and smile

To be continued

I hope this chapter was not too long too confusing and too BORING
An do u guys want another shock in this picnic or not it can be positive shock or even a negative shock

From ur one and only angel

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  1. aww ayesha and araav are too cute eagerly waiting for next part soon

  2. Varsha

    It ws awsm dear, raglakaarya r cute together n twist is upto u anythn no prblm fr me

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    Awsm chappy

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  5. Sreevijayan

    Lovely update dear

  6. It was a cute update…
    Something different…
    Keep smiling, writing and take care ?

  7. It was really a cute part. Loved it

  8. Teja

    Cute one

  9. Balaji

    aarav is naughty and ur ff is different. keep rocking

  10. Loved it dear…superbbb episode…loved raglak n kids!!!…keep rockng dear 😉 😉

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