Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (*LAST* Epi-37)


Next morning….
Sahil took up the newspaper..
I asked- since when did u start reading newspapers?
He replied- anika di asked for it..
Saying that, he ran towards our room..
Anuj came and asked- bhaiya, did u read the newspaper?
I replied- no.. Its with suhani..
Anuj- what?? Stop her..
I asked the reason..
Anuj- the headlines on the front page is ‘Yuvraj Birla’s wife Suhani Birla is alive’..
I was shocked..

I rushed to the room and snatched the paper from her in the nick of time..
Suh- what happened? Why did u snatch the paper?
I said stammering- actually.. There is a bad news.. I don’t want u to read it..
Suh- what’s it?
I kept the paper on the table and said- actually, a wife killed her hubby..
She got up and asked- what? But why?
I thought and replied- coz he didn’t let her have samosas during pregnancy..
She stared at me angrily and said- are u making fun of me?
I nodded laughing..
She faked a smile and grabbed my collar.. I smiled broadly..
I asked- what…are u doing?
She replied- don’t u dare.. Don’t u dare separate me and samosa, else……
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer..
I looked into her eyes and asked- else….?
She freed herself from my hold and ran her fingers through her tummy..
Suh- poor baby.. Ur papa wants ur mumma to die of hunger..
I looked at her.. She stuck out her tongue..
I scolded her and said- let’s go for dinner.. Be ready by 7..
She hugged me out of excitement..

I bought the same dress for her once again which I had gifted her on the day of her accident, hoping that she would recall everything.. I had also decorated a hotel room in the same manner as that when I had confessed my love for her..


At 6.30 pm….
Sahil came to me and handed a gift.. Before I could ask him anything, he left from there.. I opened it.. It was a lovely dress; I felt I had seen it before, wore it before.. I tried to pressurize my brain, but all in vain.. I went to get ready..

I was giving the final touch-up when yuvraj entered the room.. I didn’t look at him even at his reflection in the mirror as I felt shy..
He coughed and said- renuka left for her hometown..
I replied- that’s good..

I got up.. As I turned around, I collided with him.. We had an intense eye-lock.. We were going out like that for the first time.. I was a lil nervous thinking if I was looking like a normal human being..
I said- I feel I’ve seen this dress before..
He asked- when and where?
I replied- I don’t know..
He looked thoughtful..

I shook him..
He said- actually, anika, u’r looking……….
I grinned and said- I know I’m looking weird..
He continued- looking gorgeous!!
I blushed hard hearing that.. He smiled looking sideways..
I thanked him..

Yuvraj took me to a 5-star hotel..
He said- I’ve a surprise for u..
He handed over the keys of a room and asked to go; he would come after making a call.. I went..

I opened the room.. It was well-decorated.. I looked around smiling..
And something grabbed my attention.. The three red heart-shaped balloons..
I walked towards them as I could see flashes of a girl bursting them with a guy.. I tried to think but failed.. I was breathing harder..
Yuvraj entered the room.. I turned towards him.. I was feeling uneasy..
He asked- what happened? Are u alright?
I nodded..
He asked me to burst one..
I asked- is it ‘I’ and ‘U’ inside the balloons?


My hopes increased..
I asked- ya, but how do u know?
She didn’t reply..
I walked towards the music system.. I played the same song, ‘Itni si baat hai’..
She got up.. She was lost in her own thoughts.. I knew she was trying to recall everything..
I played a CD.. I had created an animated CD of whatever had happened just before her accident..


I could visualise what would happen next.. I felt like it was my story.. Towards the end, the girl ran out of the main gate.. I could visualise the girl getting hit by a truck..
I got up and screamed- no.. Don’t go out.. U will get hit by the truck..
The same happened in the video.. I got certain flashes for around five mins and I fainted!!


I ran to her and tried to wake her up.. But she didn’t.. The thought about our baby struck my mind..

I carried her in my arms and placed her on the bed.. I decided not to compromise with her health and pressurise her at that time.. I removed all the decorations..

She got up after sometime..
I asked- are u fine anika?
She shot back- anika? U forgot my name, Mr. Halki Daadhi Bikhre Baal?

I was totally surprised to hear that name after years.. It was like a pleasant music for me that time..
I cupped her face and asked- have u regained ur memory?
She nodded.. We hugged each other..
She asked- by the way, when did u get to know that I’m suhani?
I replied- yesterday..
She asked- then why didn’t u tell me?
I gave her my reasons.. I told her how guilty I felt; also that how she would feel knowing that I was going to move on in life with anika..
She replied- why did u think that I would be angry with u? If I’m breathing my last, my last wish would be to see u happy after I leave, even if its with someone else..
I said- suhaniiiii….. Just stop it.. I’ve lost u once.. Not again, please..
She apologised saying a sorry..
I made an angry face.. She placed her fingers at the two corners of my mouth and pressed them, trying to bring a forced smile on my lips..
I smiled..
She said smiling- now its better..
I rolled my eyes and said- my pleasure, Mrs. Halki Daadhi Bikhre Baal..
I messed her hair..
She said frowning- yuvraj, my hair…….
I interrupted- this is what I say when u do the same.. Let me take a beautiful pic of urs..
She tried to stop me, but I didn’t.. The moment I clicked, she covered her face with her hands..


Yuvan- yuvani di, golu bhaiya, where is mumma? We are getting late for school..
(Guys, Yuvan was born two years after yuvani)
Yuvani- As usual, she must be arguing with papa over cleanliness..
Yuvan slaps his forehead..
They head towards YuvAni’s room..

In YuvAni’s room…….
Suhani is cleaning the bed.. A towel falls on it..
She picks it up and says- yuvraj, what’s this? Why are u bent on making the room messy?
Yuv laughs and replies- coz u don’t like it..
She grins and takes the towel away..
Suh- years ago, u were a cleanliness freak..
Yuv- and u used to irritate me by ur habits.. Now its my turn, Miss Perfect.. And I’m enjoying it..

Suhani locks her arms around his neck and says- what to do.. I’m on earth to rectify ur mistakes..
Yuv pulls her closer and they have a lip-kiss..
They stop when they hear the kids saying- mumma, papa, we are getting late.. Where are u busy?
They move apart..
Yuv sees her ruined lipstick and says- clean it.. Fast..
Suh- clean what, yuvraj?
Yuv looks blank seeing the kids..

Golu- mausi, what happened to u?
Suhani looks at herself in the mirror and thinks what to say..
Yuv- suhani, what’s wrong with u? Did u forget how to use it? Shall I call rags bhabhi?

All the while, she stares at him angrily.. He tries to suppress his smile..
Suh murmurs- u rascal.. I’ll see u later..
Yuv- rascal at ur service 24*7..
They smile..
Yuv- bye sweetheart..
Suh- huh..

Yuvraj leaves smiling with the kids.. He opens the door of his vintage car when his phone beeps..
Its suhani’s msg- bye jaanu..
He smiles reading it and leaves..

Suhani hugs her phone and turns towards the mirror.. Her eyes fall on her ruined lipstick.. She recalls the kiss and blushes.. She shakes her head smiling and leaves to clean it..

*****THE END*****

Guys I had to end it coz mostly I won’t be able to post this month for some reasons.. I’ll try to be back asap with my new ff ‘Socha na tha’.. Keep showering ur love and do leave ur comments..
Love u all..


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  1. Yuvani

    A very wonderful ending….loved it to the core…..A bit sad that it ended….Will be eagerly waiting for your next ff

  2. A perfect ending napsha di..Beyond my imagination..Just soooo wonderful epi.And the kiss..Awesome one..Sad that u ended this..Be back soon..Will be waiting for ur ff soch na tha..

  3. its was fabulous n i liked the way yuvraj messing suhani hair n she frowning.. even she became like him.. pl be back soon.. already missing the show n u too.. will miss u n ur ffs a lot.. take care.. and ty for tis ff..

  4. yaar amazing episode …….plz come back soon i miss u r ff

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    nice ending….;thank u for the ff…plz come back soon

  6. Lovingirl

    Awesome ending hope you come back soon with your “soch na tha” ff waiting for it

  7. Woo amazing endinggg…..lekin sad hoo apka ff end hogaya…..thanks ff keliye…or thumara new ff keliye wait karengii

  8. What a amazing in fact fantastic no superb episode it was a superb ending I just love it but on the other hand really sad too bcoz it ended but I really wait for ur next ff Love uuuuuui

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  11. Fantastic ending…especially that kiss was awesome!!…plz comeback with other ff soon…will miss this story

  12. NAPSHa J

    awww.. such lengthy comments.. thank u so much guys.. they mean a lot to me.. 🙂

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