Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-9)

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Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-9):

YuvAni are about to get into the car when yuv realises he has left his phone inside.. He asks suhani to wait in front of the car and excuses himself.. She watches him going inside and smiles..

She opens her arms and closes her eyes.. She dances round n round..
She recalls her moments with yuvraj and says aloud- I love u yuvraj….

Suddenly she stops as she realises yuv is standing at some distance n watching her.. She feels shy.. He smiles.. She blushes n turns around.. She hears his footsteps coming towards him.. She tries to suppress her smile.. He comes and hugs her from behind.. ‘Saawre’ plays in bgm..
He rests his chin over her shoulder and says softly- suhani.. I couldn’t hear anything.. Can u plz repeat?
Suh- ya sure.. But next time..
Yuv- I’ll wait..
They smile..

Next morning….
Suhani is surfing on Fb.. She chats with a friend after a long time.. He tells her that his wife confessed her love for him the previous evening by planning a surprise n made him feel so special..
Suhani thinks to do something for yuvraj..

Sharad and Bhawana leave with sahil for his operation.. They talk to suhani over the phone.. She asks shawana to take care of sahil and keep her updated..


It was 9.30 pm.. I was home after meeting an old friend who recently got engaged.. I asked maa about suhani.. She had no idea.. I called her.. She picked up the phone but didn’t say anything..
I called out her name twice when she screamed- yuvrajjjjjj…. Plz save me..
I got worried.. I asked her where she was..
She replied- near the outhouse.. He will kill me.. Aaaaaaaaaaaa….

I shouted- hello.. Hello..
The call got disconnected.. I ran towards the outhouse.. Nobody could be seen there.. I called out her name as loud as possible..
I looked around everywhere..

Suddenly I turned around when I felt somebody coming from behind.. She was standing just behind me..
She had put on a light pink n cream colour saree with apt make-up.. She was looking gorgeous.. There was a slight smile on her face.. I couldn’t get my eyes off her..
(Guys u can see the montage)

She asked me- what happened?
I replied with a naughty smirk- u know that better than me..
I bit my lips looking down and then looked at her.. She was already staring at me..
I asked- what?
She replied- do u wana say something?
I placed my finger on her forehead and moved it downwards tracing her face..
I said- yes.. I wana say that u’r looking nice..

She asked frowning- what?? Just nice? I did so much for u and u’r…….
I suppressed my smile and said- so what? U’r not Sheela..
She stared at me from the corner of her eye..
I said- sheela was my collegemate.. She was damn hot n s*xy..

She was turning jealous..
Suddenly she said with a broad smile- forget about me.. Did u like this saree?
I replied- yes.. by the way, who gave u? Maa?
She shot back- no.. Actually, Vicky gave me..
The smile on my face vanished.. She slapped on her forehead and continued- oho.. I forgot to tell u about him.. He was the hero of our college.. And…..
She pretended to blush and looked down..
I crossed my arms around my chest, gave her a look and asked- and????
She replied- and.. even I had crush on him..
I let down my hands free.. She showed me her pic with that guy in her phone.. I saw from the corner of my eye.. She continued to stare at the pic and started praising his looks, attitude, hair, eyes, etc..

I snatched her phone and kept it in my pocket..
She said- give me my phone.. I’ve got lots more to tell u about Vicky..
I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer, covering her mouth with the other hand..
We had an intense eye-lock..
She asked nervously- what…..what are u doing?

I replied- I don’t wana hear praises for any other guy from u.. Do u get that?
She nodded smiling..
I said- that’s good for u..
We hugged each other..

After a few secs, we broke the hug..
She said- I’m sorry..
I said- suhani its ok.. I know u were just trying to make me feel jealous.. Why are u…….
She placed her finger on my lips and shook.. I stared at her..

Will suhani/anika tell the truth to yuvi? If she does, how will he react? Stay tuned to know more..
Don’t forget to share ur views.. 🙂

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Its awesome i know i dont comment regular but my school keeps me busy but i surely read your ff and love it

  2. Super super epi..Awesome epi..Confession and surprise..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. superb episode.. too much excited for next

  4. starting of the epi was superb .i love the scene suhani says i love u and yuvraj ask her repeat and last part too the most. plz unite yuvani soon.

  5. Wow soooooo much of suspense.its amazing dear.pls post next epi soon.

  6. superb yuvAni conversation.i enjoyed ur ff

  7. Yuvani

    excellent epi…….yuvani is very cute……do post asap….i can’t take suspense for long

  8. fantastic.. lovely moments of yuvani

  9. NAPSHa J

    thanks a lot guys.. 🙂 next epi will be posted soon..

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